Chapter 4:

Enrolment day

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

" Mister the president, What can you say about the rumors that have been around lately? "

" I say they're all false accusations. The Gidakrya is the cleanest source of energy. It is the perfect substitution for Nuclear energy. It is 100% efficient. "

" But Mister the president, the opposing party is claiming that the extraction of the Gidakrya is causing dangerous radiations, which will be dangerous to humans in the far future. "

" Do you have scientific evidence for your claims? "

" There are some recent resea-"

" I said scientific evidence. "

" But-"

" End of the interview! "

" Thank you mister the president for your time. "


My name is Ivan, I am a four years old human kid. I was the king of all demons in my previous life but I got killed by a mysterious knight.

I was transmigrated by allfather into this world without an explanation.

It's been two years since my sister got abducted by two massive humans. They also broke three of my teeth which they will regret in the near future. My mother she already passed out three times, she had a rare and dangerous disease.

She needs an urgent operation for her lungs. However, Bruce couldn't afford the operation's fee.

He needed more time, but the more time he wastes the more the odds of the operation are decreasing.

Everyone in my family changed. I was living alone which was good. I had plenty of time for knowledge and training. Yeah, I learned some martial arts while watching tutorials on Metube*.

This world's residents are very lucky. They could get all the information they want in a brief time. Knowledge is easy to gather. However, there are still some things that I couldn't get. The government was controlling all the resources and I watched a guy's podcast and he said that we shouldn't trust what we find on the media.

The guy's channel was deleted two weeks after.

I guess this world has its secrets.

Kids, when they reach five years old. They must obligatorily enroll in the nearest military school. So I had to enjoy my remaining time.

Bruce, on the other hand, was almost dead. I'm used to seeing the pain in human spirits after torturing them and killing their beloved ones. Bruce was no different. I despised him, he had no pride at all.

I saw him once kissing a man's feet, begging him for a loan.

On Saturdays, we go to visit my mother in the hospital.

She's mentally broke. I remember asking her once:

" Why don't you call the forces? This is against the law. "

She just had a burst of crying. It was then when I realized the matter was fishier than it seemed.

I wanted to do something for the sake of my first servent but I was limited to this little body. I also had no magic. As far as I know, such things don't exist in this world.

I had to train my body, mentally and physically. I spent the rest of my fourth year doing the same thing.

My day's schedule was like this:

I get up at 6 am. Get a healthy breakfast while reading a book.

7-12 am Stamina training.

2-5 pm Mixed martial arts ( every day I chose one )

7-9 pm I surf the internet and learn about new things.

At the age of five, I had the strength of an 11 years old kid.

It was time I join the Loris military school. Bruce wasn't even there to say goodbye but I wasn't expecting it. Neither did I care.

The guards of the city in this world are called the low-fire forces.

They wore leather vests with a massive masks. Their guns and armors differ by the grade of merit and experience. The more merit a soldier had the more advanced technology he had.

I could hear the national anthem all over the city streets as the day of recruitment has begun. It was the greatest honor and pleasure for kids. Parents were happy and wished all the luck for their sons and daughters. However, mine, were either licking shoes or getting hospitalized.

As I got on the massive van, I saw numerous children my age sitting happily.

After two hours of road, we finally arrived. What I found was unexpected. There was no military school or place.

Only a massive spaceship, the design was marvelous and it had very shining eyes. I never thought I could see once a Hydra* before my eyes.

50 similar Vans stopped before this beautiful invention.

It was time we head to the ship.

A familiar face was standing in front of the gate. It was the famous general Redbeard with his famous cigarette and long red mustache.


Everyone from kids to low-fire soldiers stood and rose their hands. I did the same. We had clear instructions before we meet with the general.

We all shouted at once:


The general spoke his famous speech:

" Newbie soldiers, the greatest honor and pleasure is to serve our country. Being a soldier is more than courage, it's sacrificing yourself for something greater than yourself. "

He's already getting to the point. What a man!

" This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave, a home for heroes. The task before you is never as great as the power behind you. SO, SOLDIERS ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE FOR THE SAKE OF OUR FAMILIES, LOVERS, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR HOMES? "

" YES, MY GENERAL! " we all shouted.



At last, the soldiers put on us blindfolds and we got on the ship.

For some reason, they didn't want us to see what's next.

At the ship, while we all saw was darkness, we heard nation and military songs, praising the country and its soldiers.

It was good until we.

Until a rocket was fired at the ship and we could hear screams and system alerts.

The plane was falling at a tremendous speed.

While all the children prayed, I was cursing allfather.

After all, I knew he was scheming something.

Don't tell me I will die again!



*Metube: A web platform used for watching and making videos of all sorts.

*Hydra: an advanced type of jetplanes, mostly used for wars

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