Chapter 9:

Immediate killing intent

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

Silence reigned over the place. The higher five were astonished by my doing. It was unpredictable or so I thought.

Share jumped and killed this awkwardness:

" Dude! That's so lit! "

With her dilating eyes, she turned to the others:

" I like this boy! "

" So d-o-o I " said Peace while playing her long silky purple hair and blushing.

However, the big lady jumped to me and hugged me so tightly, I swear I could've died suffocating because of her massive breasts.

" My little, I understand the burden you've been through. You love us so much that you were ready to put your life at sake and betray your nation. "

She hugged me more. I'm hearing the boing-boing sound of her boobs clapping my nose.

" It's okay, my little. Now rest! "

Nobility grabbed me by my hand.

" Stop all of you. It's not very noble for a kid his age to stay beside the ladies. "

I thought to myself, is that so you golden knight pervert.

" He needs someone handsome, older, muscular, handsome, and noble. "

Share teased him:

" And who is that my twin brother? "

He began coughing.

" Oh, I see who. How could I be so blind! "

" Yes! Say it. "

He stood pridefully while crossing his legs.

" It's obviously Strength. "

Nobility's heart was broken, however, he still had hope.

" No, I mean someone with a golden heart and golden hair. "

" Oh, you mean brother Stephan of the watch? "

Oh, crap! It was the one I killed.

Rest in peace, Nobility.

F for our fallen soldier! He died inside and lost all hope.


Did you really think I was talking about Stephan. I never regret killing someone. Neither in my previous life or the current.

Everyone argued. Those guys, you can never guess they are monsters on the battlefield. I feel like I'm facing some kids with mental issues.

So, their boss, Zac is Strength.

He was walking towards the river carrying the general's eyes.

The river sent a lightning ray towards the eyes and scanned them. Then, it suddenly split in half and a massive door appeared.

I became shocked. Words escaped my mouth and I was in big dismay.

Share noticed:

" What's wrong, boy? "

I quickly regained my composure:

" It's nothing. "

" Are you sure? "

She approached me with her ocean eyes excited for adventures and her half-naked dress. Withing all this, the tatoo in her chest was pleasing to watch.

" It's just that I like the tree inscribed in that door. "

" You mean, the life tree? "

" Life tree? "

What is she talking about? Is Allfather's god tree a common thing in this world?

" Gidakrya was not the only source of energy. "

" What do you mean? "

" There were several kings who ruled the earth that time and they all had equal strength. Each one of them had taken a bite of the forbidden fruit from which they gained their power. "

" That's so cool. "

" However, everything has a price. Those individuals have disobeyed god's orders and were punished with immortality. "

" Isn't that a good thing? "

Love interfered:

" Imagine having to live forever while seeing all the people you love die before your eyes, and you can do nothing about it! "

Faith on the other hand answered her:

" But you can still live without the fear of dying, without the fear of not knowing your fate, because you won't care. How about you? Could you sit and think for a moment, how will you die? Will you die tomorrow, next year, the next seconds. In what way you'll die? Will it be painful, besides your children and loved ones? Lonely? We are your family, but for how long? One day, everything will disappear. We'll all turn to dust but the fear of it is still haunting us like ghosts. "

Love replied:

" Well, what's the point of immortality when you'll always live alone. In that case, you will become the ghost. "

The debate ended when Strength opened the massive door.

Finally, I get to see what the general was bragging about.

" You kid will stay here! " he said.

What? Why? For god's sake, why is everything so complicated with me.

" Faith, you will stay with him. "

The loli girl clearly had a displeased look but she accepted the orders anyways.

" Roger, that Strength! "

I killed a general, a thing not everyone can do, and thanks to me you were able to find this door, and now you betray me.

It was the first time, I feel ever betrayed.

I see the massive door closing behind their five figures and I can't do anything about it.

I looked at the loli girl. I think she will not be that hard. I can manipulate her or run and lose her.

" Why did they leave you with me? Do they trust me that much? "

She turned around and with a poker face she said:

" It's because I'm the strongest! "

I can distinguish the lies in humans, their body language and facial expressions are their biggest traitor, however, this little girl, never lied.

" Listen, I know what you're thinking right now. You want to fake your escape then strike me from behind. It won't work trust me. "

Did she read my mind?

" I know, you joined us only to betray us in the end. Look as the savior of Aramelia. I know you don't care about any of us. You only care about yourself. I also know you're not a kid, but a murderous monster who is hiding inside that body. You can fool everyone, but not me! "

I unleashed my azure shockwaves and prepared for it.

My demon's senses were calling me.

I need to get rid of that girl now!