Chapter 28:

Fierce Battle

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Somewhere in the Chablis continent. 10pm.
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The clouds have started to disperse, allowing the moonlight to shine through, mixing with the red light being emitted all over the place.Bookmark here

The area looks like a battlefield, countless deep craters are strewn across the landscape, the nearby trees have either been reduced to ash or are still burning. Bookmark here

The Demon General Raziel. He slowly walked in my direction, the glow of his eyes visible under his helmet, blazing with the will to fight. His crimson red armor had already repaired itself from the impact from the explosion caused by Iris’ modified cannon. Bookmark here

His heavy footsteps dented the ground as he makes his way towards me. He dragged his huge halberd behind him, breaking up the ground. It started to glow red hot, making the air around the weapon boil. Bookmark here

“Not even your ashes will see the light of day” He exclaimed in a low growl.Bookmark here

I sneered at him. “You are full of yourself” Bookmark here

I walked towards him, intending to finish him off. I made note of the area around us as I walk by, drawing mana from my Grimoire at the same time. He’s probably fire-based, since Flame Lances barely affected him. Earth Magic it is.Bookmark here

Rank 8 Earth Magic.Bookmark here

“I will bury you in the dirt. Earth Manipulation.Bookmark here

The land around us started to rumble. Two huge arms formed from the ground beside me. I curled my right hand into a fist, lunging at the Demon General – who’s still a couple of feet away. Bookmark here

As if on cue, the huge dirt hand from my right also formed a fist and quickly extended towards Raziel. He raised his halberd and sliced the arm in half. Another fist then struck down on him from the air. Multiple towers rose from the ground, turning into huge blades.Bookmark here

The blades quickly converged on his position. The hand that’s holding him down suddenly exploded and Raziel jumped up into the air.Bookmark here

“Stay down!” I exclaimed as I reached my left arm towards him.Bookmark here

Another dirt arm formed from the ground, reaching towards him. The arm pulled him in as the blades hit him. He brushed it off, taking little damage. Bookmark here

He faced towards me. “This is nothing!”Bookmark here

He plunged the halberd into the ground, and the area around us swelled. Lava burst out from the land around me, forcing me to levitate high up into the air. Multiple Flaming Lances appeared, closing in on my position.Bookmark here

I glared at him, pointing my hands at the incoming projectiles. “Blizzard!” Bookmark here

Snow and Ice fell down onto the Flaming Lances, neutralizing all of them. It then continued to fall towards the ground as rain. A massive smokescreen then appeared, briefly covering the battlefield.Bookmark here

"I got you now!" a voice called out from below the smoke.Bookmark here

A bright light suddenly appeared, blocking my vision and forcing me to close my eyes.Bookmark here

I swiped in a wide arc. “Earth Barrier!”Bookmark here

In a few moments, something made contact my barrier. I opened my eyes to see that Raziel’s Halberd is just inches away from my head. I quickly teleported just outside the barrier and created another one, and then another one as the demon general hacked at me with his halberd in quick succession.Bookmark here

I then realized that he's up in the air with me. Not only that, but he didn't even say anything to cast spells.Bookmark here

“How are you even floating!?” I exclaimed, defending myself with Earth Barrier.Bookmark here

He threw a fireball which curved in the air around me. "Same as you, human!"Bookmark here

An explosion caught me off guard, scorching my back. The resulting shockwave pushed me towards the demon general-who's already in mid-swing. Just before I get split into two halves, a dirt hand managed to catch him in the air and dragged him towards one of the craters in the area.Bookmark here

“Light Chains!”Bookmark here

Chains wrapped themselves around the demon general. Time to end this. Bookmark here

“Caustic Acid!”Bookmark here

Acid poured all over his armor, melting it faster than it can regenerate. He slashed at the chains, but multiple smaller dirt hands appeared and held him down, forcing him to kneel.Bookmark here

“Enjoy your funeral” I growled at him.Bookmark here

Rank 9 Earth Magic.Bookmark here

“Fallen Star!”Bookmark here

A huge sphere – made from rocks and metals forcibly clumped together and compressed, appeared dozens of feet above him.Bookmark here

Not enough. Rank 10 Earth Magic.Bookmark here

“Triple Gravity Well!”Bookmark here

The sphere accelerated to a frightening degree, glowing red hot for a moment before it crashes into the ground below. I teleported a few hundred feet away as the area around the demon general is forcibly blown apart. Bookmark here

It felt like a strong earthquake hit the area. The sphere pulverized the area around it, shockwaves blasting off in every direction.Bookmark here

I fell on my knees. That last spell really consumes mana like there’s no tomorrow. I still have some mana left in the grimoire though – that clone of mine literally casted more than a hundred Rank 10 Light Magic spells.Bookmark here

I do not recall the demon generals being that tough in the past when the past heroes were fighting them. It was like the bar for the power level was raised to the max for this one. He was comparable to an actual Demon Lord, one from the past.Bookmark here

And that clone. It somewhat resembled my original power and form. It was able to cast multiple spells with ease, and could keep teleport portals open. The clone just lacked divine power. But it was already super tough.Bookmark here

That being said, what artifact does that? I do not recall making anything of that sort. I am guessing this is all Oberon and Oriana’s doing. They put everyone around me in danger, and almost killed me a couple of times. I will make sure they pay…crap.Bookmark here

A figure emerged from the huge crater. He is still alive. His armor transfigured into gold, becoming a hybrid of light and heavy armor. Ornate designs swirled across it, platinum forming across the edges.Bookmark here

The weapon also changed. It’s now a spear, its tip full of serrated edges. Dirt and stone whirled across the shaft.Bookmark here

His movement seemed to be getting slower, like all the attacks I threw at him just made him fatigued. When it should have killed him.Bookmark here

I teleported closer. There is no point in running away. Either I finish him or he finishes us.Bookmark here

Multiple huge dirt arms appeared beside me again.Bookmark here

I scowled at him, curling my fists. “You are still alive, demon”Bookmark here

He points his spear at me. It starts to vibrate, and the ground seems to shake slightly.Bookmark here

“You'll fall soon, human” he growled at me.Bookmark here

The arms converged on his position. He flipped his spear, causing the surrounding dirt arms to disappear. He then threw the spear at me. As it flew, spikes emerge from the ground where it goes by. Great, turns out he is not fire-based. Bookmark here

I swiped up. “Earth Wall!”Bookmark here

A wall appeared in front of me, but the spear goes through it. I teleported myself behind the demon general as the spear returned to his hand.Bookmark here

Metal chains suddenly appeared from the ground, attaching to my leg. The chains then pulled up, lifting me up into the air. Raziel brought his hands down and the chains flung me across the place into the ground.Bookmark here

“Not so fun when it’s you being chained, is it?” he hissed.Bookmark here

He dashed towards me as I grabbed hold of the chains.Bookmark here

“Flamethrower!”Bookmark here

Flames burst from my hands, melting the chains. I then aimed my hands at Raziel, showering him in burning hot fire. He thrusted his spear, hitting the side of my stomach. Bookmark here

“Ack! Teleport!”Bookmark here

I teleported away from him. He’s completely unaffected by the flames now, having reinforced his defense with Earth Magic.Bookmark here

I took a moment to assess myself. Broken bones, burnt hands, hole in my side.Bookmark here

“Recovery, Heal, Cure”Bookmark here

My body glowed in multiple shades of green. But I knew it will not heal me completely. Turbulent mana has begun to backtrack inside my body from the recoil from all those spells, rendering the healing ineffective. I will have to end this fast.Bookmark here

He dashed towards me again. I bet he is going to tank whatever I’m going to throw at him just to get within range. Bookmark here

Alright, time to switch this up. I pointed my hand at him.Bookmark here

Rank 10 Water Magic.Bookmark here

“Absolute Zero”Bookmark here

Just as predicted, he made no effort to dodge it. He just reinforced himself with Earth Magic. Raziel lunged at me with his spear. Just before the spear hit my face, the demon general freezes solid. Bookmark here

Rank 10 Dark Magic.Bookmark here

“Abyss Snare”Bookmark here

Darkness seeped into the frozen demon general, slowly spreading out into the ground. The darkness materialized into a solid mass, pulling tighter and tighter.Bookmark here

“Frozen Claymore”Bookmark here

An ice sword appeared in my hands, as I walked towards Raziel. I swiped the blade at him, shattering him to pieces. The darkness then absorbed the shards into the ground.Bookmark here

“I do not know how you survived the first one, but you are most definitely not getting up from this one” I muttered as I dropped the sword, walking away.Bookmark here

I looked at my hands. They are half-frozen, half-burnt, and bloody. The influx of mana coursing through my veins has almost destroyed my arms. I have been casting multiple Rank 10 spells without regards to myself. I will not be able to cast another spell for a while until my arms heal. I cannot even cast healing spells right now.Bookmark here

Hm. I observed my surroundings. The smoke has mostly cleared. There is water and fire everywhere. Where did I teleport the others?Bookmark here

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That feeling. I turned around. He is still alive. Bookmark here

“Why didn’t you just stay dead…” I said, backing away slowly.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

His armor turned jet-black in color, it’s now mostly made of light plate and cloth. He held dual obsidian swords. He looked at me, observing my pitiful state.Bookmark here

“You’ve hit your limit” He hissed, walking towards me.Bookmark here

His voice sounded raspy. Looks like all those spells did a number on him. But then again, he was not even supposed to survive.Bookmark here

He noticed the bewildered look on my face. “Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I should have died quite sometime ago. It’s all thanks to the artifact”Bookmark here

I continued to walk away from him slowly. When those Flame Lances hit him, his armor and weapon took on the fire attribute, and it was the same when I dropped Fallen Star on him- his equipment took on the Earth attribute. And now Abyss Snare. Darkness Element.Bookmark here

“The artifact resurrects you, and gives you the attribute of the element of the magic that killed you”Bookmark here

“You’re observant. That is correct. I still have three… more lives”Bookmark here

“But…It still took a toll on you…” I muttered.Bookmark here

His legs started to shake.“…Right”Bookmark here

We both slowed down even more. Raziel dropped his swords.Bookmark here

Even with his armor resurrecting him, he is having trouble even staying conscious. Abyss Snare should have affected his soul as well. Bookmark here

I am no better off than him though. I will not live long enough to get out of this place without healing. There is too much feedback from all those spells. Ice has started to creep into my lungs, parts of my shoulder are turning into metal and stone, amongst other things.Bookmark here

With a thud, Raziel falls to the ground.Bookmark here

I kept walking. Normally, all the spells I have casted would take days to chant, and requires multiple mages to cast. The amount of mana used is ridiculously high, and the strain it does to the body is just as bad. Bookmark here

There is so much pain, so much that there is no longer any pain at all. Bookmark here

My legs gave way, and I fell to my knees.Bookmark here

A figure appeared in front of me. Did they come back?Bookmark here

“You’re in bad shape Raziel. I can’t believe this human actually did this much trouble”Bookmark here

A woman’s voice. The female demon general. She passed behind me. Bookmark here

“You misunderstand Xenieth. I’m just lying down for a moment, then I’m going to kill this human” Raziel replied.Bookmark here

Everything is numb and painful at the same time. They continued to talk behind me.Bookmark here

“I’ll help you up”Bookmark here

“No need. I can do it… myself…”Bookmark here

“Hm. He fainted. Now what do I do with you”Bookmark here

A hand picked me up by my head, bringing me face to face with Xenieth. I cannot even resist.Bookmark here

“You look terrible” she said.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Really terrible. You didn’t even notice that I’m cutting your leg open”Bookmark here

Huh? Bookmark here

She then tilted my head down. The blade on her forearm was sliding across my left leg. I did not even feel it.Bookmark here

“Are you really not going to say anything?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I cannot say anything. Ice has crept up to my throat.Bookmark here

She dropped me on the ground. “Well then, time to die”Bookmark here

I closed my eyes. Sorry everyone.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hm? I’m still alive?Bookmark here

I looked up. Xenieth is fighting against two people… Iris? Aidan?Bookmark here

“Can you get up? We have to get out of here!”Bookmark here

It is Shaun. He had begun healing me.Bookmark here

Iris and Aidan continued to fight against Xenieth. Aidan is not using his crossbow, in his hands is a katana that looks similar to Nadia’s. He is actually good at using it, but the demon general is faster. But whenever she almost gets Aidan, Iris blocks the hit. She is wearing her metal claws, probably remnants from the destroyed cannon.Bookmark here

Shaun placed my arm across his shoulder, trying his best to lift me up. I slowly pointed at the two.Bookmark here

“Mass…Teleport…” I forced my throat.Bookmark here

Nothing happened. A headless figure appeared behind the two. The figure is holding Raziel’s obsidian swords. Aidan turned around to face him. Bookmark here

“Grav...ity …Well” Bookmark here

Nothing happened.Bookmark here

Shaun forced me to continue walking. “You can’t cast anything right now! You’re all messed up!”Bookmark here

I look at my arms. It is not visible due to the darkness, but I can sense that the mana lines in my arms are either severed or torn. The grimoire.Bookmark here

“My…book…”Bookmark here

“Here!”Bookmark here

He handed me the Grimoire. Mass Teleport!Bookmark here

A glow surrounded me and Shaun.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The glow ended. We seem to be in a forest somewhere far – everything from the ground to the trees are intact. Bookmark here

Where’s everyone!?Bookmark here

I looked around, ignoring my half-frozen state. Shaun is right beside me. He is fine. Thank goodness.Bookmark here

He has his gaze fixed in front of us.Bookmark here

My throat started to feel a little better.Bookmark here

“You’re… okay Shaun”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“…Shaun?”Bookmark here

Moonlight pierced the forest canopy, lighting up Shaun’s face. His expression is blank. Bookmark here

I looked to the front.Bookmark here

I rubbed my eyes.Bookmark here

Aidan and Iris are a few feet away in front of us. They faced each other’s backs, both kneeling on the ground. Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

A black sword is embedded between the two, starting from Aidan’s chest ending from Iris’ stomach. Aidan’s weapon was broken, but he still held it.Bookmark here

Shaun immediately punched himself and started chanting healing spells.Bookmark here

“No no no no…” I stammered, shuffling towards them.Bookmark here

Upon closer look, Iris also has a deep laceration on her neck and she’s unconscious. But her wounds have already started to close.Bookmark here

Aidan.Bookmark here

He is still breathing.Bookmark here

I placed my hands on him. “Aidan, hold on. Heal” Bookmark here

Nothing happened.Bookmark here

“No!! HEAL!!” I yelled, further injuring my throat.Bookmark here

My arms began to bleed as mana ran amok, turning parts of my arms into ice and sand. But now is not the time to think of the consequences.Bookmark here

“Hea-”Bookmark here

Aidan grabbed my arm. “Stop… You’ll lose your arms. It would be weird… for a God to be armless”Bookmark here

Shaun aimed his staff at Aidan. "Heal!"Bookmark here

Shaun immediately finished the chant, casting heal on Aidan. The wound glowed, healing and opening once more.Bookmark here

He coughed up blood. “It’s… not going to help… I’m done for”Bookmark here

The sword was deliberately aimed at his heart. We can’t pull it out, and we can’t heal it if we don’t. My vision began to blur and my face felt warm. Bookmark here

“Hey…stop that. It’s also weird for… a God to cry over a human…” Aidan punched me lightly.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

He pulled out his journal. “Take… my journal…give the letter inside…to Nadia” he gave the journal to me.Bookmark here

“What about the journal?”Bookmark here

“Keep it”Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

His breathing started to get shallow as he looked up into the sky.Bookmark here

“This…sucks…”Bookmark here

He closed his eyes, forcing a smile.Bookmark here

“But… it was…fun…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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