Chapter 34:

Interlude: Eris' Plans

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Day: 8/19/991; Time: 2nd hourBookmark here

Most people were asleep at this time of the night, but there were always those with nefarious plans awake until the breaking of dawn. There were three such people, sitting in a dimly-lit room in the Eris' Estate, ready to discuss matters of business.Bookmark here

"So, the assassination failed, Addas?" said the old lady.Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, Lady Ordalia is well-guarded. I even lost one of my men during the fight. It would be best to wait for a more opportune moment to slay your foes, Lady Sarah," replied Addas.Bookmark here

"I agree. During the chaos of the battle, we can easily slay a few nobles, and no one would be able to find the culprit… does she know of the Emerald's existence?" asked Sarah.Bookmark here

"We have verified that she does, as does House Nyr, and we surmise that the crafty King Janus does as well," answered Addas.Bookmark here

"Then why has no one made a move yet?" asked the golden-haired knight sitting at the table.Bookmark here

"They are all waiting for the Blades to show themselves, Victor. We will not reveal ourselves till the appointed day. Our Emerald will be well-guarded until then. King Janus will never find us… as long as you don't snitch," said Addas, jesting.Bookmark here

These words infuriated the ever-so-serious Victor. "Don't question my honor, you insolent whelp," retorted Victor.Bookmark here

Addas laughed and walked away from the table. "I think we're done here," he said, as he left the room.Bookmark here

After a minute of silence, Victor looked over at the old lady, and said, "Grandmother, I do not like the idea of working with such savages. Surely there must be an alternative solution?"Bookmark here

"That is the way of the world, Victor. There is more to ruling than winning battles on the field. The true wars are won behind closed doors. We need allies… even if they are only temporary," replied Sarah.Bookmark here

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