Chapter 7:

Beach Vacation

Blossom Forest

After the most traumatic days they ever seen of their pasts they are back in the mysterious High & Mighty Cafe a new person enters.

It is the owner of High & Mighty Cafe none other than the legend himself Gnarles Woodbey Albertson The most British person around Dressed in all black beautifully woven vest and fancy pocket watch top hat and a monacle twirly mustache blue eyes brunette hair “This Is Gnarles Woodbey Albertson again and I hail from Cambridge England and we're hear to talk about The High & Mighty Cafe I don't know what the Fuck this is but I am from Cambridge England!” His humor that of the highest intellectual being that not many understand because it might be too niche or thought-provoking for their liking or they're just plain dumb.

Yashishida Matsurime “Hi who are you?” “Hello there fair maiden I'm your Boss Mr. Gnarles Woodbey Albertson and I hail from Cambridge England!” Matsurime “A pleasure to meet you sir!” Mr Albertson says “The pleasure is all mine my dearest colleague!”

Matsurime shouts “Hey Souta and Sakura come meet my Boss!” Matsurime introduces them to her Boss Mr. Albertson. “Mr.Albertson these are my friends Shibata Sakura Morimoto Souta!” Mr.Albertson replies with a witty banter remark “Come with us now through a journey through Time and Space to My Establishment welcome friends!” Sakura replies “Are you alright there? been watching too much Mighty I see! I'll you one better peasant Tis only but a Flesh Wound!”

Mr. Albertson “A lady of culture I see I had thought I was the only one who comprehends some good witty banter but alas I was mistaken I'm impressed!” “Are you looking for an occupation fair wench?”

Sakura “Bloody Hell Harry! You absolute Twit, Wanker, Numpty, Bellhend, Pillick, Cheerio Good Day Fuck Off Bugger Off Cunt!” “Your Father was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

Mr.Albertson “I’ll take that as an astonishing astounding yes!”

Sakura “No Shit Sherlock it's a Yes!” “Now why can't you be that funny and have a sort of swagger like him Souta? Souta “Nice to meet you Mr. Albertson. “Seriously Sakura? I can't catch a Fucking break from you!”

All taking place at High & Mighty Cafe so many things going on.

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura Hirari”Let’s go on a Vacation Bitch!” Kyokura “Sure thing bestie!”

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri Sumiri “I’m working on my studies!” Iwao “I’m taking a leave of absence!” Sumiri “dually noted.”

Dezaki Kosashi and Sunoda Chitsu Kosashi “Let’s make this official!” Chitsu “I love you!”

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami Komari and Hanisami both say “Let’s ditch this Fucking place!”

Okimoto Ryurata and Yashishida Matsurime Ryurata “I can't take this anymore I like you let's be more than friends?” Matsurime “Tell you what come on vacation with myself Sakura, Souta, Iwao, Hirari, and Kyokura and I'll take it into consideration.”

Matsurime “Oh by the way I meant to tell you that Mr. Albertson Vacation!”

Mr.Albertson “Quite alright I'll run the show!”

Well everyone going on the Vacation quickly packs their bags and heads off.

First ones there Yamamura Iwao and Okimoto Ryurata. “First one's here dibs on the room next to the hottest girl here!”

Second ones arriving Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura. “This place is gorgeous!”

Third and last late

Yashishida Matsurime, Shibata Sakura, and Morimoto Souta. “Sorry we're late everyone Asshole here decided to make a pit stop along the way!”

Ryurata to everyone “Alright who's hungry? I know I'm starving!”

Sakura “I’m always Fucking hungry!” Matsurime “I'll try something!” Hirari “Omg like totally yes!” Iwao “Yes very!”

Ryurata well I'm making my specialty some Hot Spicy Ramen, Deep Pork Cutlets, and Beef. Sakura “I’ll assist!” Matsurime “I love to help!” Iwao “I agree I will help too!”

Sakura “I’ll cook the Ramen!” Matsurime “Iwao and I will cook the Beef!” Iwao “Great!” Ryurata “I’ll make my Deep Fried Pork Cutlets!”

Hirari and Kyokura “We’re hungry now Fuckers chop chop!”

A few hours later!

Ryurata “Everyone dig in plates and utensils aka silverware ready!”

Hirari and Kyokura “About Fucking time it took you long enough!”

Matsurime “Whoa this is really Spicy what did you put in this Sakura? “My mouth is on Fire! I can't handle spicy food!” Sakura “Oh some Ghost Pepper Sauce, Carolina Reaper and Dragon’s Breath!” Ryurata and Iwao “We love it!” Souta “Wow didn't know you could cook I'm breathing Fucking fire thanks!” Hirari and Kyokura “Too Hot What the actual Fuck?”

Matsurime “I love the Pork Cutlets Ryurata!” Ryurata “Thanks!” Iwao “Yes very good!” Hirari and Kyokura “Finally good Shit!” Souta “Better than Sakuras Dish!” Sakura “Fuck you and this is so good”

Ryurata “I love the Beef Matsurime!” Matsurime “Thank You!” Iwao “We did well!” Sakura “I love it so much!” Souta “So tender and good!” Hirari and Kyokura “We hate it yuck!”

Ryurata “time to clean up who's helping?” Matsurime “Me Iwao and Sakura!” Iwao “Of course!” Sakura “Yes I shall help!”

Ryurata “Everyone get some rest we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!”

The sun sets and we wait for morning.

Ryurata is the first one awake. Followed by Iwao and Matsurime. Sakura sleeps in as does Souta. Hirari and Kyokura wake up last. Ryurata who wants Coffee?” Sakura wakes up “I want Fucking Coffee!” Souta is awakened “Don’t give her Coffee!” Hirari and Kyokura “Give us all the Fucking Coffee!” Matsurime “Yes I'll take some!”

They all eat breakfast and plan out the rest of the day.

Ryurata who's ready for the Beach? “That was Rhetorical!”

Ryurata “Looking great Matsurime!” Matsurime “Thanks come in the water it's great!” Sakura “Fucking Hot I'm going to swim.” Souta “Guess I better help!”

Hirari and Kyokura “We’ll just chill here thank you!”

Iwao “I’m going to make a sandcastle!”

As the sun went down joy happened!

Ryurata “Fireworks Iwao set them off!”

Ryurata “Now can you answer my question?” Matsumrime “Just hug me already silly!”

Hirari and Kyokura “These are beautiful like our eyes glistening in the night sky pretty lights!”

Iwao “I’ve got more!”

Souta “Sakura can I Hug you?” Sakura “In your Dreams!”

The venture off home after this fun trip.