Chapter 9:

Reintegration Arc: Chapter 8


CHAPTER 8Bookmark here

As the shuttle docked the bright light from the docking station seeped into the shuttle. The entire room was absolutely massive. The walls and ceiling were all one large light. With 8x8 squares comprising their entirety where the light was emanating from. It was clean and spacious with not a speck of dust.Bookmark here

“It’s incredible.” Noah had noted.Bookmark here

A cute female Vishtian with long red hair was herding fighters and their managers through the docking station and into the fighter’s hall through a few subsets of sliding doors that looked like the 8x8 light panels with a chrome frame around them. The swooshed open quietly. The girl then handed them the keys to their changing room as they hurried onward.Bookmark here

As they walked there was this since of wonder walking down the rounded corridor. Looking out the window at the two suns, the blue dwarf, and that giant red star. It was nicer than Noah had expected considering the dirty and dingy, two ring stadium where the pre-qualifiers were held. Down to seeing their reflections in the floor. Noah staring at himself in the reflection of the floor until then seeing Faytana’s arm swing up to pinch his sleeve right after.Bookmark here

“Fay?”Bookmark here

“Noah look…” Faytana asked of him.Bookmark here

Noah looked forward as the hall continued to curve inward. Slowly revealing a familiar face leaning up against the wall. This figure was almost looking out of place in the clean futuristic hallway they were making their way through. The Wyvern Viperion…Bookmark here

“It’s her… is she waiting for me.” Noah said as Jax slowly put it all together.Bookmark here

“Is that who you’re fighting?!” Jax yelled as he pointed her out directly. “Well I hate to say this Noah, but YOU ARE SCREWED!” The old Vishtian pointed out.Bookmark here

“Smooth Jax…” Faytana said with a facepalm.Bookmark here

As Noah and the gang had neared Viperion her yellow reptilian eyes could be seen clearer. She had stepped off the wall to face the group, and suddenly as both eyes met Noah’s he almost felt sick. It was a harrowing metaphorical fog of fear that had then clouded his mind for a moment. Faytana looking onward, ready for anything.Bookmark here

“I need to speak to the human for a moment.” She said as her slippery tongue slithered out for a moment like a Komodo Dragon.Bookmark here

“The hell you are!” Faytana said as she darted between the two to protect Noah.Bookmark here

“Must you always be so dramatic. I just want to ssspppeak to him.” Viperion had said with a lingering hiss in the word “speak.”Bookmark here

“It’s alright Fay.” Noah told her. “Maybe we can use this opportunity to clear some things up.” Noah said as he looked at Faytana then at Viperion.Bookmark here

“Hmph! Not likely.” Viperion said. “Jax.” She then said acknowledging the old fighter.Bookmark here

“Er… Viperion.” Jax had said.Bookmark here

“You two go on ahead. I’m just going to chat with her for a while.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure?” Fay asked with a nervous look.Bookmark here

“Yeah it’ll be fine.”Bookmark here

Faytana and Jax walked ahead, leaving the two behind to talk as Faytana looked back at them. The two stood facing each other. Viperion staying silent until she knew that Nierdesh was out of earshot. Knowing that Faytana would likely be using her exceptional hearing to listen.Bookmark here

“So what? You waited until they were gone. Is this when you confess your love for me?” Noah said jokingly but Viperion was in no mood for jokes.Bookmark here

“Don’t jest with me human. I’m in no mood and looking at your face makes it worse…”Bookmark here

“Ah so you love-hate me then?” he said.Bookmark here

“What I love is that I get destroy what I hate.” Viperion told him as he loses composure.Bookmark here

“May I ask why you do?”Bookmark here

“We Wyverns visited you humans over a millennium ago. We came in peace and you… humans treated us like monsters…” She said.Bookmark here

(MIDDLE-AGES)Bookmark here

The Wyverns were one of the earliest creatures to venture out into space. They had been looking for resources on their journey to appeal to the Vishtian society for their integration. But they didn’t know how long the journey would take. So they stopped off at planet for resources… Earth.Bookmark here

They Wyvern ships were incredibly stylized. The front of them held the captain’s deck and looked just like that of a dragons head. They even “breathed fire” due to the cannons that were mounted on the bottom. The thrusters were on two wings, one on each side. They were dark gray and looked almost alive. Containing all these different moving parts.Bookmark here

One of these ships that had been named dragons by the locals had landed on Earth. The Wyvern people tried to communicate with the humans but the sight of these reptilian, almost bestial creatures terrified humanity. Viperion explained to Noah that humans indeed “threw the first stone” as they say. Attacking with catapults, arrows, and spears.Bookmark here

They Wyvern people would have fled but they needed resources like food, water, and fuel. The first recorded use of human fossil fuels being used to power any sort of vehicle. Recorded by the Wyverns however and not humanity. But humanity didn’t even attempt diplomacy.Bookmark here

Viperion explained that the Wyverns were prepared to offer humanity so many wondrous technological advancements to barter for those resources but that never happened. The Wyverns being forced to fend off human assaults for weeks as they tried to gather what they needed. Holding up in mountains and hiding in caves.Bookmark here

By the time the Wyverns had garnered enough resources to leave they’d already lost half their crew. Over 70 of them dead. Killed by lowly human insects who ganged up on them at knight with their bows and their swords. The Wyverns left that hostile planet, having suffered greater losses than ever before when visiting underdeveloped planets.Bookmark here

And these creatures and their ships were most definitely the inspiration for the mythological interpretation of “dragons” and “wyverns” that humans knew. Being the inspiration for what they would later be known as…Bookmark here

(PRESENT DAY)Bookmark here

“Are you trying to tell me that you hate me because of something that happed well over a thousand years ago?” Noah shouted. “Something that neither of us even experienced?!”Bookmark here

“Don’t presssume that I wasssn’t there human!” Viperion hissed.Bookmark here

What? Noah had thought. How old is she?!Bookmark here

“I was there! I stood on watch as flaming arrows flew by me! Fought off swordsmen with my bare hands after we ran out of our limited ammunition supply! And I… I loaded my fallen friends back onto the ship after their untimely demise…” Viperion said as she hugged herself, looking reflectively out into space.Bookmark here

“Look…” Noah softly said with a sense of guilt. “I’m sorry. But humans we don’t live that long. We don’t even know that a species visited us from the stars back then.” Bookmark here

“…” Viperion looked at him with a bit of melancholy. She had no idea that it had been that long for humanity.Bookmark here

“Wyverns? They’re nothing but pure mythology in my time!” Noah said which maybe enraged Viperion further.Bookmark here

“You don’t remember us? You did those things to us and you don’t even remember!”Bookmark here

“…” Noah fell silent.Bookmark here

“Then you will pay in their stead human!” Viperion declared as she stormed off, looking Noah dead in the eyes with her slithery pupils. Leaving Noah now shaking in his shoes.Bookmark here

Back at their room, Faytana and Jax unpacked and prepared. Faytana had her tight shorts and tight tank top on, Leaving her hooded jacket with the white flower insignia on.Bookmark here

“Jax, I have to ask. How do you and Viperion know each other?”Bookmark here

“She’s been fighting professionally for a long time. She’s no doubt a slave. Participating in her fights for the profits of their owners. Profits she’s been yielding them long after her original owners perished due to old age.” Jax informed her.Bookmark here

“Really… I knew Wyverns were supposed to live a long time, but I didn’t know that.”Bookmark here

“I had a long and prosperous fighting career. I’ve won several titles and I was a fan favorite for sure. But there isn’t another fighter alive I went head to head with more than Viperion…” Jax said.Bookmark here

“You fought her that many times. How good is she really?” Faytana asked.Bookmark here

“I’m not going to lie Fay;Fay… Out of the twelve times we fought I only beat her once.” Jax said, clenching his fist. Faytana’s eyes widened.Bookmark here

“And she has it out for Noah… this isn’t good.”Bookmark here

Later as Noah, Fay, and Jax sat on the sidelines watching the second match unfold Noah sat there preparing for his. He was on deck and so was Viperion. He had been trying to pay attention to the fight. It was a Gwetzel and a Stym. One’s fast reflexes going against the others treelike anatomy, and endurance. But it was hard to pay attention because across the stadium was Viperion. Staring straight at Noah.Bookmark here

“Noah?” Faytana said as Noah looked at her. “I have to go…”Bookmark here

“I know.” Noah said slightly worried. But he knew what she needed to do.Bookmark here

“You’re going to be fine. I’ll be back before you know.” She said as she kissed him on the forehead, Noah blushed. “See you soon.” She said as she slipped away.Bookmark here

Noah looked at her for a moment before ushering “See you soon.”Bookmark here

Noah suddenly wasn’t worried about Viperion or anything else. He wasn’t worried about V-6720. He wasn’t worried about his feelings towards living on Vishta. He wasn’t even worried about dying. He knew he was going to make it through this. He had to. It had finally clicked with him that living on Vishta WAS a life. And it could be an extraordinary one. He could still make something of himself. He could still make a difference for others. And if he wanted to, he could even fall in love.Bookmark here

“Well I’ll be darned.” Trisxel said from the crowd as he picked his teeth.Bookmark here

“What is it?” Police Captain Torn asked.Bookmark here

“A miracle Torn.” Trisxel shouts over the sound of the crowd. “A miracle.” He whispers.Bookmark here

As Faytana was making her way back into the fighter’s hall she’s stopped by security. Flashing her pass initially as the guard stopped her once she tried to proceed. Not satisfied with that quick flash of the pass. She showed it to him again as he really took his time to read it. He then let her through. Faytana set an earpiece into ear set to the comms device frequency that security was on, using a smart frequency finder that one of Trisxel’s guys set him up with. Bookmark here

As she walked into the hallway she waited for the door behind her to shut. Then as she heard it close she picked up the pace, performing a brisk jog down that well-lit rounded corridor. The stars shining in through the window from the vast universe outside. Her reflection running in the reflection of the window parallel to her.Bookmark here

Faytana eventually makes her to a reinforced sliding steel door that leads to a stairwell. All the documentation she’s looking for are stored in the offices two floors up. There’s no handle on it, just a solid face and a touchscreen keypad. The door even had a sign that read EMPLOYEES ONLY. Excellent security when keeping out your average species but to a Nierdesh it’s cake.Bookmark here

“Well I am on the clock.” Faytana said all sly.Bookmark here

She then took a deep breath and didn’t release it. She closed her eyes and muscles tightened and flexed. Then as she let out this enormous breath her eyes flickered into a deep neon red. As she felt the power of her bloodline flow through her veins her fist clenched, and she hit the pad so hard it busted and all the electronics of it sparked as the door slid open. As the emergency lock disengaged.Bookmark here

“What was that?” A young Vishtian security guard asked.Bookmark here

“There’s a malfunction with a security door on the first floor. The wiring in this station is still so old it’s probably just faulty wiring again.” An older more apathetic guard noted.Bookmark here

“Well we should probably still send a guy to check it out.” The young guard said as he hopped on his comms device and alerted a few guards on their channels.Bookmark here

“Here we go!” Faytana says breathily as she ran up the stairs. Hearing the chatter.Bookmark here

As she made it to the third floor there was another sturdy steel security door before her, but it was hinged and had a lever so not as much force would be necessary on Faytana’s part. She didn’t bother powering up for this, instead just using her elbow and bringing her weight down onto it. Busting the lever and throwing the door open.Bookmark here

As the bright lights of the stadium beamed down Noah could feel the sweat. The cameras were rotating through the air, using A.I. to get the best angles. Announcers sitting off to the side narrating the fights. Noah looked around to spot Trisxel, but he was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat, so even if his eyes had glossed over him he wouldn’t see him. But he did however spot Greshit in the crowd as she waved at him.Bookmark here

“Hi.” Noah mouthed as he waved back.Bookmark here

“Who’re you looking at?” Jax said as he looked as well. “Ah! A friend of yours?”Bookmark here

“She sure is. A good one.” Noah said somberly.Bookmark here

“Oh I bet! I’d love that tall glass of Wrapthian to wrap me up!” Jax yelled as Noah looked at him with an eyebrow raised. Not having any concept for how attractive one Wrapthian is over another one.Bookmark here

By that point the 5th round was nearing its end and Noah began shake a bit. Jax took warning of this. He didn’t want Noah to start flaking out. After all Noah’s fight was going to be huge. Everyone’s eyes would be on it. The crowd was going to be especially spirited which would help to keep some of the heat of Faytana by forcing a good chunk of security to stick around. Not to mention the spectacle of it. The last member of either of these species duking it out. The long known Viperion and the rookie Noah.Bookmark here

“Maybe I should just quit?” Noah questioned. “I mean what reason is there for me to stick around?” He said as his leg continued to shake further.Bookmark here

“Is that really what you want to do? After all if Faytana succeeds then Viperion will be set free, let loose out into the world. For her to just hunt you down out there.” Jax informed.Bookmark here

“What?! Viperion’s not a free woman?” Noah asked in shock.Bookmark here

“Almost certainly. She wasn’t back in the day so why would that change now?”Bookmark here

“I didn’t consider…” Noah whispered, stopping himself. He felt so guilty. Not only because of his human heritage but then if Faytana failed he’d be denying Viperion a sense of closure on top of it.Bookmark here

“So Noah? Are you going to run? Or will you see this fight to the end?”Bookmark here

Noah was conflicted. His feelings toward Viperion was constantly swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Did he fear her? Did he pity her? He wasn’t sure. But unlike his internal ability to bounce between calm and rage this notion was uncontrollable. And as his heart was boiling to the top, the currently airing fight had ended by explosive knockout as it then leapt into his throat.Bookmark here

“That’s the round! And what an incredible round!” the announcer roared. “Next up we have a real nail biter! Viperion Cintress Vs. Noah Graham! But the last of their kind and both ready to rumble! A truly first of its kind fight!”Bookmark here

“Remember kid. She’s large and fast. She’s got you beat in every regard. But she’s not invincible. I fought her before so I would know! Twelve times in fact!” Jax bragged.Bookmark here

“Really how many wins?” Noah asked somewhat relieved.Bookmark here

“Once. Now go get her kid!” Jax said as he smacked Noah’s back as he stumbled into the ring.Bookmark here

“Once? Well that was no help…” Noah said as his brief moment of relief had faded.Bookmark here

“Fighters take the center!” The ref yelled as the two met on the canvas.Bookmark here

“You still showed up. I’m glad human, I must admit my respect for you has heightened.” Viperion plainly said as she cracked her knuckles.Bookmark here

“Yeah well I don’t scare easily.” Noah lied as sweat dripped down his forehead before the fight had even started. “At least I don’t scare openly.” Noah said as Viperion played it straight.Bookmark here

“Well you should be. One of my fondest and most vivid memories is tearing several humans apart on after the other with my bare hands back on Earth.” She said. Noah gulped.Bookmark here

“Alright you know the deal. 5 rounds, and standard rule set!” The ref said.Bookmark here

And as Viperion and Noah prepared themselves the bell rang *ding* Viperion wasting no time as Noah braced himself. Viperion was on his figurative tail with her literal one following right behind. One heavy handed blow after the other as Noah’s defensive guard began to fall apart like a popping kernel.Bookmark here

At that same time Faytana was running through the wide rounded corridor of the stations third floor. Busting into office after office as Vishtian accountants and cubicle workers ran in fear of the “mad” Nierdesh “terrorizing” them. She looked through tightly locked shiny monochromatic filing cabinets. Faytana able to see her violent expression in the reflection of them as she busted them open.Bookmark here

Security had come across the busted security door as they called for backup. Security breach on the upper floors! Check floors 2, 3, and 4 for any signs of an intruder! Faytana heard buzzing in her ears as she picked up the pace. Having no luck in the offices so far.Bookmark here

Back in the ring Noah was getting his bell rang but that wasn’t signification that the round was ending, instead just a ringing in his ear. He stood with his slowly failing guard gave him concern. He was standing and gritting his teeth while holding his ground as Viperion just wailed on him. One fierce strike after the other and she hadn’t even begun to sweat.Bookmark here

It was truly like a carnivorous beast hunting her prey. Komodo dragons were known to eat goats and pigs, and Noah was her livestock. “Caged” in the ring with her. Noah’s arms began to go numb. And as the assault continued, they fell. At this point all of Noah’s vulnerable points were open. Viperion’s fists flying through the air smacking his shoulder, slamming into his chest and stomach, and beating his face until it was bruised.Bookmark here

Noah had basically become a standing punching bag at that point. His body more or less a limp dummy, and he was prepared to let his body fall and get it all over with. But Viperion wasn’t about to let that happen. She wanted to savor this moment. She wrapped her tail around his neck propping him up and keeping him off the canvas maintaining her vicious attack!Bookmark here

“Please…” Noah pleaded to no avail only angering Viperion.Bookmark here

Viperion was bent on torture. The sweetest form of revenge she felt. In any case to her all humans would ever be are the greasy cowards that relentlessly killed her Wyvern brethren all those years ago. It mattered little that Noah had nothing to do with their dark history.Bookmark here

“Wow she’s bringing him into the big leagues now!” A member of the crowd yelled as Greshit sat down in front of him. Her hands were covering mouth and nose as she was mere moments away from tears thinking to herself Oh my! She’s brutalizing him! Was I supposed to support this!?Bookmark here

Just 30 more seconds for this round… Viperion thought to herself as she stopped hitting him. He dangled pathetically from her tail as she kept it wrapped around his neck. Viperion didn’t want to this moment to end just yet. She rejoiced in the fact that this peaceful, and advanced society allowed for such a brutal competition.Bookmark here

“You’re feeling it. I can see it in your flinching eyes, and your gasping jaw. That trembling tender throat…” Viperion said as her transparent second eyelid dampened her gaze, and as her slithery tongue licked her thin, tough lips. “This is only a fraction of the pain and trembling fear that my once proud race felt!”Bookmark here

“Just end it already! What’s stopping you!?” Words Noah barely managed to choke out.Bookmark here

“Because a meeting like this only comes once in a lifetime and how fortunate that it would be in mine. I don’t want miss any opportunities, and now I can live my life with little regrets” she told him with a salacious smile.Bookmark here

“Then I’ll just throw the match!”Bookmark here

“You’ll do no sssuch thing! You even dare and I’ll just kill you sssooner rather than later! Might as well try right? Instead of die yet another cowardly human!” Viperion hissed.Bookmark here

*ding* The bell rang as the second round ended. Viperion reluctantly unraveled her tail from the now choking humans neck. Noah fell to his feet as gravity took over. Stumbling backwards to his corner coughing and wheezing the whole time. Viperion’s tail dragging and walking confidently back to her end of the ring.Bookmark here

“Geez kid… you’re not looking good…” Jax told him. “Forget what I said before. You should definitely quit.” Jax suggested as Noah took heavy breaths, occasionally coughing.Bookmark here

“I…” Deep breath in. “Can’t…” Deep breath out.Bookmark here

“What? You were ready to throw the towel before it started and NOW you’re being stubborn?!” Jax yelled as he lifted his arm to get the referees attention.Bookmark here

“No!” Noah roared as he grabbed Jax’s hand and pushed it back down. “You don’t get it Jax! If I quit she’s going to kill me. She told me so herself. She’s going to kill me no matter what!”Bookmark here

“She really said that?” Jax said wide eyed as Noah shook his head.Bookmark here

“Could… you stop her?” Noah desperately asked.Bookmark here

“Kid I’m old. I’m well passed my prime. Viperion she… she’s like an immortal. Look, come round 5 I’ll jump in and do what I can but… it’s not looking good.” Jax grievingly said.Bookmark here

“Well thanks regardless. But hey… I’m not dead yet am I right?” Jax that’s right kid.Bookmark here

On the other end of the ring Viperion’s Maltraxian manager berated her. “You idiot! You’re going to kill him, and when that happens I don’t get paid! Don’t forget your shock collar! I’ll juice you if I must!” He yelled as he pulled the remote from his pocket.Bookmark here

“Hmph” Viperion grunted as she swiftly grabbed his hand. He wrestled for the restrained hand with the other three but couldn’t budge her iron grip. “You wouldn’t dare.” She murmured as she nonchalantly crushed his hand with the remote inside.Bookmark here

“Ah! You monster! I swear after this fight you’re going to be decommissioned!”Bookmark here

“Do your worst.” Viperion then stood up to return to the ring.Bookmark here

Faytana rushed through the halls with her hood up when she ran into her first Vishtian security guard. “She’s over here!” he screamed as Faytana jumped into action. Literally jumping and performing a spin kick the not only knocked him on his ass but knocked him out. She then saw a center corridor that cut through the middle of the space station, and above the stadium.Bookmark here

“That’s got to be my ticket!”Bookmark here

*ding* Viperion went in again as Noah attempted to dodge. He’d miss one or two, then get hit. One or two then get hit. It was a vicious cycle. He would then begin using the rollie pollie technique. Swaying his body back and forth in a circular fashion. This helped to throw Viperion’s hits a little bit, and that’s not all… *BAM* Noah strikes back. Viperion staggers.Bookmark here

“Wha…” Viperion uttered in slight shock. Having been not only struck but it also hurt. “Oh no human… this won’t be easy for you!” She hissed as Noah kept rolling his body.Bookmark here

The two went at it again. This time trading blows. Noah wanting to make sure that he started fighting back while his body would still allow. Noah taking hits that made him woozy, making him want to faint. But he still kept hitting her back. Not wanting to relent for fear of what might happen if he did.Bookmark here

Noah got punched in the gut as he almost spilled what little was inside. He dropped to knees coughing as Viperion’s knee wound up to take Noah down a peg. But his currently relentless nature persisted. No… NO! He thought. Not like this! Noah shifted his upper body inward as the knee burst forth like a cannon ball. He then got to one foot and trailblazed forward with a powerful punch to Viperion’s gut in turn. Bringing the heat to the dragon.Bookmark here

“Ugh.” *cough* “Ah!” Viperion choked as she stepped back. Her rapid fire return came barreling towards Noah when *ding* her fist stopped dead in its track. Centimeters away from Noah’s trembling lips.Bookmark here

Faytana ran forward down that straight and narrow hall. But her sprint started to fade as she noticed four security guards tailing here. She then looked forward seeing five closing the gap as they passed the office she was aiming for. Damn! Faytana’s mind roared. She then spun to gain momentum with her sprint as her eyes went beat red. The Nierdesh bloodline.Bookmark here

She then jumps and bounces off the walls. Propelling of the wall to the left and the wall to the right as she starts kicking, punching, and dismantling the security. Whipping and thrashing them ferociously. Despite the hood, a couple of the guards realized they were facing someone of Nierdesh decent and turned tail and ran. The ones that remained were in for a ride. Bookmark here

Several of them would punch and swing clubs as Faytana dodged them with grace. Not unlike Noah and Grod she’d sway between grace and brutality as she slid passed guards and then uppercut others. Back kicks, backflips, and powerful side arm swipes. Knocking out one, and then another. Her red eyes meeting theirs as they quivered. Punching and dodging up a storm. But the party was about to end.Bookmark here

As a guard swung a club that made contact with her head, it stung like hell. But it sobered her up, making her more acutely aware of her surroundings. First looking at the guard with a scowl, scaring him off. But then she saw just how much security was coming in on both sides. Her eyes literally went pale white as she burst into the office.Bookmark here

Faytana hearing the stampede of shoes and frequency chatter. She slammed the door from behind her then slid not one, not two, but three desks in front of the door. She then made her way over to those rounded, monochromatic filing cabinets. Breaking them open one after the other for what she was looking for.Bookmark here

“How’re you doing kid!?”Bookmark here

“Not great…”Bookmark here

“Hey though kid that was good stuff! You really held your own!” He cheered.Bookmark here

“I’m not going to lie. I don’t know if I can pull that off again.”Bookmark here

“Hey, hey just take it easy. Here’s some water!” Jax handed Noah cold metal thermos.Bookmark here

Noah went to take a drink when he saw it. His reflection in the canister. He was beaten bloody. Nose bent and bloody with swollen, and bruised cheeks. He was a mess… Viperion was not messing around. Noah shook it off and took a swig.Bookmark here

“Now listen kid. Here’s a little bit of advice. Viperion’s agility. Don’t get me wrong she is fast. But her agility is a little lacking. If you can keep jumping and attacking her from her side, that’s your best shot!”Bookmark here

“I’ll… try…”Bookmark here

“Good! That’s all I can ask for! Now get out there!”Bookmark here

*ding* Noah got in fast but not fast enough. That same punch from the end of the last round. Viperion was saving it for him. He was struck straight in the face as he flew backwards. One of his teeth falling to the floor as Greshit clutched her bag. He hit the rope as it threw him back at her. She then clotheslined him as he hit the canvas hard. But she wasn’t done. She grabbed him by the leg and then threw him to the other side of the ring.Bookmark here

Noah was waning in and out of consciousness midair. He was bruised and tired. But he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. His eyelids parted like a split log, holding a look of alertness and determination in his eyes. He bounced off the rope that Viperion threw him towards than hit the ground running.Bookmark here

“Viperion!” Noah roared mid run with fury in his voice.Bookmark here

Noah got in there catching Viperion off guard. He threw his fists with gut punch after gut punch. Mixing it up with some jabs and side punches. She’s big but unlike Hanjo: The Crusher, Viperion wasn’t a giant. Her green skin was tough but not invincible. She felt each blow as she gritted her pointed reptilian teeth together.Bookmark here

And once Viperion wanted to fight back Noah was ready for her. Don’t get me wrong she is fast. But her agility is a little lacking. Noah remembered those words. As Viperion’s right fist came soaring Noah leapt to her left side. Taking body shots to her side as she then reached for Noah. Noah leapt backward as his feet and left hand slid across the canvas. Noah then leapt behind her.Bookmark here

As he did her tail went for the slap. It flew over him as he ducked. Noah then punched her back as her spine tingled. He then grabbed the base of her tail and stayed with her back as she turned and swayed. Noah punching her as he evaded. It’s working he thought! Noah thought but he thought too soon.Bookmark here

She then ripped her tail from his grip and swung again. The tail slapped him square in the face then came back and smacked the other cheek. She then knelt in as he was still shocked and drove her elbow into his chest. He backed off coughing. But Viperion wasn’t done. The started swinging fists as Noah got punched up, then down and side to side.Bookmark here

The blood started flowing out and spattering the canvas and the rope like fingerpaint. Each hit had a swiftness and an impact to it that made the audience react as if they were getting hit. One spray of blood there and a spray of blood here. Noah crescendos’ in and out of consciousness. Greshit had all but closed her eyes at this point.Bookmark here

“Please be okay!” Greshit unable to look any longer.Bookmark here

Viperion dropped Noah on the ground with a thud. His face and body smacked as sweat and blood flew off his body like a rain shower. Viperion then wrapped her tail around Noah’s neck once again. Lifting him into the air, facing him yet again.Bookmark here

“Poor human… you fought well.” Viperion said. “For that I will end you now. No point in dragging thisss out.” Viperion then showed Noah her pointed reptilian teeth. The teeth of a Wyvern. Steam blew through the crevices as Noah’s eyes shivered.Bookmark here

“What was that?” Noah asked all choked up.Bookmark here

“Isn’t there anything in that mythology of yours about a Wyvern breathing fire?” Viperion had asked with a sly look as she tightened her grip around his neck.Bookmark here

“No way… it’s true?” Noah squealed.Bookmark here

“Yesss…” Viperion hissed with an elongated stretch to her response. Steam and smoke flowing out all at the same time. All but confirming it.Bookmark here

“You… don’t have to do this!” Noah pleaded. “I’m fighting for you!” He said as she was left with a puzzled look on her face.Bookmark here

“How so?”Bookmark here

Faytana kept rummaging through the papers when finally… “This is it!” She cheered. Bookmark here

She kept looking through different profiles. Fig, Grust, Xeno, and of course Viperion. Right there in blue ink. Proof of ownership. Only not having been burned a long time ago because owned species have a right to see their proof of ownership. Faytana took one photo after the other, even taking selfies with some of them. Throwing up “peace” signs. As the guards began to bust in. Faytana climbed into a ventilation shaft in the ceiling.Bookmark here

“You’re still enslaved right?” Noah asked. This was a hot button issue for Viperion.Bookmark here

“Of courssse… what is your point?”Bookmark here

“That’s why I’m here… That’s why Fay isn’t with me.” Noah posed as he was being strangled by Viperion’s tail. “It – was her job – to get the evidence…”Bookmark here

“Evidence of what!?” She demanded.Bookmark here

“Slavery of “lesser” species is illegal now. I would know, I was – sold to a mining colony.”Bookmark here

“LIES!”Bookmark here

*ding* “Round over! Back to your corner!” The ref said. Viperion kept her grip.Bookmark here

“Typical human… always cowering! Always scurrying just like Earth’s very own cockroaches!” She hissed as she squeezed harder.Bookmark here

“Hey! Penalty, the rounds over!” The ref yelled.Bookmark here

“Oh no…” Jax whispered as he readied himself to jump in there.Bookmark here

“I swear!” Noah said with the last breath that he could muster.Bookmark here

“Enough human!” She roared. “It’s time to DIE!” She said as she lifted up her hand, sharp claws front in center and ready to pierce.Bookmark here

“No don’t do it!” Greshit yelled.Bookmark here

“Security!” The ref hollered for.Bookmark here

Jax then leapt into the ring to try and stop her but it wouldn’t be necessary. Then from the vents above, Faytana soared through the air as she hit the canvas, cracking, and breaking it slightly from the fall. She glared up at Viperion with those red eyes. Holding her comms device in one hand she hit send as the photos went out to Torn and Trisxel in the crowd.Bookmark here

“Woah! Showtime!” Trisxel yelled as he stood.Bookmark here

“Alrighty boys! Let’s get down to business!” Police Captain Torn announced as dozens of police officers stood up in the crowd. Throwing on their badges. “Lockdown the station! Evacuate the premises! Everybody will be investigated and registered! Remember! Fighting Managers will NOT leave until we’ve gone through all the paperwork.”Bookmark here

The officers then began ushering viewers out as some booed and some were just confused. Greshit however was particularly confused until she put the pieces together. Knowing that it must have been Noah, and Faytana.Bookmark here

“Noah… was this you guys?” Greshit said as she smiled before being evacuated.Bookmark here

Viperion not wise to what was going on yet threw Noah off to the side. Faytana rushed her as Viperion rushed back. Viperion was fast and powerful but couldn’t hardly get any hits out. Faytana was making absolute sport of her. Dodging wide hits and tail swipes, and then returning with red hot kicks! Viperion then gut punched Faytana and went in for a bite.Bookmark here

As her wide open jaw and jagged teeth came in quick. Faytana caught then with both hands. Holding them open as Viperion’s Pac-Man like mouth struggled to chomp down. Jax came in to check on the beaten down Noah. It was then that Viperion decided she would not be bested. Her mouth started glowing red hot and ready to blow fire as her restrained jaw struggled to make progress, and then…Bookmark here

“Let go of me!” The Maltraxian manager yelled as Torn and Trisxel attempted to arrest him. Viperion’s eyes widened.Bookmark here

“Don’t resist!”Bookmark here

“Let – go – of – ME!” The Maltraxian yelled as he ripped away from them and ran.Bookmark here

“Th-e hu-man… h-e was-n’t ly-ing…” Viperion struggled to say, jaw wide open.Bookmark here

The Maltraxian ran as fast as he could to get away. His fear of getting caught taking over. Viperion was even angrier now than she was before. Her eyes sharp and angry as she watched her manager flee. Looking at him with even more hate than all the times she had glared at Noah combined. Viperion ripped free of Faytana. She huffed, then took that fateful breath. Shooting a fire ball right at the cowardly Maltraxian as the projectile hit him right in the ass, burning his pants.Bookmark here

“Ow!” The Maltraxian cried as he fell to the ground in pain, Torn catching him.Bookmark here

“N-nice…” said as Jax helped him over to the pair.Bookmark here

“…” Viperion was hesitant to reply as Faytana calmed down. Laughing at the crying Maltraxian with the burning behind. “I suppose it was.” Viperion said with a sly, yet less harsh look as before.Bookmark here

“Hey. I’m sorry about everything that happened in the past…” Noah said.Bookmark here

“Hmm” Viperion said as she looked him over. “Don’t be.” She said as she began to walk away. Just like that. A free woman. She then looked back at Noah.Bookmark here

“It’s too bad.”Bookmark here

“What is..?” Noah asked.Bookmark here

“That you ended up being the last human alive.” Viperion told him as she winked and disappeared down the way and out into the fighter’s hall.Bookmark here

“Right…” Noah said as Faytana then went in to help Jax with him. Only slightly creeped out by that wink. Ultimately flattered.Bookmark here

“Well you lived. How do you feel?” Jax asked.Bookmark here

“I’ve never felt…” *cough* “More alive.” Noah said as he then fell down.Bookmark here

“Woah there big guy!” Faytana said as she caught him. “Let’s get you to a doctor.”Bookmark here

(LATER THAT NIGHT)Bookmark here

Noah was laid up in a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages. The medical centers on Vishta were wildly different than back on Earth. Noah was laying in a dark gray mattress. The mattress had a smart technology in it that could sense pressure points. It knew the areas of Noah’s body that needed tending to and adjusted accordingly. The drugs they used were also way more affective than your average perks or even morphine. Noah just felt incredibly relaxed. They even reinserted his tooth flawlessly.Bookmark here

Noah was visited that night by everybody he now considered a friend on Vishta. Trisxel was there first and shook his hand and congratulated him. His old boss was taking pictures with him as Noah tried his best to give a big wide smile. Grog and Toki were there, hugging him and spilling their drinks. Jax was then the last to leave. And Greshit even stopped by, saying “hello” to both him and Faytana. And then it was just the two…Bookmark here

“…” Fay sat watching the VISOR as Noah had drifted to sleep a couple hours prior.Bookmark here

“Fay?” A now awoken Noah said.Bookmark here

“Y-yeah?!” Faytana cried, startled.Bookmark here

“Thank you for being there for me. Just like you said.” Faytana smiled.Bookmark here

“Just like I said. Anytime.”Bookmark here

“You’re going to Trisxel’s party at that five star hotel right?” Noah asked.Bookmark here

“I was thinking about it…”Bookmark here

“Would you go with me?” Noah asked as Faytana blushed slightly.Bookmark here

“Like… like a date?” She nervously asked as she twirled her hair.Bookmark here

“Exactly like a date.” Noah said as Faytana smiled.Bookmark here

“Of course!” She excitedly said as she grabbed and held Noah’s hand.Bookmark here

Noah smiled back as the two talked and laughed all night. And as the night wore on Noah’s mind began to drift, but he was always present. Setting his thoughts side but they were always there. The thoughts were I think I’m going to be okay now mom. I’m gonna be okay.

Real Aire
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