Chapter 39:

Kill all of you!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

Though his features, eyes and hair were just like Damien. He was stronger and agile. His eyes were looking at me like a hawk looking at its prey!Bookmark here

“You can not run hiding all your life, you have to go back to the palace in the end.” I explained but the man smirked.Bookmark here

“Have you forgotten, I have the curse of having immense wealth no matter where I go? Then why do I need to return to the palace?” he asked, tilting his head.Bookmark here

He walked and sat on the chair leisurely. Still looking at me, as if waiting for a proper response.Bookmark here

“Your son needs you. And you need your son. I know you miss him.” I said in a soft voice and the man chuckled.Bookmark here

“We both only hate each other. There is no way that he would love or miss me after I killed his mother. He did not understand that it was not me but the curse. And he continued to blame me. And when i told him that i want to marry again, he created a ruckus! Telling me that I would take one more life! Bookmark here

I would still have accepted it somehow, but then he added that he would never love or marry anyone since the curse would separate them anyway. That was the limit. I wanted to kill him but as a father I did not have the heart to do so!Bookmark here

But at the same time, I did not want my lineage to end with me. So, I vanished and married again. I want to live in the shadows until he dies! And then my new son would claim the throne.Bookmark here

Until then he had to suffer alone!” said the man through gritted teeth.Bookmark here

“You mean to say his whole life! His whole life he should just search for you? He is putting in so much effort just to meet you! Have you ever thought how much he cared for you?” I asked, incredulously shocked at the nonchalance of the man.Bookmark here

“And he is right to not marry anyone just to kill her in the end!” I added, as I understand the conditions, Damien was passing through.Bookmark here

That man could not even ask for a hug. And he had no shoulder to lean on when he was tired! Living in that large palace with the image of a tyrant when even the servants were afraid of you, was not an easy life at all!Bookmark here

“Why? What does it have to do with you? You are not related to us. So how will you understand? Spending life without a life partner is already difficult! And now you want us to spend life without even our children and then you claim that you understand our condition! Ha! It is not like we are forcing women to marry us! Bookmark here

They marry us either with the greed of money or they fall in love!” Then he stopped and looked at me with a cheeky grin that surprised me too.Bookmark here

“And I think you are in the initial stage of it. The way you worry about my son and even ready to fight with me, even when you know that I can kill you with a snap of my finger! You must be in love with him!” he rubbed his hand and nodded as if he had discovered a hidden truth that no one else had any idea about.Bookmark here

“And that prideful man is taking your help actively, that means he loves you too. Oh my! Fate has done its work once again! Every man in our family has fallen in love, no matter how much they were against it! And it is time that my son will taste a woman too!” that freaking bastard was saying as if woman was nothing but a fruit of an edible thing and yet he was talking about love as if he had great experience about it. Bloody psycho!Bookmark here

“What are you talking about? I am betrothed to the crown prince and we are going to marry soon.'' I replied, getting my mind back to my place.Bookmark here

He chuckled again as if he had heard a joke! Bookmark here

“Then tell me what problem the crown prince is facing?” he asked as he looked at me and I frowned.Bookmark here

“What problem he must be facing! He has a perfect life, there is nothing he could not have or handle?!” I replied with a bit of hesitation. Surely I have never seen Andrew facing any trouble or being upset about it when I used to play the game. But then, I never thought that Damien was facing this much!
Could it be that Andrew has some problems too, that I still did not know?!Bookmark here

He chuckled again, taking my attention back to him. Bookmark here

“What happens? You are not sure? But you were looking too sure when you were talking about Dami! And you still think that you love the crown prince but not my son!?” there was amusement in his eyes!Bookmark here

“That is because we are good friends!” I gritted my teeth only to increase his laughter that was reverberating in the room.Bookmark here

“My son did not make friends with boys. Let alone be girls! But all this has nothing to do with me. I am here to warn you! If you and him did not stop to search for me or my son then I would be a psychopath. He thinks I am and would kill each and everyone of you.Bookmark here

So, you better stay away!” with that the man jumped out of the window before i could even reply! He surely was a powerful person but I wonder why didn't anyone come to check when they heard loud voices from my room! Bookmark here

I opened the door to check if the knights were gone only to see them standing right there in an alert position.Bookmark here

“Do you need something, my lady?” they asked as they looked at me, staring at them!
“Did you hear some strange noises from the room?” I asked, though I already had the reply looking at their confused faces.Bookmark here

“What kind of voice is my lady?” they asked with a frown. I was sure our voices were strong enough to be heard in the whole store. The way he was laughing maniacally was too much. Yet they heard nothing!?Bookmark here

“Nothing, I am going to rest.” It only means that he has used some strong magic. Mages were too few in the whole empire. If he was a mage now, that meant he was more dangerous and it was better that we let him be and did not disturb at all!Bookmark here

“I would kill you all. '' His words left me shuddering in the dark room as I looked out of the window in the distance when I heard the knock on the door.
“Are you feeling better, Akira?” asked Andrew with a soft smile as he walked in.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am much better now, thank you.” I did not want him to worry further when I didn't even know what was happening in his life and I wasn't even sure how he would react about it since he didn't like Damien in the first place.Bookmark here

“Then, I have good news for you! We have found a lot of clues about that cursed dragon's father.”Bookmark here

“...............”Bookmark here

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