Chapter 20:

Ace Of Spades


The doors burst open as large amounts of wind escapes out of the gates blowing everything in its path as the windows break. The wind stops and is Ace blown back he hits the wall with his back side as his eyes turn back to normal. Murk start to escape from the gates. Ace opens his eyes, and sees the murk flying out the broken windows.

Goto keeps laughing and enjoying the view, the murk stop flying out as a huge one starts forming inside the gates. Ace starts to run towards the gates as the Ishii runs towards Ace and he draws his Katana as Ishii draws closer Keichiro tackles Ishii and plunges him in the chest as they both fall down. “No” Kimura screams as she threads from her kimono ribbon rushes towards Ace then BAM, a bullet from a Kaori’s sniper pierces through Kimura’s head. 

Ace draws nearer to the Gate. “I have to close those gates”. Ace keeps on running towards them as Goto jumps stands in front of the gates. “No one will interfere with Zagan’s plans”. Ace takes out two grenades as he pulls both pins with his teeth as his eyes turn red. “Then why don’t you go tell him that” says Ace. Ono jumps in front of Ace he swings his fist Ace slides under Ono he turns with a swipe kick knocking Ono out of balance. While Ono is in mid-air Ace Turns and shoulder tackles Ono as Ono flies back knocking Goto back with him. Ace rolls and as he throws both grenades as one misses and enters the gate exploding by itself the other lands next to the pillars that supports the doors as it explodes and destroys the pillar.

The wind from the gates start flowing inside sucking everything as everyone finds a way out of the building through the whole that was made when they entered so that they do not get sucked into hells gates. “What did you do... No” Goto screams as the gates suck him in along with Ono. The amount of murk that was forming start to deform and the sucking in made by the gates stops. After a short while the gates explode taking the whole building along with it.

Ace, Keichiro, Nishimura, Nohaku, Satori and Takeda stand outside as the building gets sucked into thin air. “How did you know that will happen”. Nohaku looks at Ace. “I didn’t I just felt like closing the gates”. Keichiro laughs as Ace looks at him. “I guess if anyone wants to close supernatural gates... grenades are your best bet”.

Mitsuko and Nohaku’s team regroups with Keichiro’s team. “So with Spades destroyed where do we go” Ace curious he asks. Keichiro pat’s Ace’s head and smiled. Months after the gates of hell have been permanently closed, Spades was rebuild and Demon hunting continued. Weeks later at the collapse ruins of the gates of hell, a purple lights shines brightly under the rubble in the night sky. A shadow figure slowly stands up and looks up to the night sky and stretches out it’s wings.