Chapter 40:

Whom do i love?!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira pov contd.Bookmark here

Akira could see a proud smile on his face. As if a kid has got good marks in his exam and is boosting in front of his mother to get praise.Bookmark here

“Then, I have good news for you! We have found a lot of clues about that cursed dragon's father.” His voice was filled with happiness and she was sure it was not because of the clues he had found but to get rid of the deal and then get rid of Damien. Bookmark here

But was she only helping him because of the deal? Damien’s father’s words still rang in her mind. “It was all because she loved him” ‘did i really love him?! No! She shook her head, that could not be!Bookmark here

“Andrew, I think we should let the search go and go back to the capital!” I said as I hugged her. I was still shivering with what happened.Bookmark here

Maybe he felt my anxiety or maybe he felt the change in my behavior, he frowned and moved me away a bit, so that he could see into my eyes,Bookmark here

“Did something happen?” he asked with concern, his eyes were looking worried and a smile crept on my lips.Bookmark here

“No, nothing happened, but I think if his father wanted to meet him, he should have contacted, and if he was still trying to hide then there was nothing good in finding him. And most importantly, I think we are meddling too much in his affairs.” my voice was calm, completely opposite to my sweaty palms and my fast heartbeats.Bookmark here

“Really? I mean are you sure that you want to leave him here and go back with me?” there was so much delight in his voice, that it felt strange.Bookmark here

“By any chance, are you jealous, your highness?” I asked and his cheeks burnt. His face turned red. But he did not deny that he was jealous and my eyes widenedBookmark here

“Why? How?” I asked surprised, why would a man like Andrew be jealous of us.Bookmark here

“Do you really not know, Akira. I love you a lot. And I can not see you with any other man. It hurt me a lot. But at the same time I want to see you happy too. Therefore I felt torn. So, tell me, if you want to be with Damien, I will let you go. But I will always love you, Akira.`` I was thunderstruck as he professed his love for me, not only once or twice but thrice in a sentence. Bookmark here

I did not know how to respond and what to say.Bookmark here

I have been dying to listen to those words since I arrived there. But I never thought that he would say that now in this condition. And most importantly was not feeling that fizzy bubbly feeling that i have thought, i would feel!Bookmark here

“I beg you to say sorry! Your silence would make me crazy!” he said as he held my arms tightly.Bookmark here

I winced by his tight grip over my arms., but it helped me in being rational again. Why was I even thinking so much!? Didn't I always love him and wait for him? Damien’s father’s words were affecting my thinking process.Bookmark here

I looked at his eyes that were looking at me expectantly.Bookmark here

“I am just surprised by your sudden confession and that you were jealous of Damien and my relationship. You should have told me earlier.” I asked back, looking into his deep blue eyes that were looking warm today.Bookmark here

“I thought women prefer hard men! If I behave like I have many women who are crazy over me, you will adore me more, and value me more.” he replied with an embarrassed face. His cheeks flushed and his ears burned. Bookmark here

“What kind of filmy drama have you seen?” I could not help but ask! I have heard this line many times in Korean movies. But this is not how relationships work at all.Bookmark here

“From a dumb person who think he is an expert when it comes to love matters.” he glared at his aide who covered and i have a hard time controlling my laughter.Bookmark here

I laughed so hard that I had to hold my stomach in the end.Bookmark here

His eyes softened as he looked at me laughing so freely. He scratched his neck as he looked at me.Bookmark here

“So, you are not angry with me anymore?” he asked with expectant eyes and I shook my head.Bookmark here

“Then, shall we go back to the capital?” he added and I nodded.Bookmark here

“I want to go and meet Damien and explain everything personally to him. Then we are free to go.” I replied but he looked reluctant to let me go as if, if I went , I would not come back.Bookmark here

“I will be back soon, I promise.” I added and he finally sighed and nodded.Bookmark here

“Then i will be waiting for you, please do come soon.” he said, giving a chaste kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes to cherish the warmth, but once again, I felt nothing.Bookmark here

That soft fuzzy feeling was gone! Was it because I was too tired? Or was it because.. I do not love him anymore!? Once again that thought ran in my mind a monk!Bookmark here

“Hey, now go. Or else I would not let you go later.” he whispered in my ears in a low musky voice and I smiled.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and nodded at him while walking towards the door.Bookmark here

“Akira” he called me desperately and I looked back only to see him looking intensely at me.Bookmark here

“I love you, Akira.” there he said it again. This was the fourth time he was professing his love for me in a short period of time. Bookmark here

His eyes were looking at me with a lot of expectations. I wanted to say that to him too. But as if a lump formed in my throat. No matter how much i try, how much i pressure myself. Those three magical words were not ready to come out at all. Bookmark here

In the end I gave up and smiled. He looked disappointed but covered it well and smiled back. I could not see his sad eyes. It made me feel guilty. So, I turned and left without saying another word.Bookmark here

“You are in love with me, Akira.” I heard a voice only to see Damien standing in front of me.Bookmark here

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