Chapter 27:


Diary of a Lost Wish

Dear Meiko, I'm Kanako. I now live in Tokyo, but sometimes I go to the town hoping to see you there.

It's been two years since you have been gone, and I'm missing you, but I know someday I will see you again.

I write you this email to let you know some things that had happened lately.

First of all, your dad got a new business, he's now selling a variety of things outside your house, like souvenirs from the town, and even plushies, the panda plush is the most popular.

Our teacher, Ms. Yukari married the math teacher, I think they will have a kid soon. By the way, she married in her beautiful garden.

Richard, the ape, is now the police chief of the town. Now everything feels more secure than ever.

That guy Shinichiro was still in town for four more months after you leave. Before he traveled, he told us that he was searching for something magic, I think a scroll or something. He also gave us his number just in case we need his help. I will give you his number at the end of the message just in case.

About our friends, most of them moved to another place.

Takeshi went to Kyoto because he got a sports scholarship, I think he's now playing on a professional basketball team.

Hana is now studying mechatronics in Tokyo. She talks often with me, and sometimes she tells me that she regrets not confessed to the person she likes. But someday, she will do it, or that's what she said.

I'm not sure if it was your friend, but that weird Jason guy is now a somewhat famous painter, he has one painting in a museum. He's now living overseas.

The only ones who didn't move were Yukino, Maya, and Kentaro.

When I'm in town, I always go with Yukino, and we have a chat, see a movie or eat something. She told me that now she has some friends at school, and now she doesn't feel lonely, but she's waiting for you to come back.

Maya and Kentaro are now a couple, they have been dating for a little more than a year. They look happy.

Maya is planning to be a mangaka or a writer. And Kentaro is training to be a police officer.

And about me, as I said, I live in Tokyo, but sometimes I come back to this town to see my mom and other people like Yukino.

I'm now studying at an acting school. Actually, I got a proposition for a small role in a movie about aliens, I'm thinking to take it, but I'm still not sure.

By the way, did you see that viral video about a girl who says that a demon bunny makes all her wishes come true? That sounds like what happened to you, maybe there are other demons.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the day to see you again. When you read this email please reply as soon as possible.

And as I said before, I'm sure someday I will see you again, and we will have fun with all our friends like in the old days.

See you later, my dear Meiko. Wherever you're I hope you're happy, and always remember that we will be waiting for you.