Chapter 28:

Alternative Ending

Diary of a Lost Wish

This ending happens after Meiko talks with Kanako nearly the end of chapter 26: The Last Fireworks of the Summer.

I go behind a food stand while my friends are seeing the last fireworks to talk with Pakya, “It's sudden, but I will do the wish now.”

Pakya looks at me and says, “What will you wish for today? Pakya~”

I'm not sure if I should do it, I now feel nervous and start crying, “Sorry, I can't yet, I will tell you later.”

I'm feeling sad, I don't know what to do, I've thought of any other solution, but I can't find anything.

I go again with my friends, and we enjoy the rest of the fireworks, they look beautiful.

After that, I arrive at my home, and again I start crying, but it's time, “Pakya, I wish that Kanako walks again.”

“If that's what you want, then it will become a reality, Pakya~”

Pakya instead of dancing, just vanish like if it was dust. I'm sure I heard it saying thank you.

The demon's curse is now over, tomorrow everything will be like always. I'm sorry for Kanako, and everyone else I helped.

The next day I wake in a simple house, not a mansion like before, as always, I go to eat breakfast, and I talk with my dad. It's quiet.

On my way to Kanako's house, I see that Ms. Yukari's garden is in bad shape. I see her crying on the front of her door, and I tell her, “Don't worry, I will help you with your garden.”

She gives me a smile, “Thank you, Meiko.”

I help her for some time, and I promised her to help her another day.

I continue, and I see Hana and Takeshi. Hana looks and acts the same, but Takeshi is not muscular.

Takeshi starts talking, “I've been thinking about this lately, but even if it's hard for me, I will start doing exercise. I won't be the best one, but I want to feel better with myself.”

“That's awesome, Takeshi,” I congratulate him.

“Just don't do any weird sports,” Hana talks with a smile, “by the way, I will be leaving soon, I think I will study mechatronics or something similar.”

“I wish you luck, Hana,” I give her a smile.

“Also I hope to be brave someday to tell something to someone,” Hana mumbles to herself.

“What do you said?” I ask her.

She now looks ashamed, “No, nothing, senpai.”

Then we talk for a while, and after that, I go with Kanako.

When I arrive, I see that her brother Mamoru is there, drinking a beer, “Meiko, I will take Kanako here.”

He then enters the house and brings Kanako outside, she's in a wheelchair with b-chan in her hands. It's painful to see her like that, I want to cry.

B-chan is now a normal teddy bear who can't talk, I kind of miss him.

I take her to the riverbank, and we start talking, “How are you, Kanako?”

“I've been feeling sad, but lately I felt like I wake from some dream, I felt like I could walk again, but it's impossible,” she's with a smile but crying.

She can't remember everything that happened, “I feel the same, I had a sad dream, but at the same time, I want to go back to it.”

“I understand, Meiko, I wish all of this was a dream.”

“Kanako, what if I told you that you could walk again, but in exchange, I would lose my life, what would you do?”

“If it's your life, then I would tell you that I won't care to walk again, your life is more important.”

“I see,” I'm feeling sad because I couldn't help her.

Kanako answered the same back then, her opinion wouldn't have changed no matter the situation.

I talk with her for some hours, and I take her home.

On my way home, I see Maya and Kentaro walking together, they don't tell me anything, but they look very close as if they were a couple.

I also see Jason, he's painting some clouds with different shapes and colors.

Someone who I didn't see was Shinichiro, maybe he left as soon as I did my first wish.

The days passed, and what I fear the most happened. Kanako calls me because her brother got violent again.

I run to her house, and the police are out there, her brother was arrested because he was violent, and they caught him in the act. A man with orange hair and a blue suit with a bow tie helped Kanako and her mother and informed the police.

Days passed, and everything is quiet, but I still feel sad because of what happened to Kanako. Even if the day is bright, I feel like is a cloudy day.

Some weeks later, a doctor told Kanako that there's a possibility that she could walk again, but she needs to do rehabilitation, and maybe it would take years to see any progress, but at least there's hope.

The next day I see the sky, and it's a sunny day, maybe the brightest day I have ever seen. There's a little hope, and even if we are all struggling with something, I am confident that we will move on with our lives.