Chapter 25:


The Divine Punishment

I felt like writing an afterword after this whole 1+ month of writing and storytelling.
For you, it might have been just a few days but for us, it’s been a month.
We don’t have that much to say, other than “Arigato!” to everyone who read, liked, and commented on the light novel.

Tenkei’s adventure might not end here.
We’re looking forward to working on a sequel.
This will not be a shonen like this one. But a seinen, since Tenkei grows up and becomes more mature, both mentally and physically.
It will feature adult themes, like politics, economy, tragic deaths, and nudity, but it will maintain what we love: comedy, battles, love, etc.
I won’t be giving any other hint for the series, this is already too much!

Also, we’re sorry if there were some mistakes in the overall writing, we did our best. English is not our main language and writing almost a chapter a day was not easy.
So yes, it’s been a hard journey but we have enjoyed it so far.
This was originally serialized on Honeyfeed as a web novel. I don’t know if this is ever going to make it to become paper. It would be a dream.

Anyway, thanks again.
Read novels, manga, and watch anime, remember!
The works that inspired me the most for this light novel were: Naruto, Boruto, Chainsaw Man, Monogatari series, Jojo’s bizarre adventure, and a few others.
Thanks to these works of art too.
See you on the next adventure.

~ Gyro

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