Chapter 2:

Chapter 2


As Odachihime got back into her clothes the door to the barn opened and Yama walked inside. “You’re finally dressed! That’s good!”

“Yeah,” she responded as she turned to face him, “Thank you for washing my clothes.”

“Don’t mention it! I’m glad our base is set up near a stream, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to wash your clothes.”

“How long was I out?”

“About three days, which gave your clothes plenty of time to dry. Everyone was pretty worried about you, and some of them were just dying to see you. They couldn’t believe we found a woman as big as you.”

She blushed before she said, “Y-Yeah, well, I’m nothing all that special.”

“You’re pretty special around here. We’ve had no luck tracking down that Oni, but you found and killed it on the same day. People can’t stop talking about you, especially Kara.”


“Yes, Shinbou Karakatakarateka, though everyone calls him Kara. He isn’t exactly the leader, but he’s definitely one of the strongest members of our organization. He’s like an older brother to the newer members like myself, and even some of the more experienced members.”

“Well I’d love to meet him.”

“Yes! Of course! I was sent to come and get you for our leader!” He then turned and gestured for him to follow her, “Let’s go!” He walked through the barn doors and she followed after him. She got down on her knees and squeezed herself through the door. She got a bit stuck trying to get her breasts and hips through, but she eventually made it out. She stood up and leaned on the barn for support before she looked around. She spotted Yama and began to follow him. As she did she looked around at the different members of their organization, a lot of them were training but some of them would stare at her and whisper to each other as she walked by.

She eventually heard grunting followed by a thumping noise. She looked ahead of Yama and herself to see a topless man punching and kicking a large wooden pillar which was stuck in the ground. As she and Yama approached him Yama said, “Ah! Mr. Kara, I see you’re out training as usual!”

“Yeah,” he responded as he then turned to Yama, he then looked up past Yama to see Odachihime. “Ah, so you’re the one I carried back from Kyoto.”

She blushed at the sudden thought of him carrying her. She wasn’t denying it as she could clearly see his muscles, and abs. Once she looked up past that and saw his face she suddenly began to fall in love. “Oh, uh, I guess so. You’re Mr. Shinbou?”

“That’s me,” he said as he folded his arms, “However, you can call me Kara.”

“Oh, alright,” she responded, “I’m Odachihime, just Odachihime, I don’t really have a surname.”

“It’s nice to formally meet you.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too.” She said with a smile,

“I should really get back to training, at least until I have to meet up with the newer members to discuss our plans for tonight. Will I see you there?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Great, I’ll see you then.” He said with a wave and Odachihime walked off with Yama,

“Yama, can I ask you something?” Odachihime said,

“What is it?”

“Is Kara…well, is he married?”

“Hm, I don’t believe so. He doesn’t talk much about his personal life. The only thing we really know about him is that he’s one of the strongest members of the group, he also doesn’t use any weapons and instead fights with martial arts. He’s claimed it’s because he’s the next vessel for the Monkey King Sengoku.”

“I see,” she said as she looked back to see Kara going back at it with the wooden post, “So he dedicates his life to training.”

“Well, most of the time, it’s a very admirable quality which lots of new and old members strive for.”

“He’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah, he is.” Yama said as they approached a house, “Alright, just wait out here. I’ll go inside and let everyone know you’re here.”

“Alright,” Odachihime responded before Yama went inside. She then sighed before she placed her hand on her side and looked down at her clothes. The holes from the bite marks had been sewn back up in her clothes and the remaining hole in her side had healed. She turned back to the house as the door opened. She knelt down as Yama came outside,

“Odachihime I’d like you to meet the leader of the Eternal Harae, Captain Shimizau Kaguya.”

After introducing her, a woman with her hair tied back and squinty eyes walked out onto the grass and looked up at Odachihime. “You must be Odachihime, I’ve heard a lot about you from my men.”

“Oh, thank you, I don’t know how much you’ve heard though, as I haven’t really done much.”

“You’ve done quite enough.” Kaguy responded with a smile, “That Oni was the last thing standing in our path, now we can carry out the mission we received quite some time ago. And I’d like to know if you’d care to join some of my men.”

“What is it?”

“Well, we were tasked with escorting a shrine maiden to Osaka for her wedding. The path there would be dangerous, and that Oni seemed to be the only thing preventing us from getting her there safely. Our first attempt she was nearly eaten and lots of men were killed. However, with the Oni gone, and now with you here we can deliver her safely.”

“I see, well, uh…I mostly killed the Oni because I saw people being attacked, so it’s no big deal.”

“But it is a big deal,” she said with a smile, “Won’t you join them? We can pay you whatever you need in compensation.”

“Oh, no, you don’t have to pay me, I just-“

It was then that Kara walked over to them and said, “Commander, I have a few new members ready to go. Whenever you’re prepared we can head out.”

“Of course, thank you.” Kara bowed to her before he walked off. Odachihime watched him walk off before Kaguya said, “Ah, I see, so it’s not money you’re after.”

“What do you mean?” Odachihime asked as she turned back to Kaguya,

“Oh, it’s nothing, I’m just thinking out loud.” She said, “I know Kara will be going to Osaka, and I’m fairly certain Yama here is going as well.”

“Oh, I see,” Odachihime said, “Well, I mean, if that’s the case, I suppose I could go as well.”

“That’s the spirit!” Kaguya looked around before she said, “I’d like you to come with me, there’s something I would like to discuss in private with you.”

“But Commander-“ A woman started,

“It’ll be alright,” Kaguya said as Odachihime rose to her feet, “Come along.” Odachihime then began to follow after Kaguya. They walked back through the camp and up past the barn where they began to climb the mountain they were on. “It’s very beautiful up here in the mountains this time of year. The wildlife are always enjoying themselves and everything has already bloomed.”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful.” Odachihime responded, “It’s a lot different from where I grew up. It was beautiful there too.”

“Where did you grow up?”

“It’s rather far from here, it’s more up north. It was a valley with trees, brush, and many others like me and the people who worshipped us.”

“I see,” she responded, “So tell me, why are you so fond of Kara?”

“K-Kara?!” She said as she blushed and began to panic a bit, “N-No, I’m not-“

“Don’t play games with me, I saw the way you looked at him.” She said with a smile, “He’s a good one. He’s very strong and cares deeply for others. If you choose to stay and pursue him then I think it would be good for you.”

“O-Oh, well…I guess, he mostly reminds me of this young man I would talk to. He would visit me once every three years. Like Kara he was very strong and focused on working hard and becoming stronger for others.”

“What happened?”

“He was unfaithful.” Odachihime said a bit saddened, “He was everything to me, and then seeing Kara be so much like him, I remembered why I fell in love with him in the first place. He’s strong and determined, I like that in a man.”

“Well, if that’s true, then Kara is a good match. If you wish I can get a matchmaker to approve of a wedding:”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” Odachihime said as they came to a cliff side looking over the valley. “If I want to marry Kara, I want him to ask me on his own terms and of his own interest. He’d have to get to know me first.”

“Ah, so you’re one of those types huh? I can’t blame you, I was like that when I was young too.” Kaguya said as she sat down on a log and looked over the valley. “Tell me, Odachihime, when you look out there what do you see?”

“Hm?” She turned and looked out at the valley and said, “I see the country, I can even see clear out to the ocean.”

“Besides that, what else do you see?”

“Hmmm,” She continued to look around before saying, “I see the forests, and the wildlife, I also see some of the towns and people. I can even see the camp.”

“Those are all there too, but look harder.”

“What do you want me to find?”

“I want you to find what I see.” She said, “What I see is a country full of defenseless people. They’re in need of protection from the monster’s and demons that live in this world. I see a country full of innocent people that’s worth saving, one with a bright future. What I want to do is rescue them all, but it’ll be hard. However, it’ll be worth it. We’ll have whole families, lots of food, no war, no chaos. Just the peace of having one another.”

“Hmmm,” Odachihime responded as she turned and looked out at the country. “I guess, yeah, I can see that too.”

“What do you want to do with it?”

“I…I want what you want, I want to save them from the monsters and demons. However, I also want to be part of them.”

“I see, well that’s good.” She then turned to Odachihime and said, “Tell me child, just how large are you?”

“Like, how tall am I? To the top of my head I’m 294 centimeters.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you-“ Odachihime’s face started to turn red in realization. She then folded her arms over her chest and slowly turned away.

“I was merely asking because they used quite a bit of cloth to wrap you up.”

“Well…if you must know…I’m about 125 centimeters…but you can’t tell anyone.”

“You’re fine,” she responded, “I just wanted to know for next time or even later today when I send you off with the shrine maiden.”

“I think I’ll be fine…”

“Are you sure?” Kaguya asked, “It’s not every day you meet a woman with a large chest, the least I could do is make things easier on your back.”

“I’ll be fine,” Odachihime responded,

“Tell me, when is your birthday?”

“My birthday? Why?”

“I’m just trying to get to know you is all.”

“It’s the 25th of September.”

“Ah, so it’s coming up.”

“Yes, however, my only plan is to go back and see my father.”

“And what about after that?”

“I don’t know, it depends on if I get to know Kara or not. I don’t really think I have a reason to come back.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a reason eventually, we there people hand it to you, or you figure it out yourself, you’ll discover what it is.”

“Yeah,” She responded as her eyes softened, “So, what’s this shrine maiden’s name?”

“Her name is Kyobami Kanna. Her family has arranged a marriage for her. She’s a rather sweet girl from what I was told, you shouldn’t have any troubles with her at all.”

“I see, how old is she?”

“She’s just turned 16.” Kaguya said as she stood up with a sigh, “Oh, to be young again, and the things I’d do for love.” She then turned and began to walk back down to the camp. “Come along.”

“Yeah,” Odachihime responded before she looked back out at the valley, “Hmm…what DO I see when I look out there?”