Chapter 21:

Behind the Madness

The Forbidden and the Gifted

[9:30 a.m., August 9th, 2048, St. Petersburg, Russia. Shin and Yuki grab onto one another, and Yuki propels Shin towards Katarov, with Shin doing the same thing for Yuki towards Fetistof. Shin lands abruptly in front of Katarov, with blood dripping down his face as he sizes Katarov up – on the other side, Yuki thrusts herself into the already injured Fetistof with both of her legs kicking into his chest before he could react, causing him to grab his back, as more blood began to leak from the stab wound. Behind them, Hachiro looks on from the stairwell, with his sniper in hand, bewildered with what had happened in front of him, while Naomi stands behind him, guarding his back. The shot then pans to Drift, Natsumi and Ryo, all of whom appeared to be tiring out, with bruises across each of their faces and blood running down Drift’s face]

Drift: Nats… you can stop… I can take this guy, Please.

Natsumi: Look at your state! I may as well stay here and help you, no?

Drift: You aren’t supposed to be an endurance fighter Nats… please. Don’t. You’ve done enough. I’ll keep him at bay as long as possible. [He looks behind him] See, the others are even here now… the tables are surely gonna turn.

Ryo [Jumps at him, separating them]: Hey, hey, hey, shitbag… I ain’t letting you rest!

Drift [Takes a breath]: God damn, you ain’t tired as yet mate?

Ryo: I got a job to do, ya shithead. Don’t think you’ve waltzed in here to just shove us out eh?

Drift: You got a job to do? That’s rich coming from the bastard who chose to switch sides just like that eh?

Ryo: Ya think I care? I made my way to the top in Japan but always had bigger ambitions than that, y’know? I only stayed there because they had that notoriously tough ‘Hellhound’, who came as expected, but was absolutely no match from Kat over there.

Drift: So you decided to abandon Japan then?

Ryo: Abandon? Please. That sect led by those two other morons and myself was doomed for failure if anything ever happened to that guys [points to Shin] brother. I didn’t have no loyalty to Japan… hell no. I only ever pledge loyalty to someone who I see as my equal, or above me, those two shitheads… Denis and the other one – never crossed my eye as being equals. Kat on the other hand, is well above me. I see a new world order with him, and a great Baltic Empire which will arise too…

Drift: You’re a lunatic.

Ryo: You should be thanking me, Wilhelm…

Drift [Catches his attention]: Huh?

Ryo: Oh yeah… it definitely is you… Kat wasn’t lying whatsoever, eh? What an incredible man.

Drift: You calling me Wilhelm?

Ryo: Who else would I be calling that, you dipshit?

Drift: Why do you know that name? [Pauses] Wait… shit, shit, shit. You…

Ryo: Took you this long to put two and two together? Oh, I would’ve wished for you to be a little smarter there… that was part of the reason that those two morons wanted you eradicated from Albania. Oh you, and those two others who you worked with… what were their names?

Drift: Shut the hell up. [Yells] Natsumi!

[Natsumi jumps at Ryo from the side, punching him twice, before retreating backwards as he tries to lunge himself forwards toward her. Drift stops him with his right arm, flinging him into the corner, but readjusting his arm, and appearing even more tired than before]

Drift [To Ryo]: Answer me. What’d we ever do to you shitheads eh?

Ryo [Laughs]: Don’t ask me… you’re the one who started up that shit eh Wil? You brought the attention to yourself, didn’t you?

Drift: We barely did anything, damnit!

Ryo: Barely anything? You guys were criminals through and through, my friend. You were lucky you were even able to get on that flight to Japan.

Drift: You’re full of shit.

Ryo: I ain’t. You could even ask Takuya why he saved y’all that day. He didn’t give a shit about you guys, no matter what he said… he only did that cause we told him to kick rocks because he didn’t like our policy regarding Ichigo and any payments that would be made towards his people.

Drift: I couldn’t care less about that…

Ryo: Oh, but you should, you really, really should y’know?

Drift: Shut up. [He kicks him square in the face]

Ryo: You’ll understand later why I was the only one against your killing… I was glad to hear the news from Katarov that you were alive.

Drift: Shut up. I don’t wanna hear it from a traitorous, piece of shit like yourself.

Ryo: Please, you can stop calling me traitorous, I already told you, I had no loyalty to Japan from the start. They didn’t matter at all to me. But see, Katarov understands everything. He’s truly revolutionary. He will take us so much farther than anyone – even I – could.

Drift [Kicks him in the head]: Eh? Why? Because he’s got a gift? So what? All that does is make buddy dangerous… nothing else mate. Stop acting like he’s so high and mighty.

[Drift clenches his chest and catches his breath and Natsumi looks over at him]

Natsumi: You alright Drift?

Drift [Nods]: Yeah. I’m just a little bit tired, that’s all.

Natsumi: You want me to finish him off for ya?

Drift: Nah that’s okay. I wanna do this right.

Natsumi: Alright.

Drift: You can go to the others now Nats… I appreciate your concern but look at him. This is over now. You don’t have to worry.

Natsumi [Looks at Ryo, with his back against the wall, heavily bruised and close to being knocked out]: Alright. I’ll leave the rest up to you.

[She then turns around, and sees Katarov and Shin trading punches, with Katarov dealing increasing amounts of damage to Shin, with Shin being unable to counter him in any manner due to Katarov’s temporary immunity – however, Shin seems to be holding on, despite Katarov’s obvious advantages in height and reach. Next to them, Yuki and Fetistof can be seen trading punches, with both of them being unwilling to back down, and both of them being an equivalent match for the other]

Yuki [To Fetistof]: So, you’re the number two around here, I take it?

Fetistof [Smirks]: Yup.

Yuki: You’re a tough guy, to say the least. Tougher than the number four guy for sure, even though you’re injured.

Fetistof [Laughs]: Oh, Aleks? Ha. That guy was nothing compared to me or the number three. He’s old-school. I take it y’all killed him?

Yuki: And if we say we did?

Fetistof: That ain’t my problem. He used to be part of the boys club here with Kat, but new blood and his own weaknesses got in his way. He only kept that number four spot because he was one of the original founding members, and was close to Kat. Ever since we’ve had an influx of new blood, he got pushed down, and he didn’t necessarily like everything.

Yuki: New blood, eh?

Fetistof [Laughs]: Well, enough talking. Let’s fight then, shall we?

Yuki: Sure. Don’t expect me to go easy on ya though, just because you’re injured. If I had a knife, I’d stab you like that too.

Fetistof: Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. I won’t be taking any rests either. I ain’t letting you lay another hand on Kat?

Yuki: Why? Cause he used his trump card earlier? Are y’all really that scared? Bunch of babi –

[Fetistof closes on her before she could finish talking, and attempts to punch her, but she lowers herself and ducks away]

Yuki: Oh man… guess that’s what I should be expecting to be honest.

Fetistof [Thinking]: How’d she predict that? And how’d she deduce that Kat’s immunity has a limit? Still, even if you’d figure out that his trump card is immunity, shouldn’t you immediately think that the contest is over? Why would it cross your mind that you still have a fighting chance and that there’s a weakness to his gift?

Yuki [Jumps towards him, kicking him in the chest]: Pay attention, shithead!

Fetistof: Oh, you hit hard… but I’m not done here!

[He raises his fist towards her, and attempts to punch her arm in, but she blocks the punch with her other hand]

Fetistof: Perfect…

[He raises his other leg, and kicks toward her back, knocking her forward]

Yuki [Yells]: Holy shit…

Fetistof: Yeah… don’t think this is gonna be easy girl!

Fetistof [Thinking]: I can’t kill her, but I’ve gotta give everything I have to keep her from getting back to Kat… that has to be her whole goal here. She’s for sure stronger than that leader guy they have, so she’s using him as bait to waste time, before she goes back in on him and the sniper guy has another chance to end him… I can’t have that.

[They both stand in front of each other, with a short distance between them, and immediately get close to one another, trading punches once again. Yuki only misses her third punch, while Fetistof misses his second and fifth ones, before they both retreat slightly to catch their breath. Fetistof still has blood dripping from his abdomen, and he looks slightly worse off than Yuki does]

Yuki: You sure you can keep going, ya damn piece of shit?

Fetistof: You think I can’t? You think I’d go down to you, right here, right now? Hell no. I would never –

[A sniper rifle sounds off once again, alerting everyone, and as the scene pans back to Yuki and Fetistof, a bullet can be seen to have just grazed Fetistof’s head, between himself and Yuki, and was lodged in the wall behind him]

Fetistof [Yells]: Ehhhh? Was that you, you stupid sniper? You going for me now, eh?

Fetistof [Thinking]: Holy shit…. I lost track of that bastard for one second and he nearly got me… shit man, shit. I need to kill this girl and get to that bastard first, cause he’s the true threat. She can only wear me down and then kill Katarov if he’s worn down enough… this guy’s got the gun. I have to find him.

[The scene pans to Hachiro, holding his rifle]

Hachiro: Fuck!

Naomi: That was the best you could do though… you basically hit him too.

Hachiro: Yeah but he’s still standing! I need him gone so Yukes can focus on Kat!

Naomi: Yukes will be fine… you did a good job not hitting her. I was scared you’d miss that way.

Hachiro: Hell no… that’s the reason I missed slightly… I was too concentrated on not hitting her. It’d be a failure altogether if I hit her at all.

Naomi: Yeah I know, I know.

Hachiro [Looks through his scope]: Wait, wait, wait, what’s he doing?

Naomi [Looks down]: Is he trying to get around her?

[The scene pans back to Yuki and Fetistof, and Fetistof, with his new plan in mind, tries to avoid Yuki and get to Hachiro at any cost]

Yuki [To Fetistof]: Ehhhh? Where you going? You scared?

Yuki [Thinking]: Wait… where is he going? What’s he up to?

Fetistof [Thinking]: I’ve gotta get to this damn sniper first… I won’t be able to do anything otherwise, and he’ll end up taking out Kat… quickly…

Yuki: Oi, shithead!

[She jumps at him, but he jumps away, creating distance]

Yuki: Oi, what’re you doing?

Fetistof: Shut up girl. We’re done here.

Yuki: Ehhhh? I thought we were just starting, number two?

Fetistof [Jumps to the side]: This fight is done.

Yuki [Thinking]: What’s he trying to get to so badly? Drift and that other rat are about even, and Shin’s currently losing to Kat… what does he wanna do? Is Kat’s immunity gonna cap out?

[Fetistof dodges her next punch, and then runs straight by her, towards the stairwell, when suddenly, she realizes what’s happening]

Yuki [Yells]: Hachi! Get outta there!

[The scene pans to Hachiro, who hears the call and stands up, with his rifle in an awkward position, as he positions himself between Naomi and the doorway, and within a short burst, Fetistof can be seen, with his fist raised towards Hachiro’s head]

Hachiro [Thinking]: I can’t dodge this… shit, shit, shit. I can’t… I can’t take a punch like Yuki or Shin can… shit. My gun ain’t even loaded… shit. I’m sorry Yukes… I couldn’t kill either of them for you… at least I got to be with ya up till now…

[He covers his eyes and braces for an impact punch to land, but nothing happens, and he looks up and sees two men standing in front of him – one of which is Electra, who is trying to fend off Fetistof, and the other is Matthew, the leader of the Sybil troops]

Matthew: Whatcha covering yer eyes for, mate?

Hachiro: Huh? Wait… Matthew? How’d ya get down here?

Matthew: We kept Dais and Rina up there for now with Llloyd – Ashe went up there and swapped with us cause it’s starting to thin out up there, even though we’ve lost quite a bit of men. I’m surprised it took em this long to come for –

[Fetistof throws Electra at Matthew, which causes both of them to fall backwards, in front of Hachiro and Naomi]

Hachiro [To Naomi]: Mi, stand back!

[He looks towards where she had last been standing, but notices that she isn’t there. A second later, he sees her reach behind Fetistof and dive towards his neck with a knife, but Fetistof reacts quickly, swatting her away from him and into the wall, but she regains her footing and doesn’t look worse for wear]

Fetistof: Oh wow, even the cute ones are being trained as assassins nowadays eh?

[The other two get up, with Matthew pulling Electra up, and the two stand face to face with the already beaten down Fetistof, who still towers above them, both in height and in reach]

Electra [To Hachiro]: Get to Mi, we’ll deal with this shithead. You get her and get to a better location and vantage point for your sniper. He’s clearly after you because of your sniper though, so we’ve gotta get in the way of that.

Hachiro: Gotcha man. Matt, y’know this is their number two – don’t die man.

Matthew [Grins]: Don’t worry man… I’ll make it through.

[Hachiro makes a beeline for Naomi, and Fetistof attempts to cut him down with a high roundhouse kick, but Electra gets in the way, grabbing Fetistof’s foot and pushing him backwards, with Matthew jumping at him from the other side]

Fetistof: Oh… now we got two shitters on me? Get out of my way, damnit.

Matthew: Yeah… that ain’t happening buddy.

Fetistof [Kicks Electra to the side, then looks directly at Matthew]: Lemme get you out of the way first…

Matthew: Bring it.

[Matthew raises his arm up, but Fetistof ignores it, grabbing his face and twisting it, before kneeing him in the stomach. As Electra gets up, he lands a successful punch from the other side, hitting Fetistof in the knife wounds spot, causing even more blood to spew out. Fetistof grimaces, then with his free hand grabs Electra’s face, and throws the both of them at one another, which resonates with a loud ‘bang’. Fetistof then kicks the closer of the two, Matthew, at Electra, into the wall, and snaps his neck back into place as he turns around to look for Hachiro]

Matthew [Gets up slowly, but yells loudly enough that Fetistof turns around]: That all you got, number two? I’d say you’re pretty weak then, eh?

Fetistof [Thinking]: Ignore him. You have a priority target. Ignore him.

Electra [Stands up, battered and bruised]: Yeah man… I’d say we had a tougher go around with your lackeys up there, y’know?

Fetistof [Doesn’t turn around]: Shut it, shitheads.

Matthew: Oi mate, you ain’t getting to him, y’know? We’ll keep getting up to wear you down… and look at ya, already with blood leaking and leaking, I’m shocked you ain’t dead as yet.

Fetistof [Thinking]: Don’t turn on them. Don’t turn on them.

Matthew: Come on now man… what would Katarov think? He’s already got a capable enough number three… you really wanna lose that position to that guy? You’re old news, man… can’t even take out two average ass guys. Pathetic.

Fetistof [Turns around, with rage filling his face]: Fine then… I’ll murder both of you. I don’t give a damn anymore… I’m so sick of all of you… that deluded kid, your moronic leader, that idiotic girl, the sniper, you two, what is this, a god-damn circus? Stop kidding around with me. I’m done with this shit. I’m done with listening to orders.

Electra [Thinking]: Perfect, he’s just as meatheaded as I expected… he has a goal that he has to complete, which includes incapacitating Hachiro’s sniping at least… maybe he deduced Hachiro’s the only one who can actually do something to Kat? Who knows? Regardless, it’s good to know that of this group, only the leader has an incredible intellect – this guy is just tough as nails – tooth and bone. Now… to survive this though.

Electra [To Matthew]: You ready?

Matthew: Of course, mate.

Electra: We’ve gotta stall for at least a few minutes… Hachiro’s gotta find a better vantage point and reload the sniper too, alright?

Matthew: My endurance ain’t a problem chief… I’ll make sure he doesn’t get past me.

[Fetistof charges at them, and both of them ready themselves. Fetistof turns himself to Matthew first, lunging at him, but unlike the first time, his movements are slower, so Matthew dodges to his right, and shifts away from him, as Electra hurls at him from behind, taking a kick at his spine, but Fetistof raises one of his hands, knocking Electra off, but the blow doesn’t faze Electra. Matthew then lunges at Fetistof, but he reacts again, dodging the first flurry of punches, while blocking the last one, and pushing him backwards, while Electra jumps at him, kicking in his already impaled side. Fetistof moves to the side, and then rushes at Electra instead, which surprises both him and Matthew, and Fetistof can land a clean right to Electra’s chin, and then turns around to land a clean left to Matthew’s face as well. Both of them get tossed in different directions, but are able to stand up once again, and Fetistof takes a breather – the first time he actively looked tired during his fighting – in an attempt to slow down his bleeding and catch his breath]

Fetistof [Thinking]: Holy … I’m losing a good chunk of blood. I won’t die from this, but I could knock myself out if I’m not too careful… shit, I can’t be doing that, I can’t let this damn sniper get to Kat… shit, shit, shit, I’ve gotta take these two out as soon as possible.

Fetistof [Yells at them]: Come on! Let’s finish this here and now!

[Matthew and Electra look at one another and nod]

Matthew: Yeah… come on then!

Matthew [Thinking]: We’ve gotta buy time… we have to. It’s our only option here, if we want Hachiro to have a chance at finishing Kat and this guy off]

[The two lunge at Fetistof, and he punches Electra to the side, but Electra gets up, and the three begin to brawl, with Electra hitting Fetistof from the sides, and Matthew taking most of the punches to the face, while also counterpunching at Fetistof’s weak point, and at his face as well. The scene then pans to Shin and Katarov, who have still been fighting all of this time, with Katarov’s fighting prowess on display, with Shin being heavily battered, bruised and bloody, from his face to his arms and legs, while Katarov had some minor bruises, but was otherwise unaffected]

Katarov: Hey, hey, hey… leader… how many times do I have to tell you? It’s friggin immunity! You can’t beat it!

Shin [Punches towards him]: Shut up!

[Shin punches him, but Katarov doesn’t even budge, jumping backwards, before rushing at him once again, kicking him before he could respond]

Katarov: Come on now… I thought you’d at least be some match after what that girl Yuki gave me… she was great, y’know? A real keeper… too bad she couldn’t see the light and wasn’t willing to help me out…

Shin [Chuckles]: Help you out? You, the one who killed my brother? My brother who was like a brother to all of us back home? YOU? She said no to joining you, and you’re flabbergasted at that? My, my, you may be a strategic genius, but you aren’t at all bright in those ways.

Katarov: Oh, shut up kid… [He punches at Shin, missing the first with his right, but connecting on the second with his left]

Shin [Gets up]: You’re the one who did this man. Don’t think any of us will ever forgive you.

Katarov: Oh please, please… I know you more than you know yourself. Ichigo Taiki only mattered to you, to that girl, to the other girl that’s with you right now, and to those three guys who moved to the big city in Tokyo. I know that. The rest of these guys align with you cause you’re a good leader and you’ve got a good cause… that’s it. Half of em had only heard stories about Ichigo man! Stop kidding yourself! Your brother’s dead and gone, goddamnit! I didn’t do it because I wanted to kill him! He would’ve been great working alongside of me, he truly was a special man and a special fighter! But he had his own stupid-ass moral code, and he chose to go against me! How can you blame me? HOW?

Shin [Lunges at him, punching him, then kicking him in the chest]: SHUT UP! You’re the one who chose to overthrow the Baltic States Governments and form the damn Empire that you have now! He was tasked with getting rid of you because you and your people decided to take over an elected government body! You’re the one who’s at fault here!

Katarov [Punches him again]: ME? Did you know how life was for us here in these states? Of course you didn’t! You’re a privileged ass kid, growing up in Japan, with a brother who provided more money than could ever be necessary! We didn’t have shit here! We could barely get the damn basics man! These corrupt asses in power forced our damn hand!

Shin: So, you’re saying that there was no way around it than to take the damn rule by force? Is that what you’re trying to prove here?

Katarov: Yes I am man! Why can’t you get it through your thick damn skull man! Think for a second man, think! We wanted to be kids too man! We wanted to have the lives that we can only now see kids are having – we didn’t have a damn choice but to fight for our lives man! I’m one of the luckier ones to have been blessed and trained with such an unbelievably strong gift, so when the chance was given for me to grow with it and use it to get my way, do you think I’d say no?

Shin: But see, you had the damn power! You weren’t powerless! You were blessed with power and yet you made the choice to kill them and create a rule under yourself to satisfy yourself! You could’ve easily worked with your previous government, if they had seen what you were capable of, you would’ve been lauded as a national hero.

Katarov [Kicks him down, splattering blood]: National Hero? What, are you living in a fictional world? Just because your brother was awarded some shitty medals doesn’t mean these governments would’ve done anything to help us out man! You think they’d let me work with them? Hell no man! You think they care about me? Hell no man! If they knew that someone like me existed, while they were still in power, I’d have been deported, jailed or killed! What don’t you friggin understand?

Shin [Gets up and kicks at him]: You didn’t even fucking try man! Don’t give me that!

Katarov: What’s there to try? They aren’t gonna do anything! Am I supposed to waste my precious years doing something so useless?

Shin: You can say whatever you like man, but deep down, you knew that the temptation of being the damn leader of not just an organization, but a whole Empire, was what you truly wanted.

Katarov: You’re obtuse. You and your brother said the same shit, but I just wanted to create a utopia for the people of this empire, which I’ll be able to achieve within my lifetime.

Shin: A utopia created out of blood, you bastard! Not just my brothers’ blood, but the blood of all of these damn Baltic people… have their lives changed at all? Nothing’s changed! Life is marginally improved, but you’ve done absolutely nothing to drastically improve the quality of life! You only did this to take the throne and become a superpower, with the backing of these damn Russians!

Katarov [Laughs]: You really are like your brother… aren’t you?

Shin: Eh? What’d you say about my brother?

Katarov: I said that you two are the same… no doubt about it. Ethical freaks, who only care about what’s right in front of them and can’t see the light that shines a little ways away. At least he had some redeeming qualities though, and he put up a good fight. You on the other hand… you’re useless. You’re weak. You’re a damn shame compared to your brother.

Shin [Angrily]: Why you….!

[A hand reaches across Shin’s chest, which prevents him from moving any farther. Shin looks at the hand angrily, before looking up, and realizing that the hand has been raised by Yuki]

Yuki [Looks at him gently, with the same hand shaking with rage]: Calm down Shinzo. I told ya… we’d take him down, alright? Don’t let him egg you on. Prove to yourself, and your brother, that you are Ichigo’s brother, through and through.

Shin [Looks at her, then nods]: Let’s do this then!

[Yuki and Shin run towards Katarov, whose immunity is still persisting, but they fan out, and attack him both at once, with Yuki still holding strong and doing much more damage to Katarov than Shin does – although no damage can be seen, Yuki can be seen as the much more dangerous fighter of the two]

Katarov [To Yuki]: Oh… you’ve returned, have you? To rescue your boyfriend?

Yuki [Angrily]: This one isn’t my boyfriend… this one’s the one who lost his damn brother because of your insufferable ass. You won’t see the light of heaven for all you’ve done, you know that, don’t you?

Katarov: I don’t care enough… I won’t be seeing death today either, I can assure you that much… and if you didn’t come back, the only person here who’d be facing death face-to-face would be this lunatic, all because of his stupid revenge game… what an…

[Yuki lunges at him, kicking him, and Shin hits him twice with two kicks from his left leg – but Katarov quickly counters, turning around and bashing Shin’s head with his own, before turning to Yuki and trading punches with her again. She lands the majority of her punches, which do minimal damage thanks to his immunity, but she is able to dodge a fair bit of his, but his last right connects hard with her jaw, pushing her backwards]

Shin: God-damn you!

[He runs at Katarov, and punches him, but Katarov stands and takes it, and then is fed a faceful more of rights, but again continues to take the punches one by one]

Katarov: Does this satisfy you? Does it? [Yells louder] Does it? You can’t beat me! Your brother couldn’t beat me! None of you can! Bow down to me, goddamnit! You insufferable pieces of shit! I’m so glad you guys ended up coming here after all! After all that hard work I went through to find that damn girl… the daughter of one of my ex-trainers, nonetheless! Oh, how sweet it really is! You took the bait and came here, because of your damn vengeance! You’re a fool Shin! You never will reach the heights of your brother! You never could! You’re a damn stain on the Taiki family name! You’re god-damn pathetic, y’know! Oh, how sweet this is… you brought me the girl, and you brought me yourselves, and you showed yourselves out to having an alliance with the damn Brits! Oh, you guys are such fools! You never could –

[Katarov gets pelted by Drift’s metal right hand, with the punch lifting him off of his feet and pushing him far into the wall. Due to his immunity – which is running extremely low and has been realized by both himself and Fetistof – he doesn’t take any damage, but he has to crack his neck back into shape as he looks at Drift and laughs. Behind Drift stand Natsumi, Martial and Kohaku, who arrives back in the scenes after spending most of the last while attempting to not get caught in any crossfire/fights, and Fetistof can be seen throwing Matthew into Electra, with both of them nearly unable to move. Fetistof has also taken a heavy beating, and is still bleeding, as Ryo rushes help him out, and they both stand near the doorway]

Drift: What the hell are you blabbing about, ya shithead?

Katarov: Oh perfect, perfect, even you’re here now Drift? Wow. This couldn’t have worked out any better, y’hear?

Drift: Eh? The hell are ya talking about, you friggin asshole?

Katarov: I was afraid you’d be somewhere else… but you’re right here, right in front of me. All of this hinges on you, you know? Not your useless leader… not that strong girl… not the British help… none of that! It’s all on you!

Drift [Attempts to punch him with his same, tired arm]: Shut it. Your second in command is weakened to all hell… you’re not at full strength, I just kicked the shit out of Ryo’s traitorous, lying ass and he had to scurry away from me – I don’t even know where that rat went to hide. How could you possibly have the advantage, and then you say that this all relies on me? What kind of idiotic nonsense are you spouting out, you moron?

Katarov [Smiles, then snaps his fingers]: This.

[For a second, the electricity cuts in the basement, and the emergency power kicks in. Within seconds, a tall, sleek entity stands in front of Katarov, protecting him and radiating with a white-beige aura. Within a fraction of a second, the figure lifts itself up above the floor, floating on the air, and extends its hand, before freezing the room with ice and a harsh, winters breeze. The figure then retracts its arm, causing the freeze to be lifted, but the drastic change in temperature, causes even more pain to everyone besides Katarov, who still maintains the last minute or so of his immunity. A sniper fires once again, this time, at the figure, but the figure raises that same hand once again, blocking the bullet, causing it to fall down to the ground, shocking Hachiro and Naomi. Quickly, the figure pinpoints their location, and drags them both out unarmed, throwing them at Yuki and Shin, who are still bewildered at the spectacle. As the temperature returns to normal, the figure descends from the air, and stands next to Katarov, and its aura continues to glow, but such lessens, as the figure appears in a more modest, humanly manner]

Shin: What the hell is this?

Katarov [To Yuki]: This is the fallen angel I was talking about… this is the light of salvation and the one who will change the world! He is my only trainer – not that lowly girls father – and he is the one to whom I shall always follow! Frost!

Drift: What in the ever-loving…

Frost [Takes a look at the surroundings, then looks at Drift]: You… you have suffered… you, Wilhelm of Albania, the forgotten prince … you… I am here to show you the light… you are part of a great future, my friend…