Chapter 5:

Time Stood Still

Blossom Forest

Time was at the centerfold today. It was at the essence and it there was no mercy of it. A thing would happen that would change everything completely I wonder what?

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura the two popular's are seen together certainly wasting every bit of time. Hirari “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” Kyokura “No just buy it already!” Now They're at none other than The High & Mighty Cafe Hirari “What are you doing? chug your Vanilla Bean Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee with Ten shots of Expresso now! We're going to be late for school!” Kyokura “Okay calm down I know you've had like Six already it's really getting to you.

They try their best in but their efforts are futile they succumb and fall victim to the heat it is the hottest day of Summer after all. They're not only suffering heat exhaustion but furthermore late for School!

Dezaki Kosashi and Sunoda Chitsu are on their hang out or Date. Kosashi “Where to now? that shopping exhausted me. Chitsu “You’ll survive we've gotta bolt though if we want to make it to the Japanese Wrestling!” Kosashi “Oh Alright I need to eat!” Chitsu “Here I made you favorite my homemade Rice Balls.” Kosashi “Thank you I appreciate this!” Chitsu “We made it! Kosashi “It’s our last day on earth. Chitsu “Stop it you're worrying me I'm getting really scared.” Kosashi “We're not promised tomorrow.” Chitsu “I said cut it out Kosashi!” Chitsu “This isn't funny anymore!” Chitsu“It’s starting go Marundo Shinitoki!” Kosashi “I know Magisawa Akankei will win!” Chitsu “No chance in Hell!”

The crowd is roaring it's very hot nonetheless they finish watching the spectacle unfold.

Chitsu “That was fun! We need to hang out again sometime soon!” Kosashi “I agree I don't think there will be a next time though you said we were just friends remember? “That hurt a lot.” Chitsu “Yes I did say that but I wanted to apologize I think I feel differently now.” Kosashi “Can I have a hug at least to cheer me up?” Chitsu “Of course!” Kosashis inner thoughts “Dude bro she totally likes me Chitsu is so Adorable.” Chitsu “We’ve got to get back to school” Kosashi “As long as we can hold hands!”

Okimoto Ryurata is now waiting for something to transpire he's at you guessed it High & Mighty Cafe burden sets in and the time is only ticking away but suspicious slowly like some ominous thing would happen. Ryurata “Nothing to do where does the time go where do we go?”

Morimoto Souta also in High & Mighty Cafe “Running Out Of Time I don't know why I'm even here!”

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami we're at High & Mighty Cafe this entire time? Hanisami “I need more Fucking Coffee!” Komari “I already had Twenty shut the Hell up!”

Things are about to take a turn for the worst. Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri show up at High and Might Cafe.

Shibata Sakura and Yashishida Matsurime show up early to High & Mighty Cafe. Matsurime “Oh I forgot to mention I work here!” Sakura “You bring me to a goddamn cafe where I met that heathen Morimoto!” Sakura “If I have to stare at that Clock one more Fucking time I'm going to lose my Shit!” Matsurime “Have a Coffee!” Sakura “Fuck Off!”

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri both say “We’re all here to announce the school talent show!”

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami respond “We’ve got this those dumbasses don't stand a chance especially Sakura!”

Sakura “Get lost!” All of a Sudden The Lights all Flicker off and The Storm of The desolate Rain Returns everyone freaks out panics the news announces an outbreak of flu that they have to wear masks it goes downhill. Time froze and repeated they were in a Time Loop!