Chapter 8:



Princess Valentia and I, who heard the story, couldn't help but stare and wonder at my father's cruelty. Bookmark here

"Can this story be believed to be true?" I asked to king Vegard. Bookmark here

"Yes Father, can this story be believed?" said princess Valentia too. Bookmark here

"I got this information from one of the soldiers who survived the explosion. And for the truth, it can be confirmed because to get this information I not only asked directly but used Read Mind magic so that we could read that person's mind" replied King Vegard. Bookmark here

"Is that person still alive?" I asked. Bookmark here

"That person is still alive and he is now under my protection" Bookmark here

"Good, that's the best way" Bookmark here

"Then, what are you going to do after hearing this story? Are you going to be hostile to us?" asked king Vegard. Bookmark here

"Or will you betray your father and kill him?" continued king Vegard. Bookmark here

"No, I will not betray or kill him" Bookmark here

"Then what are you going to do?" Bookmark here

"I will destroy this kingdom" Bookmark here

When I said that, King Vegard and princess Valentia were shocked. Bookmark here

"Why are you thinking of destroying your kingdom?" asked king Vegard. Bookmark here

"After hearing the story earlier, I thought that the sins of the kingdom were too many and could not be forgiven and I was sure that they would not be forgiven. Therefore, I should destroy this kingdom and make a new, better kingdom." Bookmark here

"You are different from your parents. I thought you would kill us both and side with your father when I told this" Bookmark here

"There's no way I did that and I'm not my father either" Bookmark here

"There's no way I can do that, I'm also not my father and I've fallen in love with Princess Valentia" Bookmark here

After that, we began to draw up a plan to start this rebellion. We finished planning and I started by gathering the servants, the soldiers in my mansion, and also the butlers to the courtyard of my mansion. Since I knew that they were the ones who swore allegiance to me and not my father or mother then I thought and believed that they would not leak this plan. I began to speak in front of them. Bookmark here

"I will start a rebellion against this kingdom. Therefore, if you do not want to be involved in this plan you are allowed to return to your village because if this plan fails then the punishment that will be received is the death penalty" I said in front of them. Bookmark here

"No! We will continue to help and be with Prince Erick, even if our lives are at stake!" Shout them confidently. Bookmark here

I who saw it was amazed by them. Bookmark here

"I say it again. I will carry out a rebellion against this kingdom then you are allowed to return to your villages. What is your answer?" Bookmark here

"We will still help His Highness, Prince Erick!" Shout them again. Bookmark here

"Okay if that's your answer. If you have a family that is in the royal area then evacuate the kingdom immediately. After that the task for the soldiers try to recruit other soldiers secretly" Bookmark here

After I told them that, they went to their relatives to ask to leave the kingdom area immediately. The soldiers, maids, and butlers began recruiting other soldiers, maids, and butlers. That night everyone gathered in the backyard of my mansion, and according to the information obtained there were 1000 soldiers, more than 300 maids, and 200 butlers from the original 18 soldiers, 30 maids, and 19 butlers in my mansion. Bookmark here

I, who saw this significantly increased number, was shocked and immediately asked for their oath of allegiance so that no one would betray me. The oath system in this world is the same as a contract where if the one who swears breaks his oath, then he will be punished according to his agreement. I asked them to swear if they leaked this plan they would die and they agreed. Bookmark here

"Why did you join this rebellion plan?" I asked them. Bookmark here

"We have long felt tormented because of the reign of king Sariel and queen Veronica. Many of our families are tormented by the actions and coercion of the king, queen, and those close to them. But we like you, prince because princes are not like them. While they prefer to live in the palace and are more concerned with themselves, you prefer to live outside the palace and have helped the local people a lot. So, after we heard that you were going to carry out a rebellion, we immediately agreed," answered one of them who represented all of them. Bookmark here

"Thank you for putting your trust in me. Alright, for the plan to be conveyed tonight secretly through the secret army that I have recruited. For now, you are allowed to return" Bookmark here

After I made a speech in front of them, they left. I went back into my mansion and I met the king of Vegard and the princess Valentia. Bookmark here

"They believe in you," said king Vegard. Bookmark here

"I believe in them so they believe in me too. Oh yeah, may I ask two things that are still on my mind" Bookmark here

"What? please ask what you want to ask" Bookmark here

"First. What is the real purpose of you and princess Valentia coming to this kingdom?" I asked with a tense face. Bookmark here

"Our real purpose here is to seize your power because your power used to belong to my wife" Bookmark here

"What? Do two people have the same power? That's impossible" I said surprised by that. Bookmark here

"My wife died when Valentia was little" replied the king of Vegard pensively. Bookmark here

"Oh. Sorry, I didn't know. I'm sorry for your wife's death" Bookmark here

"So, what's your second question?" said king Vegard. Bookmark here

"Oh yes, my second question. Will you accept me to marry your daughter? Even though I am the son of the king of this kingdom?" Bookmark here

"For that, I have discussed with my daughter, and we both accept you. As for you the son of the king of this kingdom, it doesn't matter because you are you. And also, you are different from your father or your mother" Bookmark here

"I thank you for entrusting your daughter to me. And I plan to marry your daughter after all this matter is over" Bookmark here

"I'm waiting for that" King Vegard said before returning to his room. Bookmark here

"King Vegard! Are you not going back to your kingdom?" I asked before the king of Vegard walked away. Bookmark here

"We'll be back after seeing your plan work. And you're already part of our family too." Bookmark here

"Thank you" Bookmark here

We returned to our respective rooms. When I got to my room, I immediately made a plan for this rebellion mission. After a few hours after I finished drawing up a plan, I immediately summoned a secret force to share the plan with the soldiers, assistants, and butlers who would participate in this rebellion. After I finished sharing the plan I immediately went to sleep. Bookmark here

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