Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


In Kyoto Japan, the year of 1582, and the night of the 22nd of June, all seemed peaceful and quiet. The night was then erupted by the large sound of a rod being banged against a bronze bell. “Evacuate!!! Evacuate!!!” The residents of the city awoke as a loud crash filled the air. A monstrous roar filled the night sky as women screamed. The shadow of a large Oni covered the moon while it painted the ground. The Oni roared as it grabbed its massive club and swung it through the air blowing a nearby house straight out of the ground and across the city. It crashed into a pagoda causing the large castle to fall to the ground. As the Oni stomped through the city it snatched up a woman and held her in the air to look her over. The woman screamed as she slapped the monster’s hand trying to get it to let go. It roared as it began to bring the woman to the dark chambers of its mouth.

The Oni froze as it heard the sound of metal being dragged along the ground. It sniffed the air to smell the scent of sparks as well as something inhuman. It turned to see a large person swing it’s sword. The Oni quickly blocked with its forearm but it dropped the helpless woman in the process. The large person quickly knelt and grabbed the woman by the collar of her attire before setting her gently on the ground. The woman looked up to the giant person before she then ran off and was reunited with her family. The giant person retracted their blade from the Oni’s forearm before swinging it with such speed that the Oni’s black blood was flicked from the blade and splattered onto the street. They then turned and placed their sword back into its scabbard before they prepared to attack once more.

The Oni roared as it beat its chest before swinging its club into the ground with tremendous force. The street then began to break into pieces, and those pieces flew into the air. The large person lunged back through the air before they slid to a stop on one knee. They held out their massive sword and began to pull it from its case. “I have to say,” the person said, their voice now being revealed to be that of a woman! “For an Oni, you’re pretty small, however, you’re just the right size for me.” She swung her sword in a large circle over her head before she brought it down to her side, the tip of the blade crashing into a building in the process. “My name is Odachihime, daughter of Horkew Kamuy and the Fiery-Gold Kitsune Vulpesaki.” She then grinned as she raised her sword beside her head and ran her hand along the blade until she could no longer reach it, “Bring it on!”

The Oni roared before it ran through the city, it pushed off a nearby cart and flew through the air. It held its club behind its head before it swung the weapon downwards. Odachihime chuckled before she swung her sword and the blade and the club met, causing a massive earthquake which rattled the tiles on the buildings, and caused the structures around them to blow apart. The Oni growled as it locked eyes with Odachihime, Odachihime only gave a chuckle filled to the brim with her fighting spirit. She pushed against the Oni causing it to fly through the air. It rolled across the rooftops of several buildings before it fell into the alleyway and crashed into a family restaurant. She chuckled as she began to run towards the Oni had landed.

The dark red Oni growled as it then stood up along with the top of the restaurant. The Oni shook itself off causing the restaurant to fall to pieces and roll off its flesh. The Oni quickly bent over backward as Odachihime swung her blade through the air wanting to take the monster’s head off. The force from the attack caused a large crack to shoot along the ground through the city before crashing into the base of a temple where it then went in two opposite directions before toppling over two small buildings. The Oni grabbed its club before it swung it towards Odachihime’s head. She turned and backhanded the Oni, sending it flying down the street where it rolled to a stop.

She turned to the Oni as it got onto its feet and wobbled from side to side. The Oni hung its head as it growled through clenched teeth. It shook its head before it clenched its fists and turned its head to her. It roared before a yellow bulb formed in the back of its throat before it grew in size and eventually turned into a beam. The beam shot through the air with immense speed and power. The glare in Odachihime’s eyes intensified before she swung her sword downwards causing the beam to fly past her in two separate blasts. The two blasts made contact with the ground before erupting in a wall of fire behind the giant woman. She looked up at the Oni as it roared and beat its chest before it quickly ripped its club from the nearby building.

The Oni began to advance towards her when she quickly stood up and a massive slash went up the Oni’s body causing its blood to spray. It’s eyes widened as it growled before it fell to the ground. “My name is Odachihime because of the weapon I carry.” She then curled her arm and held up her sword just beneath her eyeline, “I wield the single largest Nodachi on Earth and even the realm of the Gods. 925 centimeters to be exact.” She then chuckled before she swung her sword to her side and said, “But you don’t even know what I’m saying, do you?”

The Oni’s body began to shake before it then lifted itself off the ground and onto its feet. Odachihime growled as she widened her stance, getting prepared to fight. The eyes of the Oni bulged out of its sockets as they turned a white soulless color. It then began to grow in size. It’s neck then moved forward as a slight hunch formed between its shoulders. It’s thighs increased in size and it’s feet changed shapes and seemed to resemble that of bear paws. It’s hair then turned into a long white mane and lilac colored dorsal crystals shot from his neck and down its back. The monster wobbled it’s head before a tail sprouted out and smacked itself on the ground. The monster roared with enough force to shake the air around them. It then accelerated towards Odachihime and crushed her between its jaws. She screamed in pain before she was picked up and thrown.

She flew through the air before she crashed face-first into a tall castle. She groaned in pain as she tried to pull her lower half into the castle. Once she pulled herself inside she turned and looked outside to see the light of the moon. She then clenched the floor beneath her in her fingers. She lifted her right forearm to her mouth before she bit into it. Her canines suddenly sharpened and sank into her flesh. Her red blood then slowly started to turn blue and she began to shrink in size. As she shrank her form changed. Her upper half became large and muscular. Her skin was then covered with silver-white hairs which then turned to fur. Her head became less human before it resembled that of a beast. One tail was followed by two more and eventually six more giving her a total of nine. Red markings formed on her face before they conjoined at the bridge of her nose, they then moved up her head and went from red to purple to dark blue.

She then opened her eyes revealing two sets of irises and pupils in each one of her round optics. She then withdrew her teeth from her arm before she rose to her feet, eclipsing the moonlight in the large room. She growled as she felt her senses become heightened to their utmost peak. She made eye contact with the monster outside. It opened its mouth and fired a beam from it. She then accelerated at an immensely fast speed, she ran along the length of the beam before she spun and dug her heel into the monster’s snout, causing its jaw to snap shut and teeth to fly from it. The monster growled in pain as it stumbled backward before it tripped over a building and fell onto its back. Odachihime landed gracefully on her toes on the point of a nearby building. She squatted down with a growl as she sniffed the air.

The monster then thrashed about as it rose to its feet sending debris flying about the city. It turned to Odachihime with wrath in its eyes. It growled before it forcefully snapped its jaw back open and roared before it ran towards her. Odachihime shut her eyes before she opened them once again before lunging into the air. The monster couldn’t slow itself down before it fell face first into the small building. She turned to see the handle of her sword in the distance. As soon as she landed on a rooftop she darted off for her blade as fast as possible. She lunged from rooftop to rooftop before she leapt straight for her sword. She grabbed the handle and spun around it a few times before she used her momentum to fly through the air with her sword in hand.

The monster stood up and shook itself off just as Odachihime flew past it in what seemed like lightspeeds. The monster growled as it rubbed its neck before blood sprayed from the base of its neck in a ring. It’s neck and head fell off its body causing its blood to spray well over 50 meters into the night sky. Odachihime slid through the street on her heels before her feet then slowly touched the ground and she came to a stop. She exhaled causing steam to blow from her nose. She then panted heavily before she winced and touched her side. She looked down to see a bleeding hole in her side, perhaps she hadn’t fully healed from the first attack. She turned to the castle and began to walk towards it. After a few steps she blacked out.

When Odachihime had finally come to she was laying in a massive pile of hay. Her torso and breasts had been wrapped in some cloth and she seemed to be covered in a large sheet. She rubbed her eyes before moving her hand to her forehead. “Oh! You’re awake!” A voice came. Startled, Odachihime looked around before she eventually stopped to see a scrawny young man looking up at her with a smile. “Wow, you’re one huge woman.” Odachihime blushed now realizing this compliment was now something that turned her on. “You’re pretty impressive! What’s your name?”


“That’s an odd name,” he said as he rubbed his chin and rocked back on his heels, “But, it’s pretty strange to meet someone like you.”

“How did I get here? Who are you?”

“Oh! That’s right!” He said as he brought his fist down into his palm, “My name is Oda Yamatomotoyama, but you can call me Yamato, or just Yama.” He smiled and he placed his hands on his hips, “I’m with a band of exorcists called the Eternal Harae, and we brought you here! Mind if I ask you a few questions? We’ve been chasing that Oni for a long time!” 

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