Chapter 8:

The higher five

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

I gave Redbeard a gun and we both broke down through the main gate.

I knew scarface was absent, it was a not to waste chance.

Redbeard shot the guards and finally, the escape route is clear.

Suddenly as we were running, I felt the seconds became slower than usual and a grinning woman was looking at me. She was on my left side as I was running.

It was a very disrespectful moment, she could clearly just beat us but she kept walking next to us while smiling.

I shot her with Azure roar, she disappeared.

" Did we get her? " said the general.

We can see her right in front of us waiting.

My plans are screwed.

She had a silky and short golden hair. A thunder tatoo spreading from her mouth to her half-naked breasts. Her eyes were ocean blue, clad in lust.

We then felt four other persons behind us. Their presence was overwhelming.

They can never be mistaken.

They are the higher five.

" Where do you think you're going, pretty boy? " she said.

" Share, I told you to never toy with people. It's not a noble thing. "

His hair was golden and had the same ocean eyes as her. Actually, they look the same person, the difference is only on the gender.

" I'd rather die than be boring as you, Nobility. "

" Stop all of you, we need to get rid of him right now! I see that the boy will cause us problems. " said a very young girl.

" Are you abusing your powers for your own good again, Faith? Your clairvoyance has only caused us problems so far. "

" Are you saying that I'm weak? " the loli girl angrily responded to a tsundere female with purple hair.

They both never stopped arguing when suddenly a massive girl with big muscles and breasts landed in front of us. It felt like an earthquake that will suck everyone into their doom.


Everyone stopped arguing and listened to the lady. She had grey hair and eyebrows, and demon teeth.

" We are all brothers and sisters, arguing is useless. We have a mission to fulfill. The kid is one of us, the children of Gidakrya. We should grant him the love and the warmth he never had. That bearded guy is clearly using him. God knows what they're using to blackmail him. "

" Yes, sister Love! " they all obeyed.


I think I'm out of danger this time. This girl is clearly the strongest of them. They are all named after the seven commandments. Still, my mission is screwed.

Wait, what are you doing here? You were supposed to escape!

Before that I get to the general's cell, I rescued the wild dog.

It was in order for him to escape while causing damage but instead he followed me here.

I have no choice but to trust him with this.

I grabbed the general's hand and ran as fast as I can while the wild dog has blasted the higher five.

" My general, we're surrounded. We can never escape! "

" Don't worry, I have a remaining card up my sleeve.

Things are getting interesting.

" How far is it? "

" It's right in front of us. "

" Where? I only see the river. "

Suddenly a hologram emerged from the general's eyes and the river was split in half. A hidden door appeared.

He proclaimed:

" Our nation never lost a war due to a reason, kid."

He stared at me waiting for me to ask him.

" Why? "

" We have the universe's secrets beneath us. "

" Isn't that top secret? Then why do you share it with me? "

" It's because you are a soldier just like me, you love to serve your country. "

The higher five have discovered us. However, the general was so confident this time.

" Wait! "

Zac finally arrived. He read through everything I did and waited for me to deliver the final blow.

I grinned and snatched the general's eyes.

" One thing you were mistaken about me general, is that I serve no one. "

I destroyed his heart with my Azure roar.

I then gazed at Zac and said:

" Here is the thing you've been looking for, brother. "

The balance I saw in my vision, was my future events. The two sides were supposed to be two choices given to me by allfather.

Either choose the nation or the brothers.

I chose.

No one.