Chapter 2:

The Second hand, Part 2

Time Kills

Together they Zion Koufax and Rex Stirling walked towards the origin of the loud sound that pierced into their ears. Zion was feeling a weird shivering feeling going down his spines but Rex was determined to find out what the sound was and what caused it Rex was courageous he wanted to take the wheels and have control over his life he was always curious about things and it sometimes caused trouble for him and Zion, but that didn't stop him from doing it again he was fixated on the sound that made him shiver and he walked towards as if he was going to fight a ghost he was too in fear a little but it didn't bother him, his curiosity overwhelmed his fear.Bookmark here

Rex starts to move faster finding way through the thick forest filled with plants that cover the way before them, as he was going forward cutting the plants down that he saw before him but he was too clumsy to see a small pit that was in front the way, he rushed right to it like a pray falling into an obvious trap set by the hunter and he fell down rolling and hit his hands and legs and his head hit on the ground injuring his head a little. Zion was a little further away from Rex but hearing the sound of something falling down he rushed to the scene and saw Rex laying down on the ground, Zion screamed “Rex Rex are you alright bro?????’Bookmark here

He ran towards Rex, he got his leg on a stone and tripped but somehow he maintained the balance and slid down to Rex. he rolled Rex and slapped his face “dude!! Why the fu*k did you slap me “ Rex pushed Zion away and jumped up, Zion fell onto the ground and said “you Fu*k you scared me there for a moment, why did I slap you ? dude you were laying there unconscious what was I supposed to do ?”Bookmark here

“Sorry Zion I lost track of what i was doing for a moment there, It felt like someone pushed me down here, this feels weird bro!” Rex looked at Zion with a discomfort in his eyesBookmark here

“Man you was the one who wanted to follow the sound wasn't you, you piece of…... , now you got us here, what do we do now? the sound has stopped? It's like whatever was here has now disappeared to thin air!” Zion looked around the place “Ze look there is that a door over there ?” Rex asked Zion as he pointed his finger at the door on a cave-like structure just a little away from where they were standing, dead leaves and old bones of animals were around it, the smell of decaying animals and cold stone was all around the place.Bookmark here

It felt like the aura of death was covering them with the feeling of despair and death, “Rex let's go home this doesn't feel safe, we better get back home it's getting late” Zion was in a hurry to get back home this place was sending shiver down his spine the smell of death crept into his lungs and made him breathe heavy “No!! Ze I have to know what's going on here, it all feels weird we can't go without checking it out, we have to make sure no one is harmed or if someone needs our help here” Rex started to walk towards the cave he walked slow and in caution as he walked forward Zion tried to gather up courage and went behind him looking around as if something was out there to get him. Rex stepped on a twig that cracked the twig making a sound hearing it a squirrel ran across his feet and seeing this Rex got startled and jumped back and he stepped on Zions foot “Ahhhhhhh!!! Dude don't step on my foot, get off!!!” He pushed Rex off from his foot and started jumping around holding his leg and eventually sitting next to the caves door “Let me take a look at ” Rex moved closer to him he was feeling bad and embarrassed as Zion saw him get scared by a squirrel, he looked closely at Zions foot “Bro it's just a small scratch get over it” hearing this Zion got mad and punched Rex on his left arm ”bas*a*d you got got fuckin scared by a puny little squirrel HAHAHAHAHAH!! ” “shut the fu*k up, I didn't expect that to happen it got me off guard ” Rex pushed Zion, Zion lost his balance as he was sitting with his one leg upon the other leg of his, losing balance he fell onto the door his weight forced the door open wide and he rolled into the cave “brooo!! Wait don't let me out here ” Rex said as he was laughing his ass off he got into the cave with Zion and helped him get up “Here hold my hand ” Rex lent his hand to help Zion and helped him get up. They started to look around the cave it was filled with water pots and it was dark, Rex pulled his phone out and turned the flash on and looked around the cave water was dripping down from the ceiling of the cave there was rusty supports of steel at the corners and sides of the cave as it was some secret bunker.Bookmark here

They saw a light on the end of the pathway and decided to walk towards the light as they were walking they heard another footstep sound that wasn't theirs. Bookmark here

They both looked back and a shadow grew as it came towards them running fast.Bookmark here


Time Kills

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