Chapter 42:

Meeting with the high priest!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

I stood there stunned when I saw his golden eyes looking deep towards me. When I heard someone talking to me.Bookmark here

“My lady, my lady are you alright?” I blinked and looked at the maid who was looking at me with worried eyes.Bookmark here

“Yes! Oh yes, I am perfectly fine. I was just talking to..” when i looked in front of me there was no one. I was sure Damien was there just a second ago. Did he just disappear!!Bookmark here

“To.. my lady.” she asked me worried this time, as if i was crazy or sick!Bookmark here

“To myself of course, since there is no one. I mean I was thinking about something, and then started discussing it with myself. Of course, you have done it sometimes too.'' I laughed awkwardly as I tried to find a proper excuse while my eyes were still searching for Damien.Bookmark here

“Ah, yes, sometimes when I am not able to decide on a meal. Even i start talking and discussing it with myself. Is there something I can help you with?” she asked, as she nodded in understanding.Bookmark here

“No, I am fine. Do you know where lord Damien is?” I asked as I finally stopped searching for him.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady. He is in the back garden. Shall I take you there?” she asked, pointing in a certain direction and I shook my head.Bookmark here

“No, I know that you have tons of work. Please carry on. I will be fine on my own.” I replied and she bowed her head and left.Bookmark here

I walked towards the direction she pointed at with hurried footsteps. The man was sitting on the chair and looking at the distance. His eyes were randomly looking at the floor too. As if he was searching for something.Bookmark here

He turned, hearing the sound of my heels on the cold floor. He looked at my face for a second and then turned back as if I was not there anymore. Bookmark here

A pang of pain hit my chest with his cold behavior. But I assured myself that I did not need his warmth either. I was leaving for the capital anyway. Maybe we will never meet again like this again.Bookmark here

“Lord Damien.” I called him and he finally sighed.Bookmark here

“Yes, lady Akira. Is there something I can help you with?” This was the first time he had talked to me formally. Even our first meeting was more informal than this!Bookmark here

“I want to apologise, but I will not be able to help with the matter of your father or brother. Your highness has found some clues, so you can discuss the matter with him.`` I thought that he would be angry. Ask questions and pass sarcastic comments or try to look for something to attack again but he calmly nodded.Bookmark here

“I will do that. Anything else, lady Akira?” he asked when I continued to look at him with bewilderment.Bookmark here

“Umm, we are leaving for the capital tomorrow.” I added and he nodded again.Bookmark here

“Wish you a happy journey.” he wished me, which was completely opposite to my expectations.Bookmark here

“I will return the mine’s papers to you.” I added once the atmosphere turned stiff but he shook his head.Bookmark here

“The deal was you will help me in finding them. And you have much more than my expectations. The deal was never based on results. So, mine is yours ethically and I do not take what belongs to others. I have many mines anyways!” he replied, shaking his head and I could only nod.Bookmark here

“Then.. I shall leave.`` The atmosphere was so tense and stiff that I did not know what to say!Bookmark here

“Akira..” he called just as I turned.Bookmark here

“Do not forget to go and meet the high priest. I have already sent a letter to him. He will meet you tomorrow in the morning. I have told him everything. So, you do not need to say anything else. Bookmark here

He will give you an amulet to protect you and some prayers, that's all.” he replied. Bookmark here

“You remembered!” I was not expecting him to already write a letter and even taking time for me. It was not easy to take time even a month late and I already have time after just a few hours.Bookmark here

“Is there any problem?” he asked when I did not reply.Bookmark here

“Um, if possible can you accompany me there?” I asked after some hesitation as I looked anywhere but him.Bookmark here

I felt very selfish and greedy by asking him to help me when I refused to help him just a moment ago! But that was because I was afraid that his father would hurt him, even if he would be able to save himself.Bookmark here

The last emotions he had, would be lost in between and he would turn completely inhumane after that and I did not want it to happen. I still see him as a kind and caring person, the Damien he was trying to hide so badly, was still inside him somewhere.Bookmark here

“I will try to come.” he said after a pause and i nodded.Bookmark here

“Thank you, for trying.” Once again he only nodded and the silence ensued.Bookmark here

“You should get going then.” I nodded as I turned and left.Bookmark here

The night was already close and I did not know if I had the courage to sleep.Bookmark here

“Andrew, shall we leave for the capital?” I asked as he wiped his mouth after dinner where only we both were left.Bookmark here

Damien left after our conversation which I came to know only when I came down for dinner.Bookmark here

“Why? Are there any urgent matters you need to deal with?” he asked with a frown and I nodded.Bookmark here

“I have asked to meet the high priest and he has allotted me time for tomorrow moring which I have completely forgotten. I need to go take a bath and pray before meeting him. Maybe i will get very late if we leave tomorrow.'' I replied, cutting the part that Damien had booked for me.Bookmark here

“Oh.. really? Don't tell me Akira! I thought you were not prepared for it. That is why i neve started the topic.” he said with so much happiness. His whole face bloomed like a flower after the rain.Bookmark here

His eyes shone like twinkling stars and his whole personality changed. He stood up and took me in his arms.Bookmark here

“You are looking so happy!” I exclaimed as I did not understand why he was so happy. Why was he dancing like crazy! Bookmark here

He looked at me as if I had asked something funny. Like a kid he ruffled my hair and then held me in his arms and took a round. I clutched him tightly when he laughed hard.Bookmark here

“Oh Akira! Why would I not be! You are talking about our marriage here. I can not believe that you have already taken the time to discuss it with the high priest! Oh my, we are finally getting married!” Bookmark here

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