Chapter 5:

Guardian angel

Capivarito Adventures

The jaguar looked really happy with my response, but I'm not totally convinced the decision I just made was the right one.Bookmark here

— Thanks, Capivarito! Follow me, I will show you something. Bookmark here

He started to walk and I did as he said, some thunders were echoing in the distance. We didn't go too far and i already could smell a different kind of food being made.Bookmark here

— What exactly we are about to do?Bookmark here

— There is a group of hunters nearby. But... You need to see with your own eyes.Bookmark here

We walked near a tree, he climbed it and I did the same. While seeing the humans I could tell they had some good equipment, I already saw snipers and shotguns before; however, when they started talking I noticed that they weren't brazilians. I never heard anything similar, so unfortunately I couldn't distinguish their language. After a while one hunter appeared with a small indigenous child, the little girl was crying and the guy was being really rough to her, he pushed the girl into a wood house and I needed to see what was happening in details.Bookmark here

— Cover me, i will see what's going on.Bookmark here

I got down and entered their camp, fastly I run closer to the wood house. There I could hear a lot of crying, when I looked at the window a bunch of kids, all indigenous, with expressions of true despair looked at me. An old man was walking around the house with a big piece of wood in his hands... I was extremely infuriated.Bookmark here


My heartbeat was almost out of control, I liberated all my power and entered the house. When the hunter saw me he tried to reach his weapon, but I punched him towards the old man before he could do anything. Outside I could hear the other pieces of trash screaming, they noticed what's going on here! I used my perception to see their auras, but it didn't work properly. A tempest started to fall, slowly I walked around taking down one by one, they didn't even had an good battle formation. After taking down 10 of them I heard a gunshot followed by screams of a jaguar.Bookmark here

— No...Bookmark here

I ran towards the direction of the screams and there was the jaguar that brought me here and a hunter looking direct at his eyes while is senses where going away, I immediately punched my enemy in the back and grabbed his bones through his skin and smashed his head on the ground. My enemy looked at me with a face of pure terror, after some seconds he passed out. Bookmark here

— Capi... Hel... Help!Bookmark here

— Here, drink this!Bookmark here

I gave him the health potion I found in the cave. He drank the whole bottle and his injury was still the same, absolutely nothing happened.Bookmark here

— Don't tell me it only works inside the dungeon... Bookmark here

The jaguar took a shot in the stomach area, there was a lot of blood coming out. I slowly turned a little his body, with that I could confirm that the bullet passed through him and that's a good thing. While I was looking at him one of the indigenous kids approached me, the little boy brought some items.Bookmark here

— Give it to him! I'll handle the rest.Bookmark here

While i was holding his head so he could drink the other things the boy brought without choking he started to look better and better, them the tempest finally stopped. I looked around and the boy just vanished.Bookmark here

— Where's the kid that helped us?Bookmark here

— There was no one here besides you, Capivarito.Bookmark here

Finally he could get up, the place where he got shot don't even have a scratch. We walked slowly to the wood house, when I entered the kids were all there. Since humans and animals can't communicate I couldn't say anything, but they all come in my direction and hugged me and the jaguar. I think actions scream louder than words in certain situations.Bookmark here

— You know where is their tribe? Bookmark here

— Yes, we should escort them there, Capivarito.Bookmark here

When we exited the house we passed close to some of the hunters that I took down, the kids looked happy for seeing they got what they deserved. We walked through the forest and after an hour of walking we arrived at their tribe, the place was completely silent. The kids again hugged us, then they proceed to their houses, the silent night was taken by parents screaming and crying out of joy.Bookmark here

— Man, that was really nice from you. It was because of the hunters that you disappeared from your town?Bookmark here

— Not exactly. I'm having a hard time with the other two jaguars, they are brothers and sons of the leader of our town. You already know that, right?Bookmark here

— Yes. But, even with that happening, you should get back to your family. They are really worried, just like the parents from this kids.Bookmark here

— ... Maybe I'm thinking too much in myself and forgetting the others.Bookmark here

— You did what you had to do, there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone needs a time alone to get their minds cleaned up.Bookmark here

— You're right.Bookmark here

— Listen, me and some other animals are exploring a place with aggressive creatures inside. it would be nice if you could give us a paw! Bookmark here

— Exploration? For sure! After what you did today, that's the minimum I could do.Bookmark here

— Great! Now let's head back.Bookmark here

After a while we reached the border of the predators town, from there on we took separated ways. Yes, if I go into their town I can reach my one much faster, but I noticed that there's another animal following me since I leaved the tribe. I was so tired that my best idea was just stopping and letting her or him attack me.Bookmark here

— Can we just get over this already? Bookmark here

Meoooowwww~~~~~Bookmark here

A white cat appeared trough the bushes, she had a pink lace in the head and blue eyes, really big eyes. She ran towards me and started purring loudly.Bookmark here

— No, come on! Can you even understand what I'm saying?Bookmark here

— Nope. I mean, Meooow~~~Bookmark here

— Are you kidding me?Bookmark here

— Yeah.Bookmark here

— I'm being serious. Aren't you one of the pets? Go back to you owner!Bookmark here

— Don't say you didn't know cats like wandering around during the night?Bookmark here

— As you can see, I'm not the kind of animal that expend all day long close to humans to know everything. Christ, I just want to sleep...Bookmark here

— Let's go to your house, I will sing a lullaby for you.Bookmark here

— What are you even talking about?!Bookmark here

— Let's me sleep in your house tonight.Bookmark here

— Your voice is pretty feminine, but you're a male, right? I can hit you without felling guilty?Bookmark here

— Sweetheart, if you want more proof I cou-Bookmark here

— No, no. YAAAAAAAAWNNNNN... Listen, you can sleep in my house, ok? Bookmark here

— Yaaay!Bookmark here

Dumb decision, I know. There's no need to rub it in my giant snout, but I was extremely tired and I couldn't do anything else. We walked together back home and she seemed really happy, I took a closer look to her lace and there's her name: Felucia.Bookmark here

— Felucia, huh? That's a good name. Bookmark here

— Meooow~~~ — She blushed a little... How a animal can blush to begin with?Bookmark here

Because of her I had to walk slowly and go ALL the way around the border, when I arrived at home I was almost dying. And I'm not talking metaphorically.Bookmark here

— FINNALLY.Bookmark here

I just ran to my bed and jumped, before I even touched it I was already sleeping. Alright, so if you have a short memory there's an item that you maybe have forgotten: the notebook close to the strange thing in the river. I didn't had enough time to study that notebook like I wanted too, but what happened with me that night would make any sort of analysis not necessary.Bookmark here

— Starting memory recovery system by dream. Diary of Jonathan, Pilot of FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira, or Brazilian Air Force), last minutes alive. — The strange voice talked to me in the dream, it sounded quite robotic.Bookmark here

I heard it and had no possibility to respond or do anything, all I could see was pure darkness. Then, far away in the horizon, I could see a light coming in my direction with full speed. Since I couldn't move all I could do was wait to be hit. When the light touched me I was sent to another body, all the memories of this person appeared in my mind and I could fell every single detail of what was coming on, but still I was just watching all the action in first person.Bookmark here

— Where's the backup I just asked?!Bookmark here

— I'm really sorry, Jonathan. No one can reach the mother ship... I'm really sorry. — A man said it almost crying.Bookmark here

— ...Bookmark here

Jonathan was holding something like a weapon, he walked closer to a window and outside there was darkness and stars. We are in outer space now, judging by his memories the Earth was in danger of a attack, and he and some soldiers were the only ones that knew something was wrong.Bookmark here

— No problem, I'll handle everything.Bookmark here

Jonathan looked back and there was a lot of monsters in the floor, they are grotesque and all they had a bullet hole in the head. Then he walked closer to a big metal door, it opened automatically with him getting closer, inside the room a really big monster was waiting. Bookmark here

— Human, how you succeeded? We attacked the heart of the world that had a weak power, and still YOU managed to get here without a single damn scratch. — The voice of that thing is horrifying.Bookmark here

— Interesting, so what do you call power? Getting respect by pointing a big nuclear missile to another group of civilians? Maybe my dad was right, there's no intelligent life out of Earth.Bookmark here

— The hell is burning hotter everyday, and the ones responsible for it are the humans. I wouldn't try attacking if my Master didn't gave me permission.Bookmark here

— Your master well receive a message from you soon.Bookmark here

When he pointed his weapon at the enemy a helmet covered his head and started to play music and also point out the possible weak spots of the big monster. Bookmark here

— Don't even try, human!Bookmark here

The enemy started running around the room while Jonathan was shooting, besides the good accuracy the enemy was blocking each bullet with minimum effort. I could feel the heart beating much faster, the monster decided to approach and try a attack, but Jonathan avoided It jumping back, pointing his feet at the face of the monster and using a propulsion power that caused a big fireball to come out of the boots he was wearing. That blinded the monster for a couple of seconds, but he didn't even had time to attack more, because some small creatures entered the room and ran in his direction to protect their leader.Bookmark here

— You're a coward, and I was thinking this battle would be fair.Bookmark here

The small creatures are fast, but they defense is extremely low. Jonathan had no problem dealing with them; however, there's a lot of this monsters flying around, so things weren't looking good for the human. Then, out of nowhere, in his helmet some informations appeared about a "hacking protocol", and it was close to 100% completion. His heartbeat suddenly begin to decrease, he felt extremely relaxed.Bookmark here

— Why are you so calm?!Bookmark here

— It's pretty convenient having a self destruction protocol in your mother ship.Bookmark here

WHAT?! NO, NO, NOOOOOO!Bookmark here

The human ran in his direction with tremendous speed, they collided with the wall and went outside the ship seconds before the explosion. In the space all I could hear was the music, even with explosions happening I couldn't hear anything. The gravity here was working much more in favour of Jonathan, since his equipment seems to be designed for this kind of situation, the monster was having a hard time even controlling himself in outer space, the only thing he could do was breath.Bookmark here

— May God forgive you.Bookmark here

A clear shot in the head put the monster out of misery. After all the action, Jonathan floated in space for a long time before the oxygen warning started to happen.Bookmark here

— A.I, open diary details. I want to make a memory connection for my last moments. Bookmark here

— Opening memory system, you can speak.Bookmark here

— My name is Jonathan, I completely lost contact with my team and my oxygen levels are close to zero. My age is 27 years and my dream was to become a pilot. I have a beautiful wife that I met in the air force. We decided to come in this mission together, but... She's gone. Even if I didn't had a happy life with her, I'm stilly grateful that others in Earth will have the chance of having a family... Wait, what's Is that thing? Ana, is that you?!Bookmark here

Floating in the space a woman with black hair and pure blue eyes come in his direction, she was wearing a space suit too. She hold his hands and looked direct in his eyes.Bookmark here

— Jonathan, it's ok... I found some good guys, they will permit us to go back to Earth with our soul! Now rest, my hero...Bookmark here

END OF MEMORY RECORDED 03/03/2017Bookmark here

After that, everything disappeared and I lost my senses, basically I went back to a profound sleep. Now I will talk about something that I didn't see, but it all happened while I was sleeping. Felucia was awake, she closed the door of my house and walked to my room, there she covered me with a blanket.Bookmark here

— Thanks for rescuing my owner... Bookmark here

She got a chair and putted it right next to my bed, there se stayed all night long. The next day, or today to be more precise since I went to sleep past midnight, my aunt brought her son; however, before she could knock at the door, Felucia opened it.Bookmark here

— Oh my, who are you?!Bookmark here

— Hi, I'm a friend of Capivarito! He's sleeping right now. Could I help you?Bookmark here

— My dear boy, Polo. He always stay with him whenever I go to work... Since you and Capivarito are friends, can he stay with you?Bookmark here

— Oh, what a cute little hamster! Yes, I can babysit him.Bookmark here

— I-im not a baby... Or a hammerstein. — The smell of copyright infringement is real!Bookmark here

— It's hamster, little boy!Bookmark here

— Well, polo. Mom is going to work now, be a good boy ok?!Bookmark here

— Ok mom, bye!Bookmark here

Polo was extremely happy after seeing Felucia here. He's small and young, but he always tells me to look for a girlfriend. To be honest I'm so occupied running around all day long that trivial things like a relationship becomes something out of this world for me. I know it sounds like a excuse, but I'm the kind of guy that likes doing things properly, so I wouldn't fell satisfied with myself if I didn't give proper attention to the person that loves me. Yes, poor excuse.Bookmark here

— Say, Felucia. What made you like me cousin?Bookmark here

— HUH? I... I don't know. Maybe the extremely big snout? — That doesn't sound right.Bookmark here

— His snout... Now that you mentioned it, indeed it's a pretty cute feature.Bookmark here

— What are you two blabbing about?!Bookmark here

They both looked at me with scared expressions.Bookmark here

— Talking about my snout in my back? I fell betrayed!Bookmark here

— Capivarito, shouldn't you be sleeping right now?Bookmark here

— Felucia, it's time for you to go home. I have a cave to explore and little to no time to do that! Bookmark here

— Capivarito, come on! She's so cute, take her on a date.Bookmark here

— A date? Do you want to go on a date with me, Felucia?Bookmark here

— Absolutely!Bookmark here

— MARVELOUS! I can take you to a really beautiful place with cute animals and a lot of adrenaline pulping. What do you say?Bookmark here

— Yes, I would love to! Bookmark here

— So let's go then!Bookmark here

We all exited the house and went to the bar, there Esperança was still getting things ready for business. When he saw us he looked pretty surprised. Bookmark here

— Woah, who's the cat?Bookmark here

— I'm Felucia, nice to meet you.Bookmark here

— Nice to meet you, my name's Esperança. Good thing to see Capivarito finally walking around with a nice looking female! Bookmark here

— Hihihi, you will make me blush like that. Bookmark here

— See, Capivarito? Everyone thinks you need to be a little more aggressive with females. Bookmark here

— Polo, who taught you this things?Bookmark here

— The nature, Capivarito. The nature!Bookmark here

— That's deep. Listen, I will take care of some things, I will be back here in a minute! Bookmark here

I exited the bar and ran to Bicudo house, remember that it's pretty far away from everything in the city! I started knocking at his door, he come out pretty fast. He looked like someone who didn't had a good night sleep.Bookmark here

— It's already morning... Your items are all done!Bookmark here

— Man, you're ok?! Bookmark here

— Yeah, I will survive. I'm just getting ready for the baby too, after all I won't have a good night sleep after it arrives.Bookmark here

— You will get lucky and your baby will be the quietest among all! Bookmark here

— I really hope you're right. You can enter to get everything!Bookmark here

I entered the house and got all the armours, he used the backpacks I gave him yesterday to put the items. Everything was perfectly done, the size and even the design was something really beautiful. Too bad I can't show it in person, because just describing it would sound like the usual armour we see regularly. Bookmark here

— They are like you expected?Bookmark here

— It's better. Thanks a lot, Bicudo. Now I'll be going, see you later!Bookmark here

— You're welcome, later!Bookmark here

I used my powers again to reach the Japurá river pretty fast, but I decided in the middle of the way that It would be good to stop by the predators city to give a visit to my new jaguar friend. Since I didn't know where he lives, I decided to ask around. This time the animals acted a little more normal than my last visit, they told me he lives really close to the leader house that is located in the heart of the city. After discovering where he lives, I ran to his place and started knocking at the door, a little later he come out.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, what are you doing here so early in the morning? Bookmark here

— I don't have time to wait, here's your armour.Bookmark here

Yes, I asked Bicudo to make one for a jaguar even before talking to him. It was a risky bet, but now it's paying off pretty well!Bookmark here

— Oh, ok. Bookmark here

— I want you to appear close to the border before noon, the sooner the better! Bookmark here

— Why are you in such a hurry today? Bookmark here

— I'm a impatient guy, better get used to it my friend. See you later!Bookmark here

I ran out of there and got to the Japurá river, there I immediately jumped in the river and passed through it pretty fast. On the other side i moved the tree out the way and entered the Mordiduida place, there he was sleeping profoundly. Never do what I'm about to do here, its not nice and anyone who does something similar deservers to SUFFER!Bookmark here

— Hey, Mordiduida! Bookmark here

— Ah... Capivarito. Man, I was dreaming with Cuca! She's the hottest thing ever.Bookmark here

— That's too much detail for me. Listen, I come here for the swords, are they all ready?Bookmark here

— Yes! I spend all night working, but it was worth it. Bookmark here

I got the items and they were all organized inside the backpacks I gave to him, exactly like bicudo did. They both are pretty organized now that I look at it. Bookmark here

— Thanks a lot! Before you get back to sleep, are you sure the thing on the river falled there 3 months ago? Bookmark here

— For a alligator 3 months and 3 year are the same thing.Bookmark here

— Oh, I see. Well, now you can sleep!Bookmark here

— Thank you.Bookmark here

I exited his house and went back to my city, i used the same route as before and the funny detail is that I found the jaguar in the middle of the way coming towards my town.Bookmark here

— Capivarito?! How can you move so fast?Bookmark here

— Impatience gives you powers!Bookmark here

— Really? Bookmark here

— Hahahaha, nah, I'm just messing with you. Let's walk together, we aren't too much far away from my city! Bookmark here

— My mom said you offered some resources to our town.Bookmark here

— Yes, but unfortunately it won't happen soon. I'm completely focused on completing the dungeon before doing anything related to other things! Bookmark here

— So the place you found is a dungeon? That's really interesting, I heard about it firstly In a RPG game.Bookmark here

— RPG...? Oh, right! Now that you mention it, it's indeed pretty similar. Bookmark here

— That's so cool! Bookmark here

We reached the border, again the same anaconda that talked to me last time was doing his things around here. When he saw me his expression was a little funny, I think he don't believe I entered without being noticed by anyone.Bookmark here

— Where did you come from?!Bookmark here

— You won't believe me even if I explain with details; however, detailing everything would be a smart decision... Anaconda, thanks a lot! Bookmark here

— For what?Bookmark here

— You helped me see something pretty obvious.Bookmark here

— Well, I'm pretty sure you figured it out by yourself. But you're welcome!Bookmark here

We got back to my city, some herbivores saw the jaguar and got a little scared, but when they noticed he was with me everything calmed down pretty quicky. I brought him to the bar, and luckily our team was all there waiting for me.Bookmark here

— Mother of... That's a jaguar! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— Yep, I am. But I'm a nice guy, trust me.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, all they arrived here saying you're exploring a cave.Bookmark here

— Yes, and you will go with us! That's the place I mentioned earlier with the cute animals and other stuff.Bookmark here

— Cute animals? You really have a interesting point of view. — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— Indeed. Here, swords, shields and armours for everyone! Bookmark here

— Oh boy, that's nice!. — Said esperança.Bookmark here

— Where's my armour, capi? — My cousin asked.Bookmark here

— For you I have a special mission! Bookmark here

With everyone well equipped we decided to take some food this time. My plan is quite simple, we will reach the bottom of the dungeon as fast as possible! I can see it being extremely difficulty, but nowhere close to impossible. Bookmark here

— Everyone ready?Bookmark here

— Yes! — They all said together.Bookmark here

— Excellent, so let's go! Bookmark here

Exiting the bar we encountered Fidido, he looked at us with a surprised expression. I'm his back there was a bunch of pipes.Bookmark here

— Here's what you asked, all brand new!Bookmark here

— Good job. Guys, let's take the pipes to the cave! Bookmark here

Everyone got some of them and took them to the dungeon, after some minutes we arrived with all the items. The big wolf was really happy by seeing us there so early in the morning. Bookmark here

— It seems that you managed to find another animals for your party.Bookmark here

— Yeah! Listen, today we will reach the bottom of this thing. After we defeat the floor 30 boss you can come to give us a paw! Bookmark here

— WHAT?! You should do a little training first, trying to go all the way down in the third attempt is insanity.Bookmark here

— I know. You will enter the insanity too or not?Bookmark here

— Defeat the floor 30 boss and I will descend. Ok?Bookmark here

— Good to hear. While we clear the early floors, can you install the pipes in the hot spring? Bookmark here

— Of course, I'll help! Bookmark here

— Polo, you will help them with this job. I'm counting with you now!Bookmark here

— I will do my best, Capi!Bookmark here

We gave him and the little wolves the pipes, then we reached the staircase and started going down. The early floors are quite simple, even easier this time with the jaguar! I payed a little attention to Felucia and she was enjoying the exploration and the fights too, but she got really scared when I launched a fire ball from the staff.Bookmark here

— H-how you did that?! Bookmark here

— Magic baby!Bookmark here

Besides the battlefields in each floor being exactly the same, the atmosphere of the cave is something you can't get bored easily. We reached the floor 10 boss, and he appeared without the staff, since it was with me, also he wasn't looking too happy.Bookmark here

— Give my staff back, you giant snout bastard!Bookmark here

— Why everyone decided to talk about my snout today? Bookmark here

Again my team defeated him pretty fast, now finally we will see some new thing; however, the new members were looking a little lost with everything.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, why the creatures disappear out of nowhere? — The jaguar asked.Bookmark here

— They are getting teleported back to their place. So don't worry, ok?Bookmark here

— It doesn't make much sense. Why would they protect this cave? — Felucia asked.Bookmark here

— There's someone In the last floor that needs to be rescued, and I think they don't know about it too. They seem to enjoy fighting, for some oddly reason.Bookmark here

— That's true. Its s pretty strange hobby, haha! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

We descend to floor 11, and here the battlefield and the ambient changed completely. Instead of just a empty place, now there's trees, water and even normal creatures wandering around. When we entered the area, some lights appeared and totally new monsters come out of them! There's a monster really big that looked like a koala and a bear, he was adorable and strong enough to rip trees of the ground and use as a weapon. In the big trees some small monsters appeared, they were throwing the fruits on it direct in our direction.Bookmark here

— People don't call me spider monkey without a reason! — Said esperança.Bookmark here

Quickly he jumped from tree to tree until he reached the one with the monsters, there he was teleporting away one by one. The koala bear was a big threat, but he also was too much slow, with that I was only using small fireballs to make they drop the trees. It's quite funny, I burn them, they drop the tree, they catch the tree again and it continues. Bookmark here

— Hahaha, come on Capivarito. — Felucia said.Bookmark here

In the water there was some monsters too, they had wings and could fly around. They looked like sardines, they could shoot a blast of water trough the mouth and it was quite strong. I shoot some fireballs, but it didn't work. Then, esperança tried to throw some fruits at the fish and he ended up feeding one of the koala bears... And that was a really good thing, because the monster become docile. Since the other koalas didn't want to fight him, they teleported away instantly. Our new big friend used the tree he was holding to hit the flying fish, and it worked flawlessly! After all that the two doors appeared.Bookmark here

— Things are getting exciting again!Bookmark here

The koala bear come closer to me and gave me a cassette tape.Bookmark here

— Here, I know you have a Walkman. It can help! Bookmark here

— Oh... Thanks a lot.Bookmark here

That was unexpected. I'm not using my Walkman because I'm half of the time talking to the others and also I'm not having to use my full power. Remember that i mentioned the normal creatures here? Unlike the monster they don't speak, but they all are pretty docile. Bookmark here

— Well, mr Koala Bear. Will you help us?Bookmark here

— Of course! My favorite food was given to me, so now we are best friends! My loyalty will endure until my last day on this planet!Bookmark here

— This guy is pretty nice after all. — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— Well, let's continue! Bookmark here

We descend to floor 12, this one also was way different from the previous one. Here, instead of a little forest there is water everywhere. Bookmark here

— Oh boy, this is not ideal. — Said Pombajato.Bookmark here

Besides the appearances, the water was shallow for the big or medium animals, but the small ones couldn't walk around normally. The rat and Felucia had to get up the back of someone, Felucia come with me and the rat decided to fly with Pombajato.Bookmark here

— Koala bear, do you know what kind of monsters live here?Bookmark here

— Unfortunately the answer for that question is a solid no.Bookmark here

— That's a way of making a simple response longer, hahaha! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— You smell good, Capivarito.Bookmark here

— Can you stop smelling me, Felucia? And... Thanks.Bookmark here

— You're welcome.Bookmark here

In this room only the flying fishes appeared, now I'm really happy that the koala bear decided to come with us... He was cleaning the room easily, but then the fishes started to grow bigger and bigger. There was one big enough to even give the koala a hard time, we tried to help him but the fish was surely way stronger than all the others! Since everyone is still here I can't use any powers yet, so my only choice was to approach and let Felucia attack.Bookmark here

— Can you throw some punches? Bookmark here

HELL YEAH!Bookmark here

That's the answer I wanted. I ran around and she was not only punching some fish, but also trying to eat them. Of course when she bites they disappear immediately, but it still helps with the little ones. Now for the big guy she used her claw and made some injuries around him, judging by how he reacted it surely hurt a little.Bookmark here

— Rat, try to mount the fish!Bookmark here

— I never thought i would hear something like that! Bookmark here

He jumped in the fish and the rodeo started, the rat was hitting the fish with is tiny sword and that wasn't working. Then the fish got back to the water and the rat jumped on the back of Koala.Bookmark here

— This is a serious creature! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— I have a plan, everyone watch carefully. Bookmark here

After saying it, Esperança started punching the ground and making all the water splash around like crazy, when the fish got out he used one rock that he managed to find in the little pool and trowed it at the fish with full force. The jaguar jumped and give the fish a good bite, finally he teleport way and the doors appeared. Oh, I almost forgot, the item room appeared!Bookmark here

— What's up with the room with a lot of light coming out? Bookmark here

— It's the item room, and it's pretty rare! I will check it out.Bookmark here

I entered the room and there was three chests. Different from the other time, this ones are waiting for me...Bookmark here

— Do you think I will receive a beautiful armour? — Felucia said.Bookmark here

— Maybe!Bookmark here

I opened the chests and there was a white armour made specifically for a small cat and some potions. Bookmark here

— YES!!! The cave paid for my efforts.Bookmark here

— I don't think it works like that... But you got lucky, and its a really beautiful armour indeed.Bookmark here

— Hehehe, yes.Bookmark here

She put the armor and it fit perfectly. After that she jumped in my back and her weight was still the same. Outside the other animals were getting ready for the next floor.Bookmark here

— Wow, that's a nice looking armour! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

We finally descend to the next floor, I was curious to know what's coming next. The floor 13 had a little forest inside it, but the trees looked different and this time around there's no creatures wandering around the place. When I entered de room I could feel the difference even in the weather inside it.Bookmark here

— Where's the lights? — The tapir asked.Bookmark here

— Everyone stay together, I'm pretty sure the enemy's are in the room already!Bookmark here

Everyone was covering a certain position, so no monster can attack blindly. Pombajato was the one flying around out of the formation, he was paying attention at the environment since the density of a forest can be really good for a surprise attack. Then, from the top of a tree, a group of monsters that looked similar to snakes tried to attack in formation, they where extremely fast and aggressive. I used my staff and hit one of them with a fireball, the one I hit got teleported immediately; however, the others noticed my firepower (literally) and got back to their hidden positions, after all attacking an opponent stronger head on will just make things easier.Bookmark here

— Pombajato and rat, anything? Bookmark here

— I can't see anything from up here, they know how to camouflage! — Pombajato said.Bookmark here

— Wait, I see something moving! It's in your right, tapir!!! — Screamed the rat.Bookmark here

He rapid jumped back and avoided a attack from the snake, then he hit the monster with his sword and it immediately teleport away. One of the monsters managed to bite the koala bear, Esperança got the snake who did this and sent her flying.Bookmark here

— Are you ok?!Bookmark here

— N-no... They can cause poison, be really careful. Bookmark here

He got teleported away, that koala was really useful. The anteater putted his nose on the ground and started smelling, then he used his sword and went inside the dense vegetation area, I could hear the sound of animals being teleported back pretty loudly. After 1 minute he returned and the doors appeared. Bookmark here

— I was suspicious they were moving underground, and I was right!Bookmark here

— Good job.Bookmark here

We descend to floor 14, and there's the old battlefield from before floor 11; however, when we entered the area everything started to get dark and darker, until one big miner monster appeared. Strangely he didn't bother with us, he was trying really hard to pull a giant diamond from the wall, but it didn't want to cooperate with him.Bookmark here

— Uh... Hey buddy, do you need help?Bookmark here

He looked at us and I noticed he was thinking if it would be worth fighting or just accepting the help and teleporting away without a fight.Bookmark here

— I... I accept the help.Bookmark here

I pointed my staff in the direction of the diamond and shooted a sequence of fireballs around it, immediately the item falled in the ground and splattered into nothing.Bookmark here

— OH SHI-Bookmark here

NOOOOOOO, MY PRECIOUS DIAMOND!!! — He started crying.Bookmark here

— I... I'm sorry.Bookmark here

After it he teleported away and the doors appeared. That was the most easy room, yet the most painful too.Bookmark here

— I was thinking he would hold the diamond... Damnit, I feel bad.Bookmark here

— It was an accident, don't worry about it. — Esperança said.Bookmark here

The next floors 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 where just the same as the other ones we just passed by, with that we could recruit another koala bear. Pretty awesome, right? Anyway, the only big difference in the next floors was the monsters getting armour and stronger, there was nothing more than that. In floor 19 we where discussing what kind of boss we would face off in 20. Bookmark here

— So, the next boss... I'm a little worried.Bookmark here

— The first boss was easy, but he still managed to take me out without much effort. — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— We are better equipped and more prepared this time, what could go wrong? — The anteater asked.Bookmark here

— Good job, anteater. Now we are going to die! — The rat said angrily.Bookmark here

— No one's gonna die, ok? Let's just keep doing what we are doing and everything will be fine.Bookmark here

— Thanks, Esperança! Let's progress now.Bookmark here

We descend to floor 20, the battlefield was covered with sand and the area had an really hot weather. After we entered the battlefield a big light appeared, and it was white again! A little time later a really big snake monster come out of it and little lights appeared across the room with the little snakes coming out of it. The boss had black eyes with red pupils, he looks terrifying.Bookmark here

— You guys won't make it past this floor! Me, king Cobra, wll be the winner of this battle.Bookmark here

He had some spikes around his body in some points of his armour, and the little ones were using the same thing. Bookmark here

— Hold tight on me, Felucia. Bookmark here

I could fell she trembling a little on my back. if I wasn't so sure about something I never would bring her to a place like this...Bookmark here

— I trust you.Bookmark here

I started running around the room and everyone did the same, the little snakes entered the sand and the big one began to roll around using his spikes as a weapon. Koala bear had a tree with him, he used it to attack the ones in the sand, but the cobra managed to hit him and teleport our backup away.Bookmark here

— Really smart decision recruiting monsters... Too bad they are all weak against me! Bookmark here

Cobra was looking around and he decided to focuses his attacks on the tapir, since he's the oldest one In the group he ends up being a easy prey; however, judging animals by apparency can lead to some fatal errors! The tapir waited the enemy get closer, then he used his sword extremely fast, the power behind each slash was beautiful to see. The cobra was so astonished that he tried to go back immediately, but Esperança managed to land some amazing kicks at his head before he entered the sand with the others. Pombajato and the rat used some rocks to protect the ground team from any little snake, they were hitting every enemy with perfect accuracy.Bookmark here

— I know what you're gonna do, and I have the perfect response for it! Bookmark here

Esperança ran into the wall and escalated it pretty quickly, the he got into the roof and jumped down immediately. Did I mention that the distance from the roof and the ground is quite large? I think it's about 50 meters or more. When he was close to the sand the cobra exited it and he managed to hit a perfect landing punch at him! It was so strong that the wind almost made me lose my balance. After getting hit by that the cobra was teleported away and the doors appeared and some new writings on the wall appeared too.Bookmark here

— Esperança, you're definitely carrying our party. Bookmark here

— Hehe, thanks! Bookmark here

The cobra dropped some of his items, but I honestly don't see much utility for any of that. I approached the wall with all the writings so I could read it.Bookmark here

The hidden treasure of having being free... In the beginning of time I watched the creation of countless universes and creatures, unfortunately always all the creations were leading to the same result: nothing. The nothing don't means the universes didn't had anything, but it means what you felt watching it. There's no challenges, no dreams, no meaning behind the actions... Nothing. Then, one beautiful day, the universe you are now was created! "The Free Will Universe", that's the name it receive. Different from all the other ones, the creatures Inside it had the option to decide what they wanted and how they would get it in their hands or paw. It was good, beautiful. But everything comes with a price, and one of the most powerful angels falled off his grace by seeing what this universe become. Why they deserve mercy? Should I permit this pests to cause the suffering of the person I love the most? Should I be the god of this world? He tried to avoid this kind of thoughts, but it was too late. The darkness lord had dominated his heart, and now the two of them rests in separated places. There's no prophecy and I won't make one here, but i will say something simple: anyone can change the future, no matter what! So never give up. I'm the king of Agartha, Melchizedek, and I bless you with my power.Bookmark here

— That's so beautiful, I can understand everything written here with perfection.Bookmark here

— You mean reading?Bookmark here

— No, no. I'm talking about the meaning behind all this letters! My owner, she really likes the bible, but this is much more complex! Do you understand it, Capi?Bookmark here

— Yes, i do. Too bad the writings only appear in boss areas, I really wanted to read more about the amazing lore behind all that! Bookmark here

I looked at my friends and they all looked pretty exhausted.Bookmark here

— Guys, we can sleep here and eat something too. Bookmark here

That's the best thing I heard the whole day! — The jaguar said.Bookmark here

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