Chapter 21:


She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

The next day Caelestis seemed a little stressed about what was going on. I assumed he had gotten news from home. I hoped that my revelation was able to help them a little. At least they would know the cause of their problems. Perhaps that would allow them to fix it.

“What happened?” I asked, calling Caelestis out of the hallway and into my room.

“Lorelei got them first but they escaped,” he explained, sounding worried. He stood in the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

“So I was right about them being targeted?... Are they all ok?” I was trying to be gentle.

“I think so and they seem fine,” He said quietly.

“Good. I’m sure they will find safety,” I reassured him, rubbing his shoulder to comfort him. He just seemed so stressed out. I hope that he knew he could use my pack’s lands as a safe space for them, they would be welcome.

“I’m relieved but I know Lorelei will try something again,” he seemed to relax a little.

“There are more threats in the house, like Devil and Xavier that she would want to take down while it’s open to her,” I offered, Devil and Xavier being two powerful warriors that lived at the Hirasawa mansion.

“We can almost assume they’re safe for now,” He smiled.

I nodded. He sat down on my bed and I joined him, putting an arm around him for comfort. We just sat like this in silence for a while. It was peaceful and almost prayer-like. As if our silence would tell them vampires that we were thinking of them. I enjoyed being beside him like this. We both had our own stresses, his were much stronger than mine but I fully understood the way he felt. I was so glad I could actually help him in a real way too. He seemed like the kind of person I would love to have around the pack for years to come. I don’t think I’d ever met someone who could fully sympathise with me and I could do the same for them. The closest was likely Ryan yet he was spared so much of the pressure and he enjoyed fitting into the mould laid out for him. It was always easier for Ryan.

Caelestis sighed and rested his head on the very top of mine. I smiled at him. The coolness of his body had started to fade from my hug as my body heat took over. It was funny how that worked, it almost seemed like he was drinking my heat much like he would drink my blood. Yet still the feeling of his cool body excited me, more and more warmth built up in my body.

“Would now be a great time to use it,” I suggested.

“Why would I use it now? What motive could I have?” he whispered and though I couldn’t see his face I’m sure he had a smug expression. I could hear it in his voice.

“You said you would in the coming week,” I complained, in a joking kind of way.

“Keyword there being ‘week’, It’s no fun if you see it coming,” he told me off but still I could hear him smiling but he sat upright again and sure enough, yes he was smiling.

“But don’t you want to use them a little, just to reward me,” I let go of him and crossed my arms.

“That’s an unusual reward,” he commented and I shrugged, “I’m curious. Why do you want to be obedient to me?”

“For fun, I want to know what it's like. I want to see if it will actually work on me,” I looked into his eyes.

Suddenly, it was like a switch flipped and he became somehow even more beautiful, it was like there was a filter over him in real life. I was pulled towards his alluring appearance. The scent of roses seemed to be heightened making him all the more intoxicating. I wanted to do anything for him to protect that beautiful face.

I tilted my head up at him and he looked at me with eyes so dazzling.

I smiled gaily at him, “What are you doing it?”

“Interesting,” I hung onto that one word, his voice rich and deep like melted chocolate.

“What?” I kept smiling and I felt heat rise in my cheeks, “Is there anything you'd like me to do for you?”

“Not particularly at this moment,” he looked at me closely, gently cupping my face.

My heart was beating out of my chest at the feeling of those long fingers on my face, the nails at the ends like the point of an icicle. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing and I knew he could see that. I shuffled my body around trying to seem cuter. Resisting throwing myself at him was a struggle.

He let go of my face, “This will do for now.”

I absentmindedly started fiddling with my shirt, unbuttoning the top button. Caelestis noticed this straight away.

“You’re so much like literally every teenage vampire back at the house now,” he mocked.

“What? How? I'm cuter and more important. Not to mention more … experienced,” I said defensively, a little flustered.

“Is that so?” He asked, looking down the bridge of his nose at me.

“Are they going to be a Luna or in charge of anything important? Not likely,” I shot back at him.

“Is this jealousy I spy?” he tried to remain serious but a smile was twinging at the ends of his lips.

“Not at all, they don't have what I have,” I moved my hands away from my shirt, I had unbuttoned the three top buttons which I knew would show a little of my bra.

“Hmm…” his eyes gently grazed over the area.

“Don't pretend to be so unimpressed,” I moved closer to him.

“No I’m just learning a lot here, I’ve never tried this on non vampires,” he said, it was so dry but I was actually curious about it.

“Does it do anything to vampires?”

“I assume so but I can never tell because it's automatic both through my powers and their genetics,” he explained.

“Are you even using your full powers on me?”

“Only a fraction. But it’s still very useful,” he smiled and damn it was a good smile.

“Please, you didn't even get a kiss,” I dismissed him.

“Well you need to get in line,” he kept smiling at me.

“Oh do I? Behind Ephvangeline?” I mocked, giving him a playful smile.

“Well you’re just like my followers now, I have to treat everyone fairly,” he smirked at me.

“You came into my room at my request Prince,” I hit back.

“I’m sorry, does that give you power? He spoke down to me.

“I summoned you. I'm clearly more than a mere follower,” I gloated.

“Oh really,” he moved closer to me, his body pressing against my arm.

“I can also call you out on things. I don't see your followers doing anything other than struggling to please you,” I tried so hard to keep myself from blushing, yet his face was so damn close. And so kissable too.

He looked me up and down, “What makes you think you get follower privileges then?”

“You follow me,” I laughed and leant in so he could see down my shirt, “I got your kiss.”

One of the advantages of being small was people were always already looking down at you.

“Don’t think so honey,” he mocked.

I moved in closer like I was going for a kiss then suddenly tackled him and pinned him to the bed. He looked beautiful down there, his brown hair flared out on the sheets. “Oh I think so,” I said cockily.

“Is your disobedience supposed to be impressive?” he asked, his eyes drinking in the sight of me.

He was enjoying this and I was pleased. I wanted him but I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“No but you look good like that,” I moved closer so my face and body was centimetres from his, and I said seductively, “underneath me.”

“Don’t think that I can be pushed around so easily.”

“Seems pretty easy to me,” my lips grazed his chin. I could see a jolt of pleasure shoot through him.

“My, you should learn to control yourself or you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself,” he mocked.

“We're in my bedroom. I can control myself just fine outside of it.”

“Hasn’t seemed that way.”

“Oooo the claws are out huh?” I winked.

“You’ve been falling over me all day, my magic didn’t need to add anything,” he teased.

I smiled, “Do you blame me? Besides, You like me.”

“That’s bold of you.”

“I am bold if you haven't noticed,” I looked at my hands that were pinning him to the bed. “You must think you’re pretty special then.”

“I don't think,” I winked at him, “I know.”

“You think you’re the only girl to approach me like this?”

“Did Ephvangeline do the same? Did you let her sit on you?” I teased him.

He shivered at the mention of her name, “Ugh don’t even bring her up.”

I giggled, “I'm sure you get a lot of girls jumping on you.”

“Yes but none have been this aggressive,” he looked up into my eyes.

I growled a real wolf growl, it rumbled my chest and shook the bed. I giggled, “Told you I'm special.”

“Alright, now behave,” he smiled.

“I don’t believe I know that word,” I smirked at him.

“Well, what will it take?”

“You just have to tame a beast,” I said seductively.

“Only problem, I don’t handle animals, my kind are much more elegant,” he smirked at me now, his eyes however they trailed down to my chest.

I grabbed his wrists and pulled them up so his hands were resting on my chest, “You’re handling an animal now.”

He let his hands rest there for a second shifting them slightly and oh it felt so amazing.

Then suddenly he wrapped his hands around me and pulled me closer. Our bodies met, hot and cold. Then he kissed me again. Turkish delight. I melted into him kissing back. He kissed me rough and passionately. It was unexpected from someone like him but I loved it. It stratified my greed for him. His fangs threatened to draw blood as he kissed.

He held me tightly, his hands slid underneath my shirt and his nails dug into my flesh. Yet it only made the passion I felt from his kiss stronger. I moaned in pleasure.

“I’m used to working with vampires, so that’ll explain why I might cut you. Your blood isn’t as appetising as a vampire's though,” he said, his lips brushing mine as he spoke.

“How dare you, werewolf blood is good for you. That’s one of the reasons why you hunted us,” I scolded him.

“I can have a personal preference can’t I?” He smiled.

I giggled, conceding, “Cut away sexy.”

He kissed me again and he held me so tightly those pinpoints of his fingers pressed so deeply into me. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of moaning but I kissed back, putting my passion into it. But there seemed to be something distracting him.

He pulled away, “What do you want from me honestly?”

“Sex, friendship mostly though,” I answered honestly.

“That’s why you follow me around obsessively? Interesting…” He teased.

“Don’t you want a friend, not a sister or someone who admires you and will just say yes to anything. Someone on your level? That’s what I want,” I said honestly.

“It’s more than every single one of them gives me that speech. They all want to be anything I need to the point I need nothing, and it’s all insincere, but I’m getting what I want in the end,” he said sadly.

“I understand,” I said a little hurt, “It is nice but it’s … lonely and fake. I hate when they change the way they speak to me. They’re all laid back with each other but as soon as I walk into the room, false smiles.”

“I’m raised on that,” he said darkly.

“Me too,” I smiled sadly, “But I see through it now.”

“I always have, but I won’t ever stray from it,” he sat up.

I fell into his lap, “Me neither.”

“How sad,” he smiled down at me and I sat up, “The only thing that’s been putting me at ease lately is seeing those I hate suffer. But even then my stress right now is too great.”

I whispered, being raw and honest about this for the first time, “Why do you think I’m a slut….”

“The stress gets to you too?” He asked, sounding a little softer.

“Really badly, there is a lot of pressure all the time…” I whispered, feeling like I was exposing my heart to him.

“I feel we’re in a similar boat.”

“That’s why I want your friendship. I want someone that understands,” I looked into his eyes, they simmered with understanding.

“...Then let's be friends. Might be good for ourselves to have someone honest around,” he said.

I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t.

I leant forward and I kissed him. I was so extremely happy to have someone like him in my life and I didn’t know what else to do. Warmth exploded inside me as he kissed back. I deepened the kiss and hugged him tightly. Was this a true soul connection? Something better than a mate bond I thought.

Then suddenly I pulled away and blushed, “Damn…”

“What is it?” He asked, a little alarmed.

“I wasn’t meant to kiss you when you have that power going, you win,” I conceded.

“Of course I do,” he said with a kind of confidence that only he could muster, I blushed so embarrassed and he smiled at me, “I knew it would happen.”

He got up off the bed.

“It wasn’t because of that…” I said, defeated.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get more chances. I just have to go find my siblings and let them know what’s happening with the vampires,” He told me.

I nodded, “You better go hard on me.”

He smiled and walked off.

He truly was the biggest tease I’ve ever had. And I kind of enjoyed it.

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