Chapter 10:



EPILOGUEBookmark here

Glasses held high in a toast. Sapphire blue liquid bouncing around in lavish glasses. A luxurious Wrapthian designed piece of architecture. A grandiose hotel with a magnificent decorum. Trisxel and his boss giving inspirational speeches with about as much spice as a ghost pepper.Bookmark here

“This past week we’ve helped to weed out corruption that was happening right before our eyes on the VISOR screen at home. We should be proud of that fact.” Trisxel said as he raised his glass again. “Cheers!” Trisxel yelled as the rest of the room chanted “Cheers!” As they all took a drink.Bookmark here

“Ah! That’s damn good!” Trisxel said as he rejoiced in his toast for a moment. After that a moment of silent reflection on his part. Some of the crowd that have been whispering and murmuring for a moment quieted as they noticed the silence on Trisxel’s character. And then he became figuratively sober. “But that was only a one in a million situation, like one of the stars in our solar system.”Bookmark here

At this moment Noah and Faytana had taken notice of Trisxel’s momentary change in personality. Noah was more brazen than ever. He was of course upset that more people out there were suffering. But perhaps feeling all too excited at the opportunity to fight corruption again. He soon began to fear that he may be becoming an adrenaline junky in regards to facing this corruption. Feeling guilty that he enjoyed the challenge but also knew If not me, then who? Bookmark here

“That’s why we’re here now to celebrate for one! But also acknowledge that our work here isn’t finished. From Marauders to Vishta’s very own. We will fight to stop the evil that has spread throughout Vishta, and throughout the GALAXY! Floating around us like a constellation!” Trisxel roared with his sharklike expression as the crowded room cheered and clapped. None clapping louder than Noah.Bookmark here

Later during the party Noah and Faytana stood out on the balcony. One that was miraculously suspended in air via levitation based technology known as “counter physics” tech. One of this hotels most well known staples. A rare technology that was often times more than not too expensive to implement in Vishta’s more capitalistic society. But almost as grand as the tech itself was the Ito skyline one that the pair was sharing in the view.Bookmark here

“Noah?”Bookmark here

“Fay.” He replied.Bookmark here

“In my time doing… let’s say “contract” work. I got to see so many incredible sights across so many worlds. Sights like this one.” She told him with a melancholic smile.Bookmark here

“Oh? Must have been an experience.”Bookmark here

“They were all great I’m ashamed to admit. But despite that… this is one of those times that I am not ashamed to have the chance to see such a sight!” She said as her smile became more sincere.Bookmark here

“Because of how we got here?” Noah asked. “I feel similarly.” He said.Bookmark here

“Definitely a key ingredient.” Faytana said. “But not the only one. The other one you’ve already answered. How WE got here. This sight is made so much better with you and I in the picture.” Faytana said as Noah’s heart started beating faster. “It’s us together. That’s the spice.”Bookmark here

Noah’s heart was racing like it was a 6.2L small block V-8 Engine, and his body was participating in the Daytona 500. He knew what she meant. He just didn’t have the guts to say it. Perhaps the guts in one of the Nierdesh bloodline was thicker. After all they were definitely more outwardly impressive when compared to any human Noah felt. His tongue was tied. He wanted to say it so badly. And as his jaw unlocked, and he opened his mouth…Bookmark here

“I love you!” Noah’s heart nearly exploded. For he was not the one to say it first.Bookmark here

“You do?!” Noah said, confused as to how. But that was not what needed to be said. Noah course corrected. “I mean… I love you too!” Faytana smiled as she blushed a little.Bookmark here

“But I only have one thing I gotta ask. Why?” Faytana paused for a moment. Not because she didn’t know why. But because she’d never had someone to tell why. She’d never done this before.Bookmark here

“It’s because… of your humanity.” Faytana said.Bookmark here

“My – humanity?”Bookmark here

“That’s right. That’s the perfect word for it. The species of Vishta have always had humanity. But the constant stream of collective consciousness’ around us in the form of this species… or that species. It’s taken any sort of term like that away from us. What term can be coined to describe this feeling. A feeling of treating people like people, or even animals like people? It’s showing humanity at its finest.” Faytana said.Bookmark here

“…” Noah was at a loss for words. It’s true. It’s a lesson that humans for the longest time couldn’t learn but eventually they did through their ongoing battle with racism and hate. But when Noah was lost in this crazy shuffle where all the somebodies around were different to he, they stopped being “somebody” and suddenly his ability to show humanity stopped as such. It’s probably still like that for most of the alien species on Vishta to a degree. Just take Greshit’s initial feelings towards the Nierdesh until meeting Faytana for example. But a slice.Bookmark here

“And you showed that humanity to me. And it was the most wonderful I’ve felt in a long time. Since the last time my Father held me in his arms.” She said somberly before lightening the mood a bit further. “It really is a good word! Definitely rolls of the tongue more than people-ality!” She joked as they both laughed.Bookmark here

“What about you? Why do you… love me?” Faytana asked. Afraid he couldn’t answer.Bookmark here

“Well…” Noah rubbed his head, embarrassed. “I can’t say it’s going to be as eloquently put as your reason… you were the first person I saw on Vishta.”Bookmark here

“First – person?” Faytana asked, confused.Bookmark here

“That’s right. You came to see me and just, TORE DOWN this wall that I’d built around myself. You were there, calling me out on my BS. Showing me that beautiful face, and… showing me the type of person I needed to be. Giving me that humanity back. You were my first friend here.” Noah said as they were both blushing, Noah’s being covered up by his facial hair.Bookmark here

“Is it okay… if we kiss?” Noah asked as Faytana looked bashful.Bookmark here

“I won’t kiss you with that beard on your face.” Faytana said with a nervous giggle before gaining more confidence, Noah stroking and damning his beard. But like before Faytana knew, that was not what needed to be said. “But you can kiss me!” Fay noted confidently.Bookmark here

Noah grew a dopey yet sincere smile across his face. Faytana closed her eyes and put forth her lips, meeting him 25% of the way preparing for 25% lips and 75% tickle. Noah gulped. He closed his eyes in turn and began going for it. 10%, 35%, 60%, and then 75%. The two had locked lips under Vishta’s starry sky as the wind began to blow and their locks of hair danced around them in a flurry. The scent of love in the air.Bookmark here

“Interrupting something?” Trisxel coyly asked, sipping his beverage, and leaning on the wall. Implying he’d been there for a moment. The two blushing, now lovers separated like two positive (+ +) ends of a magnet. “Ah come on!” Trisxel laughed. “Don’t stop on my account!”Bookmark here

“Wh-what do you want!” Noah embarrassingly cried out.Bookmark here

“To ask for assistance.” Said Trisxel as Noah then became excited.Bookmark here

“Really?” Faytana asked as Noah smirked smugly, stepping forth to meet Trisxel halfway.Bookmark here

“That’s right…” Noah whispered as Trisxel began walking his way. “Come to papa!” Noah said to himself. Excited for the next challenge. But alas the next challenge must not have been excited for him as Trisxel walked directly passed him and stopped in front of Faytana.Bookmark here

“…” Noah now speechless, holding back a slew of profanities, and trying not to show how defeated he’d felt.Bookmark here

“Faytana. I’ve got a job for you.” Trisxel said as he looked at Noah. “Hey Noah?”Bookmark here

“Yes!” Noah yelled as his eyes lit up with excitement.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry to steal her away from you but I need to speak with Faytana alone.” Trisxel said as Noah’s heart shattered. “This is going to take a while so why don’t you go ahead and head home.” Trisxel asked of him.Bookmark here

“Home?” Noah said as he stood thinking. Forgetting all about his apartment. “That’s right. Okay… I guess I will.” Noah said not ready to close the book on tonight. He put his hands into his pocket and began making his way off the balcony and into the large ballroom connected to it.Bookmark here

“Noah!” Faytana yelled as he turned to see her with a smile. “I’ll call you soon!” She yelled as he waved goodbye, wearing an even bigger smile now.Bookmark here

“I’m looking forward to it!” He shouted as he began to leave.Bookmark here

“Head home fast kid!” Trisxel then said. “Home is barking your name!” Trisxel yelled. Noah now angry that Trisxel was trying to get rid of him so badly. “Thrown away!” Noah felt.Bookmark here

As Noah rode that elegant flying automobile back down to the ground floor of Ito. As he took a taxi to the nearest bus stop. As he rode the bus back out to the small town boonies his apartment was located in. He was thinking of Faytana the whole way. And still upset with Trisxel. He’d punch him if he didn’t look like he belonged on the cover of Shark Week magazine. Wishing Vishta wasn’t such a clean place, and that there was a can to kick along the way.Bookmark here

Noah started making his way up the stairs and back to his apartment. Feeling this momentary sense of loneliness. Being back in this place reminded him of his less enlightened self from a few months prior. But at least now I have Faytana he thought. Quelling that sting a bit. But as he got to his apartment door he heard it. A distinct rustling inside.Bookmark here

Whatever it was it sounded like an animal. It was jumping around, potentially tearing into things. Growling. Noah knew he’d heard growling. He had his ear pressed up against the door to hear what was inside. His heart nearly froze over from fear. Is it Viperion?! He thought. Deciding to deal him in after all perhaps? Noah slowly creaked open the door to his dark apartment. The rustling stopped. And right as he turned on the light, a whine, and then *SLAM*Bookmark here

“Woah!” Noah yelled as a golden retriever had pounced. Licking Noah’s face as he laughed. “Okay! Stop it please! I surrender! I surrender!” Noah cried as the dog’s relentless tongue was now the one doing the tickling and not his beard.Bookmark here

“Where’d you come from big guy!?” Noah laughingly asked as he saw a note attached to his collar that read Gordon in English. The note then read something else entirely.Bookmark here

“A collector of rare species saw your match with Viperion. I guess he felt it was best if you have him. His name’s Gordon. Apparently Domin Pirates sold him to this individual when he was just a puppy. He’s got spunk, a lot like you kid! Give him a home, and hopefully he’ll make yours feel more like home. Best of luck DAD!” – Trisxel.Bookmark here

“No way!” Noah said as he’s felt the happiest he’s had in years. “Come on Gordon! Let’s go for a walk boy!” Noah yelled as he put on the leash he was given, and Gordon gave a spirited BARK! And as Noah was getting ready to walk out into the cool night air with Gordon, his comms device began to ring. With a caller I.D. that read FAYTANA.
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