Chapter 43:

Their Marriage!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

I have never even thought about marriage in the recent future. But looking at his over the moon happiness, I did not have the heart to deny it. So, all the words that have formed in my mind died in my throat!Bookmark here

“Prepare the carriage, we will leave right now,” he said in a heart voice. I smiled when he looked at me, but internally I was feeling stiff as if my whole chest had turned cold! As if my heart was turning numb! It was a strange feeling that I did not understand well, but it was not a happy feeling, it was not a good feeling at all.Bookmark here

But I kept quiet. I would talk to him about it later when everything will be solved. When he will be calm and would be in a condition to listen. Bookmark here

“Yes, your highness.” even the staff was gleaming with joy.Bookmark here

He took out a pouch and started distributing gold coins to the staff dancing in joy. I bit my lips as I saw the bowing staff who were thanking us again and again.Bookmark here

‘How the hell did the condition turn out like this!’Bookmark here

I fidgeted at my place as if I was standing on pins and needles!Bookmark here

“Oh Akira, I just don't know how to express myself. It feels like I am walking over clouds. Everything is looking so dreamy!” i wanted to tell him that it was actually his dream only! I never said that I was talking about marriage, he just imagined it. But I just nodded with a smile.Bookmark here

If I say anything in front of everyone, he will lose his image and credibility!Bookmark here

“Your highness, the carriage is ready.” he nodded and held my hand.
“Tomorrow after visiting the high priest, I will go and ask for permission from my father. Then we will announce to the whole empire that we are finally getting married. Oh, Akira, I have thought that you will take ages to talk about this day.” he hugged me again as he stopped speaking. I could see the tears of happiness in his eyes.Bookmark here

“I think we should plan it well and talk to both our families too, not just his majesty.” I added and he nodded.Bookmark here

“Of course, I will come personally to talk to the duke. Your father’s permission is equally necessary.” Now all I could hope is that father would deny our marriage as he still needed me to run his empire and get him treated. Bookmark here

I will tell him discreetly that this is not the right time to get married.Bookmark here

I nodded at his decision and smiled back.Bookmark here

“Do not worry, I will make everything perfect.” he squeezed my hand with a smile on his face and I tried my best to match his enthusiasm but it just was not happening.Bookmark here

“Andrew, the journey is too long. I want to close my eyes and rest for a while.” I was sure that if I stayed awake and continued to chat with him, he would plan the marriage of our kids too.Bookmark here

It was all so fast, so overwhelming. Let me close my eyes and digest the progress and think of better solutions.Bookmark here

“Yes, you should not tire yourself out. Tomorrow is a very important day for our future. Lean on my shoulder and try to sleep. I will wake you up when we are about to reach the capital.`` I nodded and closed my eyes, but I stayed awake. Bookmark here

I did not want that shadow demon to attack me like before, not in the presence of Andrew.Bookmark here

So, I kept thinking about other things, about my past life, my coming here, meeting Andrew, meeting Damien and the time I spent here. That was when I realized that all my special moments were spent with Damien.Bookmark here

Maybe that was why I felt bad when we parted! Maybe I just needed to make some good memories with Andrew too, that way my love for him would rejuvenate and then everything would be perfect like fairy tales. I will get rid of shadow demons too.Bookmark here

Maybe then marrying Andrew would not be that bad! After all, we have to marry one day. That thought made me feel lighter somehow.Bookmark here

I kept on thinking when I felt the darkness covering me. I knew where it was leading to. But this was not the time. So, I pinched myself. I pinched myself until my nails dug deeper in my body.Bookmark here

“Akira, Akira” I heard Andrew taking my name full of panic. He shook me lighter but then his patting turned hard and I opened my eyes with a frown.Bookmark here

“What happened?” I asked in an annoyed voice when he took a breath of relief.Bookmark here

“Phew thank goodness that you woke up. Were you having a nightmare?” He was looking worried but I was sure I had stopped myself before succumbing to sleep and I did not see that creep coming closer to me. Then what was he talking about?!Bookmark here

“No, I think I am fine. Why? Did something happen?” I asked , still groggy with his jerking.Bookmark here

“Look at your hands, Akira.” he showed me my arms that were wet with the crimson and the metallic smell wafted in my nose.Bookmark here

“Oh.. I must be too deep in sleep to notice them.`` I replied awkwardly when he did not stop looking at me.Bookmark here

“You should not hurt yourself like that. You are mine now, so I am entrusting you to keep yourself precious from now on.” he said as he tore his cape and wrapped it around my wound.Bookmark here

I just needed my head as he hugged me again.Bookmark here

“We will go first to the physician now.”Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

“Your highness, we are here.” said the guard as the carriage stopped. I thought that it would be my palace but it was a royal palace.Bookmark here

I looked at him with confusion when he smiled at me.Bookmark here

“Since we both need to go back to the high priest together, why shall we waste time in going to two different palaces. You can rest here and then get ready. I have already ordered the knights who left first to ask maids to prepare everything for you in advance.” he replied as he held a tendril in his hands and tucked it behind my ears.Bookmark here

I looked at him surprised! How did he reach the conclusion that we both were going there together!Bookmark here

“Umm, Andrew, I have only taken permission for myself. You know how strict the priests of temples are. Even if you come with me, I am sure they will stop you in the high temple and will not allow you to meet the high priest with me. Then why are you even trying to come with me?”Bookmark here

“.....................”Bookmark here

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