Demi: Project P.A.G.

How long can a soldier fight on? How much damage can soldier take before they fall dead on ground? How can they stop their feelings of killing? Why do soldiers fear death?
What happens when take all that away from them?
No pain, no feelings and no fear.
Just instincts and training.
How long can a soldier fight on with that instinct?
But you can't just train someone to fight with instinct. You break them first and create them to be perfect instruments of war or abominations of death. This is what happens when soldiers keep fighting. They turned into heroes or monsters. Project P.A.G. is one of many things that creates heroes and monsters.

GenreActionGun ActionMechaMilitary / WarSci-Fi
UpdatedSep 03, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,804
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