Chapter 27:

Relentless Hunter

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

On our way back to join Toshikasu’s group. Bookmark here

Around 9pm.
Bookmark here

The elves have given us days’ worth of supplies, they fixed up the carriage, and they escorted us all the way out of the forest. Bookmark here

We’ll be cutting a path northwest, bypassing the Kingdom of Maghramm. If all goes well, we’ll be meeting them at the border of the Chablis continent – where we currently are, and the Epheron Continent. Bookmark here

Grayson is driving as usual. I also sat at the front of the carriage with him. I couldn’t stand Mercedes and Aidan asking me about my Godhood. Not that Grayson is any different. He glances at me from time to time.Bookmark here

“You should focus on the path in front of us Grayson”Bookmark here

“Sorry. It’s still hard to believe you’re actually Aelius. I’ve been praying to you along all this time. And I can’t help but be…hm… weirded out? You look a lot different than I expected”Bookmark here

This is what I meant by not being able to stand their questions. It’s always denial, disbelief, then telling me I’m not what they expected. I’m about ready to throw Grayson out the carriage. Bookmark here

Iris calls out to me from inside the carriage. Bookmark here

“Aelius. We’re being followed”Bookmark here

“Huh? Are you sure Iris?”Bookmark here

“Just a feeling”Bookmark here

I look to the sides of the carriage. I don’t see anyone. It’s too dark.Bookmark here

“I don’t see anyone as well”Bookmark here

Grayson looks out to his right. Only one way to make sure of things.Bookmark here

“Enhanced Detection”Bookmark here

I focus on the surroundings. 50…90…160…Bookmark here

“Grayson, stop the carriage”Bookmark here

“We’ve got company huh”Bookmark here

He stops the carriage. The others exit the carriage. We’re all wearing our equipment.Bookmark here

I look up at the sky, the clouds are blocking the moonlight. No bonus for us.Bookmark here

It suddenly brightens up a bit, in a shade of red. A figure appears in front of us several feet away. It’s one of the demon generals we encountered back at Rosenburg. His armor is a mix of light plate armor and chain mail. Bookmark here

“Where are the rest of you humans?”Bookmark here

He steps forward. His voice sounds a little gravelly.Bookmark here

“Looks like you split up. Unfortunate that I can’t kill you all in one night, but it’ll do”Bookmark here

He looks at Loralei.Bookmark here

“Found you. Traitor”Bookmark here

Dozens of demon soldiers surround us. Loralei scoffs at him.Bookmark here

“Raziel. You can’t win against me”Bookmark here

He lets out a low growl from underneath his helmet.Bookmark here

“A lot of things have changed since our last fight. I’m wearing equipment now”Bookmark here

Looks like we have to fight our way out of this one. Good thing we’re prepared. A magic circle appears beside him. The demon general pulls out a rod from it, which extends into a flag. Bookmark here

“Using artifacts makes it a little distasteful. So struggle with all your might, make it interesting”Bookmark here

He places it on the ground, and the object emits a huge field over the entire area. The flag itself appears to be…glitching?? Bookmark here

“Tch”Bookmark here

Loralei suddenly rushes towards Raziel, scythe in hand. She immediately swipes in a huge arc, aiming at the flag-like object.Bookmark here

Before the blade of her scythe hits the flag, another scythe blocks it, interlocking with her scythe and pulling her to the side. There’s another Loralei. The two clash at each other. Bookmark here

“What the heck?” Grayson rubs his eyes.Bookmark here

“I’m not sure, but I think the flag just made a copy of Loralei” Aidan tries to shoot the flag, but Raziel immediately catches it. Bookmark here

“You lowly humans, fall against your worst enemy. Yourselves”Bookmark here

He snaps the arrow bolt in two.Bookmark here

The flag begins to glitch again, and another Aidan, Iris, Mercedes, Grayson, and Shaun appear. Looks like we’ll have to fight each other.Bookmark here

“Looks like we’ll have to take on ourselves” Bookmark here

Mercedes points her spear at her clone.Bookmark here

The surrounding demons look on at us. So does the demon general. Looks like they’re toying with us. We take a step forward. So do the clones. Loralei continues fighting with her clone. Wait a minute, if that object makes clones, where’s mine?Bookmark here

The flag suddenly glitches big time. Even Raziel seems to be surprised. The other clones suddenly disappear. A figure appears above the demon general, wearing white robes. Oh crap.Bookmark here

It’s me. But not me, at least not the form I’m in right now. He looks like a God. Everyone looks at him for a moment.Bookmark here

“This is not good. Not good at all” Shaun immediately starts chanting spells.Bookmark here

Raziel seems to be dumbfounded. Loralei takes this chance and aims for his head. No!Bookmark here

“No Loralei don’t!” I reach my hand towards her.Bookmark here

A portal appears in front of her and she disappears into it. The portal appears beside my clone, and he grabs Loralei by the neck with his right hand. She tries to break free but is firmly held in place. The clone grabs her scythe and breaks it with his left hand.Bookmark here

Raziel begins to understand what’s going on. He pulls out his swords.Bookmark here

“I see. The artifact is working better than I predicted”Bookmark here

No no no! Bookmark here

The surrounding demons suddenly charge at Raziel. Iris points towards Raziel, lines appear across her body, and her eyes turn into a shade of red – the eyes of Demon Lord Ornaxon. Bookmark here

“Tear him to pieces!” She shouts.Bookmark here

Aidan follows up, shooting at Raziel multiple times. Bookmark here

“Mana Recovery! Mana transfer!” Shaun uses his spell directly on me. He then nods at me. Bookmark here

Raziel lets out a smile. Bookmark here

My clone raises his left hand.Bookmark here

“Light of Judgement” Bookmark here

Multiple Rank 10 Light Magic.Bookmark here

Magic circles appear under the feet of every other demon in the area except Raziel. Columns of harsh light appear from the heavens, turning all the targets into dust. It fills up the night sky, turning into daytime for a few seconds.Bookmark here

Silence fills the area for a moment. The area around us is filled with craters. A huge wave of mana fills my grimoire.Bookmark here

I can’t let the clone cast another spell.Bookmark here

Rank 10 Earth Magic.Bookmark here

“Quantum Pulse”Bookmark here

Everyone slows down to stop.Bookmark here

“I was waiting for this”Bookmark here

Raziel appears right beside me What?!Bookmark here

A kick to the side breaks half of my ribs, sending me flying dozens of meters away from the group.Bookmark here

Rank 7 Water Magic.Bookmark here

“Frozen Tundra!”Bookmark here

Ice spreads out from my feet into the surrounding area, freezing Raziel’s feet to the ground – which only stops him for a moment.Bookmark here

Rank 6 Air Magic, Rank 10 Earth Magic.Bookmark here

“Levitate! Gravity Well!”Bookmark here

I manage to pin the Demon General down. I still have a lot of mana in the Grimoire.Bookmark here

Rank 8 Water Magic.Bookmark here

“Caustic Acid!”Bookmark here

A large blob of corrosive liquid falls on Raziel. It disappears just above his head.Bookmark here

“Ocean’s Tranquil”Bookmark here

Rank 10 Water Magic.Bookmark here

Quantum Pulse, Levitate, and Gravity Well ends.Bookmark here

I fall to the ground. All the magic I just casted disappeared along with any traces. Crap, my clone managed to cast another spell.Bookmark here

A portal appears below me. A hand grabs me by the neck and pulls me inside. It pulls me back towards the clone.Bookmark here

“Aelius!” Iris shoots a bolt at my clone.Bookmark here

“Teleport: Switch!”Bookmark here

Grayson switches places with the projectile and swipes his sword at the clone.Bookmark here

The sword shatters on contact with the clone’s robes.Bookmark here

“What the heck!? Telepo-”Bookmark here

A glowing chain wraps around Grayson and pulls him down to the ground.Bookmark here

“Light Chain”Bookmark here

More chains appear in the direction of Iris and Shaun. Mercedes stands in front of them. She swipes her spear from the ground upwards, creating a wall of ice. The chains make huge dents in the wall, then disappear.Bookmark here

Aidan aims at the clone. Without a word he shoots an arrow bolt, which quickly expands in size as it heads for its target.Bookmark here

Raziel dashes towards Aidan, but is blocked by Iris. The two exchange blows with each other. The demon general has the upper hand, but Iris’ injuries heal quickly each time he manages to wound her.Bookmark here

I need to get out of my clone’s grip. Loralei is struggling as well. It’s ironic, to die by the hands of yourself, literally. The bolt Aidan fired goes through a portal and out behind the clone. He seems to be irritated.Bookmark here

“Quantum Pulse”Bookmark here

“No!”Bookmark here

Before the spell activates, the clone suddenly disappears. Below the ground, Grayson is slashing at the flag with his broken sword.Bookmark here

“Levitate!”Bookmark here

I use magic to make me and Loralei float. She immediately heads straight for the flag. The clone reappears. Bookmark here

“Quantum Pul-”Bookmark here

Oh no you don’t.Bookmark here

“Silence!”Bookmark here

The sound in the area around the clone dies down. I look at Raziel, who’s currently in a deadlock with the others. Bookmark here

“Flame Lances!”Bookmark here

Multiple flaming lances make their way towards the demon general. Loralei has already snapped the flag in half. The clone above me disappears. Loralei then collapses. I go down and start casting Heal on her and Grayson.Bookmark here

Everyone backs away as the Flame Lances make contact with Raziel. He goes up in flames. Bookmark here

“Futile”Bookmark here

Mercedes throws her spear at him, which he immediately catches.Bookmark here

“Frozen Tundra!”Bookmark here

Ice spreads out from the spear, mixing with the fire and creating a smokescreen.Bookmark here

Aidan and Iris head over to me.Bookmark here

“Lightning Storm!”Bookmark here

Multiple lightning bolts strike at Raziel. The lightning strike increase in frequency and start to hit indiscriminately within the fog created by the reaction from the Flame Lances and Frozen Tundra. It’s the first time Shaun tried an offensive spell other than Mana Burst.Bookmark here

Mercedes and Shaun slowly back away from the smoke.Bookmark here

“That’s not going to be enough to kill him, is it?”Bookmark here

She raises her shield. Bookmark here

Raziel appears from the smoke. His armor seems to be charred but is quickly repairing itself. He’s holding Mercedes’ spear.Bookmark here

“Nice weapon. But it’s a little too cold for my taste”Bookmark here

He snaps the 6-foot weapon in two. He takes the gem inside it and crushes it in his left hand. It explodes, encasing his hand in ice – which he quickly destroys just by opening his fist.Bookmark here

“Is that all there is to you heroes?”Bookmark here

His armor already looks like its brand new. Crimson red streaks run through it, changing the style of his armor. Now it looks like he’s wearing full heavy armor. There’s no gaps in it even among the joints.Bookmark here

“I’ll tell you this piece of advice. It’s seems all too unfair if I don’t. I brought three artifacts with me tonight. The armor I’m wearing is also an artifact. All I can say is it…evolves”Bookmark here

A huge halberd forms in his hand. It’s engraved in multiple runes; the blade’s edge seems unreal. He fixes his sights on Mercedes and Shaun.Bookmark here

“You could have at least returned my spear, that was expensive”Bookmark here

Mercedes chuckles, her face a mix of disbelief and disappointment. I guess she was expecting her spear to be at least a little harder to break.Bookmark here

Shaun steps forward.Bookmark here

“Slowing Field”Bookmark here

The area around the demon general slows down. He’s unaffected by it.Bookmark here

Shaun looks at him in disbelief. Raziel points toward me.Bookmark here

“Compared to that brat’s spell, this is nothing”Bookmark here

Aidan aims at the Raziel’s waist.He Bookmark here

A huge arrow bolt hits him, pushing him a couple of feet to the side. Raziel grabs the projectile and tries to throw it at Mercedes, but it quickly disappears. Bookmark here

“Dash!” Bookmark here

Mercedes hurls herself at the demon general, bashing her shield into his side.Bookmark here

“Annoying”Bookmark here

He tries to grab Mercecdes. I point my hand at her.Bookmark here

“Force Wind!”Bookmark here

A sudden gust of wind pushes her out of the way before Raziel could grab her.Bookmark here

“Everyone! Out of the way!”Bookmark here

Iris shouts. She’s not wearing her suit. In her hands is a long-barreled weapon similar to Martin’s anti-materiel rifle but with exposed moving parts.Bookmark here

The front end of her weapon lights up.Bookmark here

*BOOM!*Bookmark here

The recoil shatters the weapon, but it also shatters half of Raziel’s armor. Unfortunately, it seems that he himself is unscathed. The armor already starts rebuilding itself.Bookmark here

“Not even that worked?”Bookmark here

I look at Iris, her right shoulder is completely blown off, but it’s already started to heal.Bookmark here

He swings his halberd downward at Mercedes – who raised her shield to defend, intending to crush her.Bookmark here

The ground underneath Mercedes cracks, the shield takes the blow and doesn’t break. However, the bones in her arms and feet break. As Raziel raises his halberd for another blow, she collapses on the dirt and smashed rocks.Bookmark here

“No!!”Bookmark here

Aidan runs toward the demon general, shooting at him repeatedly.Bookmark here

Dammit. I check the Mana in my book. There’s still a lot of it. Everyone’s attacks so far had little to no effect. I can’t use my other spells because they’d hit my teammates. I try to stand up. My chest hurts like hell, but I force myself to move.Bookmark here

Raziel raise his halberd to strike again. Bookmark here

“Ugh- Mass Teleport!Bookmark here

Magic circles appear under everyone’s feet, except mine and the demon general. I’ll transport them as far away from this place as possible.Bookmark here

The magic circles begin to glow.Bookmark here

Iris begins to realize what’s about to happen.Bookmark here

“No! Aelius, not again!”Bookmark here

Iris tries to step away from the circle, but it already activates. She disappears along with Grayson and Loralei. Bookmark here

“Sorry”Bookmark here

The magic circles under Shaun and Aidan are the next to activate.Bookmark here

Raziel brings his halberd down on Mercedes, who immediately gets teleported away. Bookmark here

He looks around, then at me.Bookmark here

“A sacrifice? It’s pointless”Bookmark here

He walks toward me.Bookmark here

“I’ll catch up to them in a matter of minutes. You’re only delaying their fate”Bookmark here

I cast one more healing spell on myself.Bookmark here

I walk slowly towards him.Bookmark here

“I don’t intend to delay you. I’m going to end you”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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