Chapter 9:



A few days later, I had dinner at my mansion inviting my father, mother, brother, and the royals. I invited them for the occasion of the farewell of king Vegard and princess Valentia who will return to their kingdom.

The guests began to arrive one by one. My older brother also arrived at my mansion using only one carriage. Everyone who saw it was shocked because a prince only came with one horse carriage. When my brother got off the carriage, I greeted him and immediately escorted him to the seat that had been prepared. After my brother sat down, he called me and whispered to me.

"Did the rebellion plan go well?" whispered my brother into my ear.

I who was shocked to hear this had to remain calm, but in my heart, I wondered how my brother knew about this plan. I calmly answered.

"Don't worry. Everything is going according to plan. But how did you know about this plan?"

"One of my subordinates took part in this rebellion and he told me about it. But don't worry, I will not stand in your way, I will support you instead. Fight."

"Thank you, brother. If it doesn't go according to plan, please help."


After I finished talking to my brother, I went straight to the front door to greet the guests who came. Not long after, my father and mother came with five luxurious horse-drawn carriages with their bodyguards. When father and mother wanted to get off the horse carriage, all the guards immediately made their way to the door so as not to be disturbed by the guests. They got off the horse carriage accompanied by the welcome of the guests who were still arriving. They walked towards the door and I greeted them there.

"Congratulations my son, you will marry a beautiful princess and also from a big kingdom" my father said.

"Yes, Congratulations, son. Thanks to you, our kingdom can be even stronger" said mother while patting my shoulder.

"Yes, you're welcome. Let me take it to your table" I said with a smile.

"Gosh! 'Our' kingdom? Yes, your kingdom and excluding 'me'. You guys are happy with selling your child. Congratulations" I said in my heart.

I also led them to their table while listening to them talk about their arrogance which they said because of them I can do this, even though they sold me. After I led them to their table in the middle of the roar, I immediately started the program. I stepped forward and began to speak.

"Good evening, guests. Welcome to this dinner that I have held in commemoration of my engagement day with the first princess of the Leonard kingdom, Valentia Siv Leonard"

"I am very grateful to the king of Vegard who has agreed to this engagement. I promise to love him forever"

"I also thank my father and mother as kings and queens of this kingdom who have chosen a life partner as beautiful and wise as princess Valentia"

"Then let's start the dinner. Waiter, bring the food in"

The waiters came in with food and immediately served it on the guests' table and dinner began. Dinner was very grand and lively accompanied by music from classical music.

When it was 10 p.m., I immediately signaled one of the maids who were there to immediately start the rebellion plan. The door was immediately closed and locked, the soldiers in the room started guarding the exit and the soldiers outside immediately kept the roar so that no one would interfere. And it turns out that the maids, butlers, and soldiers in my mansion right now are rebels.

"Please everyone's attention. Please pay attention to me" I tried to attract their attention.

"I have some very important news this evening."

"Right now, I declare that I will destroy this kingdom and you will overthrow the government"

All royal officials were shocked, including father and mother. My father stood up and shouted.

"What does this mean?"

"This is a rebellion to overthrow this rotten kingdom and I will rebuild it cleanly"

"You insolent child. When I raised you, I didn't teach you to rebel" my father shouted at me angrily.

"Yeah. You didn't teach me rebellion and I admire you. But all that changed when you sold me for the sake of my good and that's when I started to suspect you. Then also all your past and the past of this kingdom is too rotten to be accepted then that's why I'll clean it up"

Father who heard this immediately turned his gaze and looked at King Vegard and Princess Valentia.

"All this must be because of you. Because of you and your daughter, my son became like this. You must be punished! Soldiers, immediately arrest them both and put them in jail" shouted my father while pointing at king Vegard and princess Valentia.

But after the order was issued, not a single soldier made a move to capture King Vegard and princess Valentia.

"All the soldiers, maids, and butlers are all people who support me to carry out the rebellion"

During the debate, the higher-ups began to faint.

"Now what happens?" cried my father in amazement.

"Everyone fainted because the food served to the higher-ups was mixed with sleeping pills and they were going to be taken as hostages"

"Enasial, do something immediately" my father shouted to my brother.

"I want to help but everything is according to what must happen" replied my brother.

"What do you mean?"

"Yes, I support Erick because I've been holding back the rottenness of your actions for a long time to the point where I don't want the royal throne"

"Useless child"

Feeling that he couldn't do anything and was cornered, dad started to get angry and felt that the magical energy around dad was starting to get messy and would explode. I who sensed danger immediately ordered everyone to take cover and asked my brother to protect king Vegard and princess Valentia with his earth magic.

My father's magic explosion occurred and destroyed 90% of the buildings of my mansion. However, there was no loss of life because at will, be it soldiers, maids, butlers, or high-ranking officers who had fainted had been saved by brother using his earth magic.

I was trying to get up then saw father and mother standing in the middle of the ruins of the mansion surrounded by magic energy that was so dark. I also ordered the soldiers and asked my brother to help evacuate the people out of the kingdom and decided to fight against my father and mother.

I who was ready then cast the magic 'LIGHT BULLETS' and aimed at them. A large number of light bullets were aimed at them but the only one hit by the light bullet was my mother while the father just before the light bullet hit him, he disappeared.

He appeared above and immediately wanted to hit me, but I was able to dodge him. But due to the explosive impact of his punch on the ground, I was blown away as well. Unknowingly a light sword from my mother came from behind me but I who realized it immediately dodged but because of the speed that my mother had only my clothes been hit by the light sword.

When I dodged mother's attack, I saw mother's sad face while shedding tears but mother continued to attack me with her sword of light. I kept trying to dodge every attack from mom and just as I was about to dodge one of mom's attacks, dad appeared behind me directly holding my head and cast 'MIND CONTROL' magic on me but just as I was about to be controlled by dad, suddenly mom's sword attack hit dad's right hand and severed father's hand. I immediately realized and immediately jumped away from the two of them.

The father screamed in pain because his hand was cut off then trampled on the mother brutally and Mother could only scream in pain. I saw my mother being tortured like that; I immediately went berserk. I immediately ran quickly and kicked dad right in the waist and sent him flying far away. I then chased after my father who had bounced off and sat on him. I immediately continued my attack by hitting my father with a hand that had been coated with earth magic continuously.

When I was careless dad hit my chest and threw me far away but with wind magic, I kicked the air and plunged straight towards dad with the sword of light in my hand. And just as I was about to stab dad in the chest, dad used mind control on mom so mom suddenly stood in front of me to block my attack. But because of my attack that I couldn't resist, I stabbed my mother right in the chest and I saw for a moment mother said "I always love you as my son" with tears in her eyes.

"Lousy woman" said my father who survived my attack.

When I heard that, I was immediately overcome by such great anger, I immediately cast the magic 'DIAMOND CAGE' to confine my father and immediately cast the magic 'PILLARS OF LIGHT' which is my mother's strongest magic, and directed it to the cage. The father who couldn't run because he was locked up was hit by the pillar of light and instantly disappeared into dust. A huge explosion occurred until it could be seen by the people who had been evacuated out of the kingdom. I who was still overcome by anger continued to attack carelessly until princess Valentia hugged me from behind and my anger turned to tears. I also cried very hard.

When I opened my eyes, I looked up at the ceiling of my room in the palace and I saw a maid cleaning me with a towel. The maid was shocked when she saw me who had opened my eyes and immediately started crying and ran out. I, who was still confused about what happened, was then startled by the sound of my brother's scream from the hallway calling my name then my brother arrived in my room with princess Valentia and king Vegard.

"Erick! I thought you were dead!" my brother shouted as he hugged me.

"Huh?! Dead? Since when did I die?" I asked.

"You've been unconscious for three months since that fight" Princess Valentia replied.

"Three Months? What have I missed in three months?"

"That we can talk about later. For now, you should eat and rest a little more to recover your energy"

"Alright. And also thank you, princess Valentia"

"Valentia. Call me Valentia. Without a princess"


"No buts. We're officially engaged and you're also going to be king so don't call me princess anymore. Call me Valentia"

"Okay Valentine"

I immediately ate and continued my rest accompanied by Valentia who also told me what happened while I was asleep.

The higher-ups who were on the king's side were immediately exiled to a remote area outside the Buorn kingdom. The people have been affected by the mind-controlling power of the king and when the king dies, the influence of that mind control disappears and they are free. The people who found out that I was sleeping began to worry about my eating situation they often sent food needs to the palace and they said they would continue to send food from then on but when I recovered, I was ordered to stop doing that. The construction went quickly because it was assisted by the queen of the Zaikel kingdom who had been waiting for someone like me to carry out a rebellion and according to Valentia, the queen of the Zaikel kingdom was surprised to find out that the rebellion only happened in one night so she gave more than 2000 soldiers and 200 tons food to help the development of my kingdom.

After 6 months, the rebuilding of the kingdom was completed. My wedding ceremony with Valentia was held in conjunction with my appointment as the new king of the Buorn kingdom and was attended by many representatives from neighboring kingdoms as well as the queen of the Zaikel kingdom who had been an enemy of the Buorn kingdom.

Ever since I became king and was helped by Valentia, the Buorn kingdom started to grow rapidly. Cooperation with other kingdoms is also smooth and there is no such thing as a problem. The Buorn Kingdom, which was once known as a rotten kingdom because of its king, is now known as the kingdom with the largest culinary destination on the continent.

I also live happily with Valentia who is always by my side.