Chapter 5:


Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!


A lot of pain.

My broken ribs pierced through my heart.

I'm spitting a lot of blood.

I'm only seeing obscurity.

Did I go blind?

Is that how I'm supposed to live this life.



That's general Redbeard's voice.

" We are being attacked. "

I heard a voice calling me and a hand held me. The hand was robust, it resumes all the years of fighting this person spent.

" We will escort you kid. Come with me! "

I had no choice but to follow him.

The mysterious smell was fading away.

The image was going from dark to misty.

I can finally see light. However, the scene was blurry.

I can finally get it. It was a blinding smoke.


A head bullet left the soldier dead.

I was powerless.

The next target will be me.

Without thinking I read through the bullet movements and held the soldier's gun. It was a shockwave buster.

I shot the snipers behind the smoke and pieces of their bodies were scattered.

That's the difference between a former demon lord and a five years old kid. If I was normal I would've lost all my time thinking about the next decision to make. Not saying the shooting part and how is scary for human children around my age.

Speaking of me* I can see them walking freely. I guess their targets are the low-fire soldiers.

The pain pushed me down, and I fell prey to my deceased human body. I can walk no more, but I can still run away. I'm not their targ-


Without notice I found myself screaming from the pain behind my leg.

They now consider me as a target.

I had to run fast. I need to gather my remaining strength.

This human body has a tremendous will to survive.

I crawled while pulling the dead soldier as a barrier, it would take a lot of effort but I was strong enough to carry an adult for around 5 meters.

The forest's entrance was no far from here. I need to pass this wave.

I can distinguish the intruder by their dark uniform. I also wore one from a dead body, but I didn't have a mask. So my face was my only death ticket.

Luckily, the sniper lost sight of me and I finally reached the escape route. Before that I could put my feet in the freedom territory my neurons flashed as an angry gaze irritated me.

When I turned back it was Redbeard. He was losing a lot of blood and a battalion was approaching him.

I can still escape but I decided to save him.

" My general, run and I will cover for you! "

He looked at me and said with a relief tone:

" Thank you, soldier. "

We managed to escape both from the scene but it was too late. Their reinforcements came and we were interrupted by a young handsome man with very long hair and a scar on his face. He also had an ear cut.

Redbeard cursed his life and I realized this one was their boss.

Found myself trapped, I had no choice but to do my usual job.

" Boss, I captured their general. "


Redbeard shouted at me and I understood his signal. I punched him very hard to the face. While spitting blood he gave me a small grin. He read through my play and decided to go along with it.

Their boss looked at me for a moment and said:

" Very well my brother. "

My brother? I had a bad feeling about this.

He then punched me in the face and kicked me unstoppably.

Couldn't resist any more, I fell and fainted. I was a dying body. No more no less.

My last thought was, I screwed.

They called themselves brothers and my ego pushed me to make my own deductions. My own ego is finally my doom.

What an irony!


I found myself in that same place. I can hear the same sounds of emptiness.

A massive tree with seven branches emerged from the emptiness.

I felt Allfather's presence from it.

I knew that the massive tree was the place where I belong to.

As I approached it, a fruit fell down. I held it, but the fruit was split in half and something blindingly luminous was floating before me.

A golden balance was shining as his two sides were equal.

In the same previous way, I was sucked into a hole with all the emptiness and the next thing I did was opening my eyes.

I wish I didn't have to see that. What was in front of me was never pleasing in every devilish way.


speaking of me: He meant speaking of the devil, but the devil was him after all.

Real Aire