Chapter 14:

She smiled

The Untold

“But how did you know I was going to come here?”

“Oh, that? Actually this whole thing was a show to bring you here. I was throwing baits here and there to lure you to my base all along. You see, it was good having a partner. You are really fun to play with. I love your reactions. You see, acting all mighty was just something you thought you were good at. But look at the mess you have gotten yourself into because of that nasty temper of yours.”

“I knew you were far too off and dumb to be a chief in the first place. Guess I was wrong.”

“You only understood that just now? Didn’t you notice, all the people trust me? I always keep several plans on going to help me get away. Now that you are here, I think you can kind of guess that there’s no going back. I will end your life today with pleasure and then put all these bodies somewhere around your brother’s surroundings and make him the serial killer. Oh wait, do you want to see your brother getting death sentence before you die? If you want then I can kill you after that.”

“Don’t even think about doing anything to my brother!”

“Oh look at that, where did all of your confidence go? Why is your voice shaking? Are you scared? This was what I wanted to see in your eyes, fear. Finally! But sorry, I don’t go back on my words. So I guess I’ll leave you here until I finish my job. You see, I’ve to carry 17 bodies and then one additional from the backyard. Then I’ll have to go…”

Before Sakura could finish her sentence, Cindy’s laughter filled the room.

“Are you crazy? Why are you laughing? Is it that funny?”

“Yes. I just wanted to see your face while getting arrested.”

“Getting arrested? Me? And who’s going to do that?”

“You know, you have always been a prime matter of interest since day one. Your reaction, emotion and expression were so different from others. So I tried looking up some stuff. At first to be honest, I suspected Yuta a bit for his reaction to everything. He’s always on edge and he’s the only one to protest against my actions. But my interest soon diverted towards you, Miss Sakura Abe. But I’ve to say, you’re a lot faster than me in terms of doing a background checks. But I did some digging on my own too. Though I got the results not too long ago. I was too shocked to find a few missing pieces of the puzzle from you and your life. You sure knew a lot more than you showed. But why? An officers’ job is to discover the truth and reveal that to prevent any other disasters. But you knew it all but did nothing. And so I asked for some help from Yuta. He really is the opposite of you. He wants to reveal the truth and help others, unlike you. The same went for today too. I knew you were behind it all and still did everything according to your plan. Yuta informed me as soon as you left. And even coming here, I knew you were already here and waiting for me.”

“What did you just say?”

“So, how was my acting? Don’t I deserve to get an Oscar? I probably should. Oh and also, don’t you watch news or something? I saw you had a TV upstairs. You should go and watch the news. Your face is already on the TV all over the world. All the confessions you made to me were being live broadcasted on both national and international television. And the whole house is surrounded by police force. I should thank Yuta after this. He gave me this hidden camera before coming and told me if you really were the person behind this whole thing, he would live broadcast it. And by the way when I came here in the first place, I already had backup protection with me.”

“Stop lying! Do you think I will get scared? Yuki? Yuki? Where are you?”

“Didn’t you notice Yuki hasn’t been here for a while now?”

“Where is Yuki? I’ll kill you. I shouldn’t have kept you alive for so long. You snake, die!”

All of a sudden a wave of armed officers rushed into the room. As they tried to control Sakura, Yuki peeped through.

“Yuki are you alright? Did they do anything to you? Answer me.”


“Miss Sakura please put down your weapon right now or we have to fire.”

“Shut up! Can’t you see I’m talking to my sister? Yuki answer me. Yuki talk! This all because of this woman. Yuki wouldn’t talk to me. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you!”

As Sakura was about to stab Cindy, the armed officers fired at once making holes through her body. Before falling on the ground, Sakura took a glance at Yuki,

“She smiled.”

N. D. Skordilis
Real Aire