Chapter 35:


Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Day: 8/28/991; Time: 4th hourBookmark here

Will had difficulty falling asleep that night. five months had passed since he last spoke with his sister, but the black sword continued to haunt him. He wanted to get rid of it on many occasions, but could never do it. He always thought to himself, "Maybe I'll need it someday." The day never came, but he continued to dread it. The former soldier would frequently have such thoughts, but would distract himself through music, and his visits to the orphanage.Bookmark here

In the morning, he woke up, and ate his breakfast. He walked outside and was greeted by a beautiful green landscape. Today, was an exceptionally good day, because it was his day off. He was free to do as he pleased. He went about the town, enjoying his freedom, and making small talk with his friends. Everyone in town knew about him by now. It was difficult for him to walk down the street and not hear cheers for the "Bard of Samara". Everyone wanted him to sing and play a tune. But he was too busy today; he had more important plans.Bookmark here

He visited a flower shop and got a bouquet. The clerk smiled and started inquiring about who they were for, but Will avoided the questions, and just said that he felt like buying some flowers. He left the shop and headed towards the orphanage. It was already midday when he got there; unfortunately, he had woken up late that day. But none of that mattered as long as he got to see Namira.Bookmark here

He saw her waiting for him on top of the hill. She had long copper hair, blue eyes, and wore the same simple clothing as always. They couldn't afford anything better at the orphanage. Despite her appearance, Will still saw an attractive girl standing before him. He was deeply in love with her.Bookmark here

Will smiled back and walked up the hill, holding the flowers behind his back. When he got to where she was, he revealed them, and said, "These are for you, Namira." She took them and laughed with joy. At first, she denied such gifts, but later came to appreciate Will's doting behavior.Bookmark here

Namira hugged him, and said, "The kids are playing by themselves inside the house."Bookmark here

"Then, let's take a walk," he replied.Bookmark here

They walked for several minutes by the beach, until he looked at her, and said abruptly, "I love you, Namira."Bookmark here

She looked at him and began to blush. "That was… rather sudden," she stammered.Bookmark here

"But there's something you need to know about me…" said Will, hesitatingly.Bookmark here

"What secrets can you possibly have? Aren't you just a bard that helps the needy?" responded Namira.Bookmark here

"I was not always a bard and I did not always help those in need… I used to be a different man: I am William Isles, heir to the Isles' Estate. This golden pendant that I have proves it," said Will, as he pulled out the accessory from his pocket.Bookmark here

There was a wave of the sea etched into it, and inside was a portrait of his parents. He showed it to Namira, and she stared intently at it for a moment. "So, you're a noble? I always knew there was something special about you, Will," she said, as she looked over at the sea to the west. "Is Isles that way?" she asked.Bookmark here

"Yes… it is far past the Silk Sea, and on the same island as Gamma," said Will.Bookmark here

"And it's all yours? How big is Isles?" she asked.Bookmark here

"... It is several times bigger than Samara," replied Will.Bookmark here

Namira's eyes showed her amazement at the revelation. "And you left all of that wealth… just to come here… And to work as a bard?" she asked, with a confused look on her face.Bookmark here

"Yes. It was too hard to look at how the people in the city were living. Their suffering eyes stared right into my soul. I came to hate the aristocrats and my heritage," said Will, almost ready to cry.Bookmark here

Namira was surprised; she had never seen Will get so emotional before. It was as if he was a different person today. "If I had the life that you did… I don't know if I could ever leave it. You're brave, Will… even bolder than I imagined," replied the affectionate Namira.Bookmark here

"Thank you… for being here with me. I have no regrets about the life that I have chosen. I'd rather be with you," said Will, staring into Namira's eyes. The two stared into each other's eyes for a long time, until he finally kissed her.Bookmark here

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