Chapter 6:

Neno's Story Part One

I Found A Homeless Girl

3:15 P.M School Gate EntranceBookmark here

 "(yawnnn) I'm so tired, I could barely get away from all those girls, even the teachers wanted to ask me questions.... I can't wait to go home and relax.Bookmark here

" Hey Nagata.Bookmark here

 "Oh no it's Ai-Chan, h-hey..... Ai-chan..... Bookmark here

" Nagata so when are we going to go on that date?. (She grabs his arm and press's her breast on his shoulder.)  "Hey Am-Chan we barely know each other why are you using my first name...? "Hehe silly cause your my Boyfriend, she said with a bit smile. Bookmark here ...BOYFRIEND???!!! Um we just are going out I would hardly call it dating.... and don't use my first name its still new for me.....Bookmark here

" Awwww your no fun.... fine now about Yu-kun? " "Um that's not even close to my name." " I know I just like it hehe. Now how about we go to your house? "Bookmark here

 "Um well..... NO you cant.... I .... Um's a mess we just moved and and I could not just bring you in with out my sister knowing unannounced........" " Hmmm well ok maybe next time but, you still owe me that date!!! Well see Ya Nagata!!!! " Hey you use my first name agai-" "Mwah (Ai, landed a kiss on Nagata's lips) Bookmark here

As the kiss ended she took a few steps back and said, Byee Yu-kun, let's go out this Saturday." As she started to walk off I sat there with the brightest red face thinking to my self, that. was my first kiss..... I....I...ahhh I let my guard down!!!! " As I was looking down in embarrassment she turned around with a red embarrassed face and said, by the w-way....that was my first kiss,so he grateful if was you. " Then she's walked away.Bookmark here

 "Ugh what a day I'm just ready to get hom-  (beep) Huh it's from An-Chan uh.... (Am email) I like our kiss your lips were so soft: end of text.) "Ughhh why does she have to tease me and make me think dirty thoughts I have to study!!!!!" On I better get home before Hona gets mad that I'm late!Bookmark here

 3:50 P.M HomeBookmark here

 "Hey I'm back.....Bookmark here

(Hona) Where have you been!? It's almost 4:00pm ...... Your late to school and late to get home!!!! It's one thing to be late for school but to make your little cute sister worried.......Bookmark here

 (Nagata whispers to him self) you did not have to praise yourself.....Bookmark here

"WHAT WAS THAT?"Bookmark here

 " Oh nothing, I'm so sorry I was late and did not tell you!!!!Bookmark here

 "I guess I will forgive you... JUST DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!Bookmark here

" Hey Hona where's Neno?Bookmark here

 "Oh she's in bed room she did not come out the whole time you were gone."Bookmark here

 " Oh she did not,hmmm well I want to talk to her about something I hope she will come out. " "Hey Neno I'm home,I'm going to open the door...... *Whispers* please be fully dressesd.... Bookmark here

Creak..... The door opens and Neno was sitting on the bed.Bookmark here

" Hey Neno are you doing ok? She slowly shook her head yes softly. "Well that's good to hear. Hey um  I wanted to talk about what you were doing in the ally all by yourself. Doo you think you can tell me? I look at her face and she looked at me hesitating to answer, she still had looked worn out for that day I found her. "Hey you don't have to answer if you don't want to- " "I...she whispered softly, I never got to tell you thank you for helping me back in that ally.....since you help me I.....I will tell you..............Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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