Chapter 19:

All Hell breaks Loose


Satori runs towards Ace as Goto stands in front of Ace and Kicks Satori back. Satori stands up and looks at Takeda as he gives him his extra knife. Takeda and Satori both charges with slashing attacks as Goto keeps evading them.

Meanwhile Takeda and Satori fights off Goto. Keichiro has his hands full with Ishii the master of hand to hand combat. Ishii pushes Keichiro back with his Katana slash attacks, while Keichiro blocks and evades them. Keichiro bends over and swipe kick Ishii Knocking him off balance as Ishii falls and loses his Katana. Keichiro tries to stab Ishii as Ishii kicks Keichiro back and Keichiro loses his knife. Ishii rolls and stands up, He charges at Keichiro with his bare hands about to throw a punch...

Nohaku dodges Ono’s deadly punches one after another. Ono gets a lucky shot at Nohaku sending him flying through the wall. Nohaku closes his eyes and inhales to wash off the pain. While Nohaku lays on the floor nursing his back, Nishimura tries to slashing the threads. Kimura disarms Nishimura as she ties her up with her threads. With mere seconds left Ace cries feeling intense pain and suffering. Everyone in the building stop fighting as they turn their attention to Ace.

Ace keeps struggling as the chains from the wall start to get loose and the wall cracking. “Haha... Finally Zagan will be pleased” Goto laughs as The Assassin’s three regroups with Goto. Ace stops scream and looks down, he stays silent for a moment and does not move. “What happened” asks Ishii. Goto looks at Ace as he shakes his head. “No this can’t be... we’ve worked so hard to get here why is he not doing anything”.

Goto approaches Ace he raises his hand about to scratch Ace. “Wake up you fool”. Goto moves his hand closer to Ace with speed and much force to scratch him, as his hand is about to reach Ace, He is stopped by some barrier. Ace Raises his head and looks at Goto with his eyes all red, as a force pushes Goto away. The chains holding Ace melts, he slowly stands up and takes a deep breath. Ace slowly walks to the door. “Ace” Nishimura calls out to Ace as she tries to runs towards him, Keichiro puts his hand in front of her. “I don’t think that’s your friendly Ace Scott anymore”. 

They watch as Ace walks towards the gate. Ace raises his hand as he touches the gate. The seal on it starts to glow and slowly and slowly fades and a bright orange light escapes through. The door unlocks and slowly starts to open.