Chapter 6:


Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

" Subject 66 awaken.

State: Alive.
Damage: Level three burnings.
Operation: Success.
S-human class: B.
The old man with his white coat was mumbling some words.
I looked at my body and it was a disaster.

My leg and arm were mutilated. I had a massive surgery stain on my chest.

I gazed at my surroundings and found multiple human test subjects. I then realized I'm in a military research facility.

As soon as I tried to get up the doctors tried to hold me, I was so tired and powerless. However, my arm glowed bizarrely it sent a blue shockwave that pushed all of them back. I had no time to think about what really happened.

I ran as fast as I can. I read a lot of articles about these hidden facilities and how terrifying were their experiments.

Three armed men blocked my way. They wore the same black outfit like the ones who captured me.

There was only one way to get through them. I had to unleash that blue thing from earlier. I gathered my power, strengthen my mind.

And it was the coolest ability of my new life.


Actually, I'm joking.

The power for some reason was stubborn.

I had to bet on my 1005 years of martial arts.

I dodged the first man's two punches and answered back with a series of light punches that made him unconscious.

I blocked the second one's attacks and pushed him back to the third one with an air hook kick.

I used to fight thousands of humans with bare hands. What do you expect?

A second wave fired at me with their plasma guns, in a brief instance I defended myself with a human shield and pushed them all back.

I reached the end of the floor and I had two choices.

Use the elevator or use the stairs.

I was on the 12'th floor.

The stairs were the most logical decision but it was too predictable.

I opened the elevator and clicked on the 7th-floor button.

My genius plan was to use the elevator to the 7th-floor, use the stairs for the sixth floor, then use the elevator for the second floor and use the stairs for the RC.

However, the elevator was shut down and it went down.

I tried to open it by force but it was useless.

5th floor, second floor, -1st floor.

What's that?

The elevator's door opened, and I heard roars from behind the darkness of the floor.

The scent of human flesh was too strong. I knew I was up to something dangerous.


The sound was approaching.

Three meters away.


The sound is stronger more than ever.


10 centimeters away.

I can finally feel his breath and his killing intent.

I couldn't see a thing until I felt his massive claws sending me flying.

The odd thing, I didn't feel the same previous pain.

It's like my bones were made of steel.

I think it's time to use my demon instincts.

The instincts I acquired from countless battles. I can feel every living creature.

I felt his killing intent and dodged his claws, I answered back with a strong punch but it clearly did him no harm.

I can feel again his murderous intent but this time instead of hitting me with his massive claws, he decided to fall back.

Oh no shit!

He unleashed an enormous blast that nearly killed me.

Luckily, this same blast will be my key to victory.

The fire blast added some lights to the room and it was more than enough to make me see this monster's body.

It was two meters long wild dog. His red eyes were full of hatred and enmity.

" You want me to treat you? Piss off you lousy monster! "

*Intensive roars*

So, he can understand human language.

The monster charged at me with rage.

Despite the fact I was able to see through all of his attack patterns, I was doing him no damage.

There was only one solution, to use that thing.

I began to recap everything that happened. What was the thing that made it appear. What is its fuel drive?


I finally get it. It is terror.

But, I fear nothing.

I need to find something that terrifie-

I hate to regain that agonizing memory but I had no choice.

Suddenly, a burst of shockwaves from my right arm blasted the monster.

To think of it, I wanted to conquer this world without using any Allfather powers. However, this thing is so badass.

I should name this technique.


In honor of this dog, he was a good fight after all.



Two times were more than enough to make the monster fall to his knees.

I showed him that he's been the prey all this time and I am the predator. I am the strongest, the ruthless. I am his master from now on.

" I know they did you a lot of unpleasant things but I promise you it won't happen again as long as you serve me. "

I patted his full of blood head. He became obedient.

Suddenly, the lights turned on.

A very confident man was walking towards us calmly.

He had a long hair and was wearing the same black uniform.

I see now. He's the boss.

I recognized him by the scar on his face.

" I see what you're doing here. *grin* It was all a test. I am your successful subject. " I declared.

He answered:

" Actually, I am the successful subject. We just saved your life. We thought you'll be a great addition to the team. "

I rushed towards him with my Azure roar. I couldn't hit him. I felt his presence above me and luckily I evaded his move, or else I would've lost a limb at the very least. The dog, on the other hand, was shaking unstoppably.

" I get it, you're insanely strong. "

" Took you too much time. You can never defeat me. I am the most perfect S-human. "

" An S-human? "

" A genetically modified human, just as you are. "

" What is your goal from all of this? "

" To bring down Aramelia. "

" Why? "

" To save our father. "

" What do you mean? "

" Tell me subject number 66, what do you know about Gidakrya? "

" A cosmic energy that was found in the previous century. Its source was a space meteor that fell down in Aramelia. "

" Actually, that's what the media wants you to know. "

" Hein? "

" The Gidakrya is the first and the father of all S-humans. He was the first emperor who ruled the earth for centuries. "

I knew about the story, but never thought it was real. Ivan the savior, the hero I was named after slain the evil king with the help of 13 heroes who are now the ancestors of the 13 royal families.

" So, you're telling me Gidakrya is actually the nameless king's body and he's still alive? "

" Yes, and they're gathering energy from him day after day. You can feel his pain. Just close your eyes and try to connect all your senses and fuse them into one. You will be able to open your third eye. "

I tried it, and it was true. I felt a voice calling me for help. I can feel every pain he felt.

" So, brother. Will you join our side to save our dying father? "

" I guess I'm down for it. "

It's not like I care about some nameless king who got his ass beaten by 14 heroes. I just wanted to conquer this world and this nation is an immense obstacle to me.

This guy, I need to surpass him first.

His name is Zaclarat.