Chapter 25:

Goodbye Caelestis

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

The last day of Caelestis’ visit came far faster than I liked. I decided I would do something fun for his last day. So as I walked into his room that day I told him to get on me and I shifted. A giant horse sized gray wolf stood in his room, in place of that small girl that I was.

He reached out and ran his icy fingers through my fur. “Soft,” He purred.

I tried my best to smile in wolf form. I ended up just showing a lot of pointed teeth.

He climbed onto me and gripped onto my fur as I started to walk. I walked slowly through the mansion, gaining a few strange looks from the other werewolves. It was not often that we were ridden. A waste really, we are big enough for it.

As soon as we got outside I started to run. Caelestis crouched down on me, like a jockey. I ran deep into the forest. I couldn’t go quite as fast as I would have liked to as Caelestis was riding me bareback.

I was grateful to have a cool being around my neck in the summer heat. However I was aware of his sunlight sensitivity and avoided it best I could.

It didn’t take me long to get to the destination. A huge waterfall, I could hear it from much further away but I wasn’t sure Caelestis could because as we came into the clearing he seemed quite surprised. The nature curling around it made it look magical. The first time I had laid my eyes upon its cascading water it had taken my breath away.

“Well this is cute,” Caelestis slid off my back.

I shifted, “It's a hot day.”

I shed my shirt and my skirt and looked at him to do the same.

“I didn’t realise there were waterfalls,” he muttered as he pulled off his shirt.

“Oh there is a lot to see,” I said slyly as I watched him.

After he had taken off most of his clothes I elegantly swan dived into the water. He got in a little more safely but to each their own. I swam up to him, doggy paddling around him in the refreshing water.

“Are you a good swimmer?” I asked.

“I’m decent,” he said, managing to tread water.

“It's really refreshing though,” I sighed.

I ducked under the water, letting the cool water envelop me, my hair fanned out and floated all around me. I watched from under the water Caelestis swimming around. I swam up to him like a monster of the deep. I grabbed his leg and pulled him underwater. He allowed this to happen and smiled at me as we came face to face under the water. My hair floated around both of us. I pulled him close and kissed him. There was a level of danger kissing underwater that made it all the more magical. Caelestis kissed back and he held me with his hands exploring my back. We kissed for as long as we could before we had to break the surface gasping for air. I giggled at it.

“Vampires aren’t great without air like this,” Caelestis smiled.

“Werewolves too,” I swam over to a rock where I could sit down half submerged.

He followed me over and sat beside me, making sure he was in the shade, “They don’t like being in the sun much in general.”

“Surely you have enough power to overcome that,” I looked at him.

He sighed, “Bit of a natural weakness for the species if anything.”

I edged closer to him, smiling, “it's weird, I've never taken someone here before.”

“Surely not,” he commented.

“I know right. I suppose romance isn't really what people want with me, it's more I want you right now,” I mimed ripping off clothes.

“Why don’t you try and change that?” He asked.

I bit my lip and looked around then directly at him.

“Well then,” he chuckled.

I started laughing and leaned on him, he could be a little slow at times. But I didn’t mind. I took a deep breath in, of the refreshing forest air.

“You know I am kind of technically a taken man right?” he asked.

“I'm aware, don't get the wrong idea Caelestis I'm not like looking for a relationship or something, I flat out can't be in one. However, the day I respect Elvira’s claim over you will be the day I'm rotting in the ground,” I explained flatly.

He chuckled, “Is that right?”

“Be thankful you aren't a werewolf because if your mate did what she is doing right now it would be like a knife through your chest every time. That's like 50 knives!” I exclaimed.

“Does that work for all werewolves and their mates? They can sense their mate’s unloyal behaviour?” He was a little curious.

“Well obviously I don't have one yet but, yes, unless they are like locked away in a jail with the myth hunters they have a mental connection where they can feel everything their mate feels. And betrayal hurts because you can feel that too. I've seen it before it's actually painful,” I explained and I felt an uncomfortable chill within me. It wasn’t my favourite topic of conversation.

“So if Mik cheats on Natalie she would feel it and vice versa? Hmm… interesting behaviour on his behalf,” Caelestis pondered.

“Are they even mates?” I asked, I’d never really seen Mik act like it.

“You would think so about how long they’ve been together but I rarely see them I don’t even know,” Caelestis said thinking about it a little.

“Hmmm well maybe Lucius will find a mate soon,” Maybe then he would stop being such a pest to literally everyone.

“I’m certain he would still cheat. As I’m certain Mik does. Like shitty father like shitty son,” Caelestis said darkly.

I giggled and dismissed, “rogues.”

“I wish them misery,” he whispered.

We spent a good chunk of the day swimming and relaxing in the cool water and for Caelestis, avoiding the sun. It was such a lovely way to spend our last day together but eventually we had to return.

I carried him back to the mansion on my back after we dried off, that didn’t take very long in the summer heat.

We were in my room when Kayin walked in.

“He needs to go, father is here,” Kayin looked at me, pointedly as if I’d try to keep his brother trapped here forever. It was tempting but I wasn’t that kind of girl.

“They’ve fixed everything?” Caelestis asked a little uncertain.

“Yep it's all good now,” Kayin looked impatient.

Caelestis looked at me, “Sounds like they’re calling me back.”

“I guess it’s all safe,” I smiled at him.

He smiled in return, “I’ll see you at school Varinia.”

He and Kayin left my room.

“Will do,” I told him.

I stood there for a moment watching the open door. Then I turned to the window and watched them all walk across the lawn.

I smiled at it. This summer was truly a special one for me. A solstice that was more fun than any other and I had formed a connection I knew would last a lifetime. Or at least I hoped it would. School would start next week and I was looking forward to it. Not for the classes but for the people, even if the Amanes were there I had better people to surround myself with. I was grateful to this summer and all it had given me. Sure the heat was uncomfortable, much like the summers before it but the wonderful times I had with the people I cherished.

Still Spring would march closer and closer as time passed. But if I was enjoying each day as I had been, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I could live a fulfilling life before my freedom would be taken from me.

If I had someone who truly understood me and the struggles I faced, maybe I could bear to face the Spring when it came. Maybe I’d have someone beside me to help me bear the brunt of it.

Though a tragic situation caused it this summer I would treasure it as the summer I finally opened up to another person. It was the greatest gift.

I was sad that Caelestis left the pack yet I knew our adventures weren’t over just yet. In fact our bond was still fresh. I was so ready for what it would give.

Autumn, bring it on.

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