Chapter 6:

Lost Memories Gone But Not Forgotten.

Blossom Forest

We enter back into The High & Mighty Cafe the dull darkness has taken over the smog and mist has now enshrouded the sky and streets the downpours of the rain instantly turn to a Hurricane the imminent danger is upon us.

High & Mighty Cafe The Endless repetitive Time Loop makes the existential crisis even more overwhelming for everyone inside the establishment.

It's a constant power struggle for survival as they have had their memories wiped completely and the only way to escape this nightmare is to work together to remember their now but not forgotten pasts.

You're now probably wondering how the Hell did the Flu and masks come into play well not just that but a poisonous toxic gas entered the air.

Recap Sad Rain Flashbacks Shibata Sakura the sad lonely girl sits in the cafe Morimoto Souta tries to comfort her and cheer her up. Sakura has made a friend and still finds Morimoto creepy. Souta is trying his damnedest to befriend and help Sakura.

Okimoto Ryurata and Yashishida Matsurime how is it that he's got a crush and hasn't acted upon it yet? Matsurime has in a way befriended Sakura.

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri no doubt about it they mesh well together.

Dezaki Kosashi and Sunoda Chitsu have a good friendship going.

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami I'm not sure how they're overthrowing the school system but we'll have to wait and see definitely have similar mindsets.

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura The popular that secretly hate each other but are the same essentially which means in a sense there's deep-seated disdain for themselves.

Now that we're all caught up to speed back to the action.

Sunoda Chitsu where is she during all this? Yes she did take pictures with Dezaki Kosashi when they hung out. Are they at school? Unfortunately Chitsu was somehow teleported by the Time Loop and got caught in the hurricane in the High & Mighty Cafe. Chitsu is drowning good news Dezaki Kosashi is there though to save the day! Only thing is they don't know each other now and have no recollection or memory.

Chitsu “Help me I'm drowning I can't swim!” Kosashi “I’ll save you stranger!” Kosashi swims aimlessly to reach her. He finds something floating around to try to perform CPR. Kosashi “Goddammit it's not working I have to save her!” Eventually, after so many failed attempts, she is resuscitated. Chitsu rejuvenated says “Thank you for helping me but did you just kiss me?” Chitsu slaps Kosashi and Kosashi responds “No I was trying to help you were on the brink of death drowning and I get this.”

Chitsu says “Who are you? Where are we?” Kosashi replies “I could ask you the same thing but I have no unearthly idea who you're or what we're doing here.”

Kosashi then sees a light portal he's led to his past at his original school where he discovers he was kicked out of for accidentally going into the girls locker room. Kosashi “No this can't be I have to be dreaming stop this!” The portal closes. Chitsu was also in that portal. Chitsu “That Bastard how dare he do such a degenerate thing!” She is in a state of shock finding out that in her past was being spied on by Kosashi at the same school!

Kosashi and Chitsu show back up at school like nothing ever happened!

Shibata Sakura Morimoto Souta and Yashishida Matsurime are all warped to some really dreadful portal of red white and black spirals Sakura is sees by far the worst part of her past “I can't go back to that day I've tried to suppress it for so long!” It was a nice day outside she packed for a trip with her brother his kids and his girlfriend they were all so excited to go to the slopes her brother wanted to take his new motorcycle Seated in the car was her brothers girlfriend driving front seat next to her Sakuras brothers son. Backseat listening to music of The Nineteen Of Seventy Five. Sakura's brother was trailing behind them on the motorcycle.

Sakura looked back at her brother. That would be the last time she'd ever see him again the car came to a halt the girlfriend is freaking out Sakura tries calming down the son Sakura and the son are oblivious to the situation they get back home the girlfriend tells The Son and Sakura what transpired the Son is in disbelief not wanting to believe it. Sakura is told by the girlfriend in tears “Your brother passed away he wrecked his motorcycle.” Sakura hugs the girlfriend both crying. “It wasn't your fault!” Sakura cries the most she ever would they were close the pain and agony were excruciating.

The worst possible traumatic thing occurred. Sakura is on the ground crying “I love you you’re always missed never forgotten.” Morimoto Souta is there sobbing “I’m sorry I never knew.” Sakura “You don't just Fucking tell someone something that.” Souta hugs Sakura. Yashishida Matsurime Hugs the both of them also tearing up “I’ll always be here for you!”

Morimoto Souta sees his past also a very bad experience he sees himself being a party animal dancing have a good time not knowing if it was a facade or the real thing. Souta wails “I don't acknowledge that part of me stop this Hell!” Sakura “I didn't know that part of you I apologize.” Sakura again hugs Souta.

Yashishida Matsurime she's her worst experience as well the passing of her parents Matsurime lamenting bawling mourning Matsurime “I loved you both so well!” Sakura and Souta both say “We’re both sorry we never knew either.” Matsurime “How could you possibly?” Souta and Sakura hug Matsurime.

Okimoto Ryurata is teleported to a portal he glimpses of him before his fathers passing. Ryurata sheds tears “I love you still father!” Ryurata is back at the High & Mighty Cafe.

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami are in a dark portal they both see their worst nightmares the time they considered the afterlife. Komari and Hanisami both crying their hearts out say “We were meant to live for something more we're Fucking soldiers in the trenches!” Komari and Hanisami both hug it out. They're back at High & Mighty Cafe.

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri are in the portal theirs are mainly the stresses of running student council Iwao and Sumiri say “We need to fix this now!”

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura are in a yellow portal. Kyokura sees her nightmare that she destroyed people and her mother was in the afterlife her father worked until his demise her vision of this was blurry until now whimpering “How can this be?” Hirari hugs her sobs and says “I’m sorry neither of us is perfect!” Hirari is seeing haunted by the memory of her stalker when she was a model Hirari cries out “Why I tried to hide from that Fucking creep!” Kyokura cries and hugs Hirari “You're perfect in my eyes!” Back at The High & Mighty Cafe

This will be a day to remember not forgotten but until the next day.