Chapter 1:

Chapter 01: The Interview

Demi: Project P.A.G.

Day 006. Fall. Unknown location.
Testing Lab Camera 01

A familiar figure in a full white room appears on a computer monitor screen. The video camera refocused now shows the figure in a clearer view. It revealed that figure in the room was humanoid male covered head to toe in tactical looking armored suit with the numbers 1-8-7 in white Arial font to the left of his chest breast plate and on both of his upper shoulder armor. His suit came compete with a fully armored combat helmet with a face plate, which barely showed his face. He was strapped down to a medical chair with dozen of I.V. Tubes attached from his head to his arms. The camera also reviled a white door that had started to open. The door slides open and a voice greets the male in the chair.
"Hello, subject 187"
A group of four people came through the open door one by one. Two of them appeared as male scientists with clipboards, one of them wave his hand at the man in the chair and seen to be the one greeting the male subject. The other two appear soldiers, one male, one female and both fully dress for combat.
"How are you feeling, today?" The same scientist continues to speaks to the subject.
"One hundred percent, sir," the man in the chair replied back. "Standing by for further orders, doctor Larson."
"My god!" The scientist that greeted the man was dumbstruck from the subject knowing his name. "Steve, he knows my name now! How does he know my name?"

Switching lab camera 01 to lab camera 02

The angle of lab camera 02 reviled the group of four observing subject 1-8-7 in his chair. Doctor Larson was a fairly lengthy man with a beard, that most would be smelling old cheese from.
"Larson, look at your clipboard," Steve, the other scientist who had big bone body, pointed at the back his back clipboard. There was a label that read Steve. "Remember when you took my clipboard by mistake and I had to do your paperwork."
"Oh yeah I remember now," Larson took a look under his clipboard with astonishment. "You labeled the clipboards so we don't get them mixed up. So that's how he knows my name. Also thanks for doing my paperwork."
"I had to stay over night to finish my papers that you ate food over!" Steve yelled at Larson for his competent work. "You didn't even write anything on my paperwork! All you did was fill in your name."
"Don't you dare mock my ways of science," Larson replied back trying to cover up his lazy ways, "food is energy for the mind and soul."
As the two so called scientists bickered at each other, the camera zoom in at the soldiers. The two same color uniform, black top t-shirts with kaki combat vests and kaki cargo pants, but the female soldier however looked out of place. Unlike the male soldier who look had military look down with a short haircut and a few scars on his face, she didn't look like soldier. She almost looked like a princess in a military uniform with long silky hair. Her eyes though showed that she was in combat before. The female soldier was also carrying a long blade to her side that rested by her sidearm.
"Would you both lock it up!" The male soldier stopped the scientists chat. "Now explain,why you two eggheads drag us here to see your new project?"
"Well, captain Clark and Miss Valor, this new project is going on your next mission," Steve starts to explain to the two soldier. "The higher ups in company that all of us work for want to see their latest badass super soldier in action."
The two soldiers looked at each other and then glared back at the scientists with a hint of fury in their eyes. With a quick grip of her right hand, Valor pull out her blade and pointed it toward subject 1-8-7's head.
"I can end this failure of a joke right now," Valor ready herself to kill. "Just said the word, captain, and I will follow it."
"Miss Valor, Wait!" Larson tried to stop Valor from killing the subject. "We made sure he can follow orders and fight for your-"

Switching Lab camera 02 to lab camera 01

"Miss Valor, please put that knife of yours away," a male voice from the room's speakers spoke out and interrupted the argument. Valor had taken in her anger and as claim as she could, Valor follow the voice's order and put her blade away.
"Now then, isn't that better," the voice continued on. "Dr. Larson and Dr. Steve please show them the data that both of you collected and recorded."
"Yes, director, right away sir," Larson replied to the voice and walked to the wall closest to the door. He then access a hidden panel which slid open by his left hand. The wall started flash as a computer monitor would turn on as Larson began to work on the panel.
"Computer," Larson started to talk the panel. "Please, show me the recording and combat data of subject 187."
The wall lit up with charts and fragment images of 1-8-7's combat training.
Captain Clark's rage changed to curiosity. He became interested in 1-8-7's fighting style. It was form of gun kata and close quarters combat with mix of judo. He witnessed a video clip of 1-8-7's fighting a full armed soldier with his bare hands. 1-8-7 disarmed the soldier, took his rifle and knock him out with the butt of rifle. Clark tried to figure out where 1-8-7's fighting style originated from, but he couldn't put his finger on it.
"Where did he learn that from?" Captain Clark asked the doctors as he pointed at recording of 1-8-7 disarming a soldier. "We don't teach that type of C.Q.B. training to our troops. I thought you egg heads get lobotomized human subjects or do some type of brainwashing."
"Funny thing about that," Larson replied back as scratch his head. "187 moves are mostly instinct. We did wipe his memory, but his muscle reactions to fight and the ability to follow orders are still intact. If we blanked his whole mind completely, then we would have to start at square one with the ABCs and talking."
"And we don't really lobotomized people anymore," Steve added on. "It was really frowned upon that we used to do that to study the human resurrection. Here's the short story, it wasn't pretty, we created undead soldiers and then we purge the whole project down a hole of fire. Now, things are different and we have protocol for projects that could back fire."
"That's sad day for the company and this is why we need subject 187 in combat." The Director said over the mic. "To do that, we're outfitting your unit with new equipment and gear with including live feed video camera mods that attach to your helmets like 187 has. We will hear and see everything you do on your mission, starting now."

Switching Lab camera 01 to 187's head camera.

A clear image showed on the screen which revealed the group of four standing.
"Now please release our newest recruit, doctors." The director kindly order the doctors to release 1-8-7 from the chair and disappeared from the camera's view. As the tubes and restraints were being pull out, 187 started to stand up from his chair. "Well look who's eager to get to work. 187, you will follow orders of Captain Clark."
"Understood," 187 knowledge the order from the director and stood straight up as last of his restraints were removed. The doctors backed away from 187 and reappeared back in the camera view. "Waiting for your orders, captain Clark."
"Orders?" The captain question himself, then thought carefully of a quick order. He had to see if 187 would follow any order no matter how painfully it was. Clark took a look of his surrounding, yet nothing came to mind. Until his eyes glance upon Miss Valor and with wide smile that the devil would be impressed by. Clark give his order to 187. "187, show me how brave you are by groping Miss Valor's breast."
"What the fuck, Captain!" Valor scream at Clark as she blocked her breasts. "Why the hell are you making inappropriate orders and tossing me under the bus?"
Following the order captain and ignoring the likely danger of Valor's wrath, 187 nodded and slowly walked up to Valor. Valor notice that 187 was moving closer to her. She pull out her side arm, a Glock 21, with her left hand.
"Don't you dare follow that order, you freak!" Valor point her gun at 187, then pulled out her blade at Clark with right hand. Valor had both of them in her kill zone. "Take back that crazy order, captain. Before I kill everyone in this room."
"I know this order is crazy," Clark explained to Valor with an even wider shit eating grin. He pushed away Valor's blade away without hesitating about being stabbed. "We need crazy for this mission and I want to see how crazy 187 is."
"This seems to be a good test," the director said and agreed with Clark's plan. "I'll allow this initiation test and doctors, please take notes for further test."
"All ready on it with snack," Larson pull out a bag of popcorn from his beard and start to pull out more snacks from his lab coat. He started pass out snacks to Steve and Clark. "Let's get this show started. Steve, you got anything to drink."
"Yeah, I got my flask of the good stuff," Steve said in disappointing mood and pulling out a hand size flask. "Just don't drink it all this time. I need for rest of the day after this."
"Are you idiots just going watch me get sexually assaulted!?" Valor scream at the so called doctors. Valor started to throw tantrum with her arms flailing and not paying attention to 187. "This isn't logical nor sane! Director, why are you allowing this-"
"Objective complete, Captain," 187 cut off Valor's rant by following the captain's order. He even went under Valor's combat vest causing Valor to moan a little. "Waiting for further instructions."
The captain and the doctors gasp in shock. Valor was shaking in rage and started to mumble to herself. 187 seem to be unfazed from all of the commotion.
"Give me some Intel," Clark laughed as give his next order. "I need to know about Valor breast size. Give her breast a good squeeze."
"Yes, sir," 187 acknowledge the order and gently squeeze Valor's breast. There slightly louder moan came out from Valor's mouth. "Size B, captain."
"You're so fucking dead, pervert!" Valor got out of 187's grip, aimed her gun at 187's head and fired. The 187's camera when dark. Only few gun shots are hear in the distance. The monitor screen starts to fade and shut down.

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