Chapter 5:

Chapter 5: Blue Epilogue (Part 5)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aito POV*

"This spot should be good enough."
I check my surroundings and check my phone.

The phone say 7:00 AM, 30 minutes earlier than the promised time.

After my last encounter with Kiroi yesterday, she texted me and asks if we can walk together to school the next day.
Needless to say, I accepts without a second thought.

I didn't care how Kiroi manage to know my number, I just assume that she get it from another classmate.

What my brain care right now is the fact that Kiroi asks me to walk with her to the school, that alone is more than enough reason for me to get my blood pumped.

Today, I make sure that I dressed as tidy as possible and use perfume to improve my smells.

Things that I never really done before.
Either way, I am waiting for Kiroi to arrive and while waiting, I saw a lot people walking and hanging out on the park.

There's a couple of old man and woman sat next to each other on a wooden bench.

There's a woman in mid of her thirties walking around the park with her dog.
And so on, the park was really lively in this early in the morning.

But something else catches my attention.

I saw a familiar figure in the distance talking with a.. little girl?

I can't see them very well from this distance.

But that girl.. it was.. Aoi..?

The very first person that pop in my mind was Aoi, the figure wore our school uniform and posses the exact same long flowing blue hair as her, the distinctive trait that only Aoi possess.

What's she doing here? and who is she talking with?

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Kiroi voices break my focus and I turn around.

Kiroi slowly close her distance and stand before me.

"I am sorry, did you wait long?"

Kiroi was concerned, there's a clear worry in her voice.

"Oh, umm n-no, not really, I just arrive here as well!"

I nervously laugh and scratches the back of my head.

"Is that so? then let's go!"

Kiroi smiles and suddenly grab my right hand and pull me away.

"Whoa, wait..!"

I was taken by surprise from her bold action and got dragged along with her.

But Kiroi was smiling, laughing even.

And that's all what matter to me, if Kiroi is happy, then the same goes to me.




The school bell rang, signalling the morning break.

Everyone in my class scatters around and do their own thing.

Eating, talking, reading, you name them.
How about me? what do I do?

Simple answer.

Today, mom has packed me a lunch for once and I intent to finish them.

Its has been a while since I brought a lunch to school with me, mom would usually just gave me some money to buy food to fill my tummy.

I bring my lunch box out from my school bag and open it.

A sweet and fresh smells of meals emerge from the inside of the box and into my nose.

I was filled with the feeling of familiarity of my mom cooking that I already enjoy and taste since I was young.

The foods looks all sparkling and delicious in my eyes as I silently thank my mom for the lunch.

"Yo, Aito."

Kuji and Yamato approach and stand in front of my seat.


I greet them back.

"Wanna go- wait you bring a lunch with you today?"

Yamato notice my lunch box.

"Yeah, my mom made them."

I honestly answer his question.

"Hee.. that's unusual."

Yamato commented while scratching the back of his head.

"Excuse me."

Aoi gentle, warm, and kind voices suddenly interrupt our conversation.

All of us attention shifted to her as she approaches us.

On Kuji case however, he was so shocked that I can see him jump a little bit from the surprise.

"Sorry, but did you guys happen to know where the class rep go?"

Aoi asks us and look at us one by one.

"Sorry, no idea, haven't see her either."

Yamato shrugs and tell her what he know.

"I-I-I think she's gone to the student councils room, K-Kougami!"

Kuji blushes and speak incoherently from the intense feeling of nervous and embarrassment.

"Man, she already know your feeling and yet you still nervous?"

Yamato look at Kuji in disbelief.

"S-s-shut up!"

Kuji shouts out of embarrassment.

"..I see.. thank you, Kuji." "I know that I can always rely on you."

Aoi giggles, finding herself amused by Kuji and Yamato interaction.

She follow it up by flashing her usual warm and kind smile at Kuji.

Kuji on the other hand simply petrified on the spot, completely captivated by Aoi words and smile.

He's beyond saving now.

"Speaking of which, Aoi, did you meet up with someone this morning?"

I curiously asks her.


Aoi tilt her head a little to left.

"I believe I saw you talking with a little girl in the park this morning, who is she might be? your little sister?"

I elaborate on my question.

I have no real interest in digging in into her own privacy, but asking alone won't hurt, right?

"Oh, yeah, that's my aunt."

Aoi calmly answer.


I subconsciously ask, unable to comprehend what's Aoi saying.

"The little girl is my aunt, she came to see me."


Again, Aoi calmly answer and I can no longer hid my disbelief.

I do not know if it just Aoi who doesn't understand the meaning of what she was saying or she just being chill about it.

But a little girl as aunt..!?

"What's with ya, Aito?" "It is not that strange, I have an uncle that's still sucking his thumb as well."


I shift my attention to Yamato.

"That's just how we, asian people work I guess, I am confused as well sometimes with my own family."

Yamato scratches the back of his head.
I-is that so..? well if Yamato even say that, then I think I am going to believe that.

You won't know what you learn everyday, huh.

"Excuse me."

Kiroi gentle voices came from behind my seat.

"Pardon me for my intrusion, but mine if I borrow Aito for a little bit?"
Kiroi politely beg to intervene.

All of us watches as Kiroi slowly made her way to my seat and stood behind me.

Kiroi mere presence alone, bring a sudden pressure on the air.

Her approaching me like this causes everyone in our class to look in our direction and I know why.

Kiroi that has never interact with any boy in our class before is now approaching me, a boy in the class.

Needless to say, everyone curious of what's happening and what's going to happen.

"Sure, go on ahead, Kiroi."

Aoi politely smiles.

"Thank you, then Aito, let's have a lunch together on the rooftop."

Kiroi brought her own lunch box and invited me.


The entire class shouts their disbelief of what's happening.

Even Kuji manage to break out of his petrification from the sheer shock of it.
Needless to say, I gotten really nervous as well, being gazed my the entire classmate of mine has never feel this heavy.

"Ah, I see that you're also brought your lunch box with you, let's eat together, Aito!"

Kiroi noticed my lunchbox and become even more excited herself.

"W-wait, Kiroi, I do not mind having lunch with you, but I think we have a bigger issue we have to deal with right now..!"

I look left and right, noticing the intense stares coming from everyone.

"Issue? what kind of trouble would having lunch together causes?"

Kiroi tilt her head a little to left, failing to understand the problem.

"W-well, as I said-"

"Well, let's just go! the break will soon over if we don't go now!"

Kiroi suddenly grab my hand with smile on her face and pull me away, thankfully I manage to grab my lunch box in time and bring it with me.

"H-hey, w-wait, Kiroi!"

"No waiting~!"

I try to reason with Kiroi but she refuse to listen and just keep on dragging me with smile on her face, leaving everyone in the classroom with no explanation whatsoever.


"Did they.. dating..?"

Aoi looks confuse and asks Kuji and Yamato.

"Hell if I know! I don't even know they are dating until now!!"

Yamato shouts and just as confused as everyone. 

"Damn you... Damn you, Aito!!" "You damn traitor!!"

Kuji comedically enrages to the point of having a fire set ablaze in his eyes.

The rest of the students in the classroom start gossiping and talking with each other.

Aoi slowly walked out from the classroom and watches as Kiroi and Aito made their way along the hallway together.

She watches them attentively and closely...

After the pair gone from her sight, she left and walk in the opposite direction.

"Sign 240082, Amaterasu." "Requesting access on the mission log." "Update, shifting alert level from green to yellow." "As planned, following the shift in alert level, appropriate action and to an extension, countermeasures shall be taken." "End of report, disclosing mission log."

Aoi keep on walking while mumbling and rambling on and on by herself until she finish her sentence.

Back in Aoi apartment, the pink eyes girl was having a cream bath in the bathtub with a glass of wine in her right hand.

Suddenly, a holographic interface appear in the middle of the bathroom, prompting her to look and check on it.

"The mission log has been updated..?"

The pink eyes girl stands up and walk closer to the hologram without covering any parts of her body.

"Heee, understood, Aoi~"

The pink eyes girl thoughly read the log, she was amused by the content and drank the wine.

On top of a tall building somewhere, the red eyes girl receive the same notification via the same holographic interface that appear on her side.

She wear the exact same school uniform as Aoi and untie her hair to the point of mimicking Aoi looks.

"... Understood."

The holographic interface disappear seconds later as she turn around and left the building.

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