Chapter 13:

The real monster

The Untold

“This seems to be the place. But why does this house seem so weird? Why is it in the middle of nowhere? The last house was at least 2 kilometers away and this is really far away from her house too. Wonder why she came here so often? I can only know if I go in.”

Cindy knew the dangers of doing anything on her own, but she had to do it and do it fast.

“Hello, is anyone home? I wanted to have a talk with you.”

Two very confused eyes opened the door and stared Cindy down.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“Oh, my name is Cindy McAdams. I’m a special agent working on a case. I wanted to ask you a few questions. May I come in?”

The girl behind the door slowly opened it revealing her face. She had a pretty dress on and her hair was arranged neatly. A slight bit of fear could be seen on her face.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared. I just wanted to know something regarding a matter. Could you please cooperate with me? It won’t take much long. Don’t you have anyone home? Where is your mom?”

“She is gone. I’m alone. I’ll talk to you. But before that, let me get you a cup of tea. You look tired.”

“It’s okay. You really don’t have to.”

The girl simply ignored her and walked straight into the kitchen. And that was when she noticed, her family photo. The photo had four people in it. The parents and two of their lovely daughters. But it didn’t take her to notice that one of the daughters was Sakura Abe. This girl was none other than the missing sister of Sakura Abe. She saw the girl was busy in the kitchen and started to look around and she suddenly saw the open garage door and light peeping through it. She quickly made her move and went down.

“Oh my god! What is this?!”

Covering all the walls were mummified dead bodies. It didn’t take her long to realize that these bodies all belonged to the missing girls. At a corner there were photos of the girls tied up.

“What is this place? This can’t be real! It’s hell in here…”

Before she could even finish thinking, something hard hit the back of her head. Before losing consciousness, she took a glance at the attacker and it was none other than Sakura Abe.

“Wah, what are you? You have been unconscious for almost 2 hours now. Guess I hit you a bit too hard. So, how’s your head? Does it hurt? And what about your arms and legs? Did I tie it too tight? Come on, let me know if you are uncomfortable. You are my guest after all and came all the way here. It must have been a long drive.”

“What are you? You were the one who did this all along? You used the law to cover up your crimes? How did you know about me?”

“Hey, slow down. Let me answer all the questions one by one. First of all, yes I’m the one behind all the missing cases. And don’t think you’re someone special or anything. I was just doing my work, but then they had to hire a special agent. Even though I said I didn’t want you, they got you anyway. And then you were one of those jerk officers who had a thing with their pride. Well guess what, I’m also like you. So every time you bitched with me, I wanted to give you something in return. And then by luck I suddenly found something interesting, your brother. I didn’t know you were working so hard to find your brother. So I did the deed for you. I found your brother. But you see, I believe in give and take strategy. So simply after making you find you brother, I framed him for the crimes.”

“Why did you kill all the 18 girls? What did they do to you? They were innocent kids.”

“What did you say? Innocent? You should be thankful to me that I removed these good for nothing bugs from this earth. Do you even know what they did? They were all school bullies. My beautiful, precious sister was always good at studies and had a very pretty face. So everyone liked her. All of our family members also cherished her. But that was what made the bullies jealous. They bullied her regularly and after our dad died, they started calling her names and the bulling got worse. She didn’t want us to worry, so just kept everything to herself. But she would regularly come home with newer wounds. Me and my mom got really worried and one day I secretly went into her school and saw all the gruesome stuff they were doing on my precious sister. They were spitting, throwing food and even dirty drain water on her while she silently sat on the ground. No one came to rescue her. After that day I gathered all the evidence and took them the school violence community and they expelled the bullies. But they had a grudge against her and then one day right before my eyes, they hit my sister with a car and ran off. We tried our best but her head got so badly injured that she could never return to her old self. All the traumatic experience removed itself from her memory and she returned to being a little kid before any of those happened. She couldn’t return to her regular life. But those bastards used their parents’ money and started living as though nothing had happened. So I just taught them the lesson they deserved.”

“But then what about the 18th victim Momo? She wasn’t a bully.”

“I only kidnapped her as a bait to frame your brother. I never wanted to kill her or anything. To frame you brother, I put the blood in front of the factory and also targeted Momo. When I first brought Momo, I told her I wouldn’t do anything to her if she stayed low. But that girl just had to act up. She tried calling her parents but got caught by me. So I had no choice but to silence her. But all the bodies that you can see here belong to those who deserve to be like this. But as Momo didn’t, I buried her in the backyard.”

“Why do you mummify the bodies and leave them like that? What if someone comes? Where is your mom? Is she in this too?”

“Oh my mom? She is lying next to Momo. Mom loved my sister and yet when I first killed them, she asked me to turn myself in and tried taking my sister away from me. You call that love? The people who turned my sister like this deserved this yet she denied. So I just put her to a very deep sleep one night. And you ask why I keep them? The first time I killed the girls, my sister saw me slitting their throat. And do you know what her reaction was? She suddenly started smiling from ear to ear and clapping. That’s why I always kill them in front of my sister. So that she can enjoy seeing them in the pain she once was in. And I just keep them here so that she can play with them from time to time.”

“So you really weren’t a human all along.”
N. D. Skordilis
Real Aire