Chapter 24:

The Victim's Justice

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

Caelestis was rough and unforgiving, not what I expected but I enjoyed it. It satisfied me completely. The desperate hunger was gone. I was at peace as I lay beside him. He held me in silence. And I enjoyed his cool until it gave way to my heat.

His phone buzzed so he rolled over to the side of the bed and checked it. I felt a little naked without his embrace.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked softly.

“Yeah…” He replied a little distracted, he scrolled a little, “it seems like they’ve got the barrier back up.”

“Oh that’s good,” I said but I was a little sad. Sure it was amazing that the people of the Hirasawa mansion would be safe again but it meant my time with Caelestis was coming to an end soon. This summer with him was wonderful.

“Yeah…” Caelestis trailed off, his voice mimicking how I felt inside.

“You don’t seem too happy,” I pointed out.

“Don’t I?” He looked up at me.

“You want to stay here because you love me so much,” I smirked

“Yes, if that helps you sleep at night,” he mocked me.

“Really?” my brow creased.

“You get suspicious easy,” he laughed that beautiful laugh of his, a low rumble of joy.

There was nothing I could do but smile even though he was laughing at me. It was just so wonderful to see his face in a joyous expression. I shot forward and kissed him. He kissed back and it was like a lingering reminder of what we had just done. The cold becoming hot and the taste of rose burned into my memory.

He sat up, breaking away from the kiss, “I should organise with my mother and my siblings what is happening next.”

“I’ve got a little patrolling to do anyway. But make sure you annoy your sister. She deserves it,” I told him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” he offered, putting on his clothes.

“I’m sure, but damn I will miss seeing her naked,” I said sarcastically while pulling my shirt on.

He was buttoning up his shirt, “Sucks to be you.”

“Yeah I really wanted to see your sister naked one last time before she left.”

“She will literally strip in front of you without your consent.”

I shivered, “So yeah no thank you… Have fun with that.”

I walked out of the room but I could hear him chuckling behind me. I caught my reflection in the mirror and fixed my hair a little before continuing down stairs.

My patrol had already gathered and I joined them. Today we were patrolling the mortal world border. It was always so strange walking into the mortal world after the crazy news I’ve heard and experienced in the mythical one. But there in the mortal world everything was at peace. Children hanging around eating ice cream, couples on dates and teenagers shopping. They were all unaware of us on patrol, probably just regarded us as strange. How it would be to feel completely safe.

Luckily we were safe and the patrol ended without incident. As I came back home the Luna and a little posse of wolves approached me.

“Luna Racheal,” I bowed.

She bowed in response, “Varinia. As you know the pack has captured Mik and we have ruled that as his crime against you was so severe that we will bestow onto you, the victim’s justice.”

I couldn’t help myself, I gasped, “That is an honour.”

The Luna gave me a strange look, “I suppose, I trust you to handle this,” she paused, choosing her words, “well in whichever way you would like to.”

I smiled, “Thank you Luna.”

She nodded at me and continued on her way. I was buzzing with excitement. I just had to tell Caelestis. I followed his scent to a lounge room, a few other wolves were there but he was ignoring them.

“Hey you, any news?” I asked.

“Why would I have news, I’m living my life on repetition currently,” he said glumly.

“Well I have some excitement for you and I promise it's not my dick, again,” I told him, bristling with energy.

“Is that what you claim?” He looked very sceptical.

I took his hand and led him out of the lounge room, where we were getting a lot of stares. I told him, “I get to decide Mik’s fate.”

He didn’t fully understand, “What does that mean?”

“Well for what he did to me it was either death or something called the victim’s justice and he chose my judgement. Want to help me decide what to do with him?” I asked, buzzing with anticipation.

“That’s…,” Caelestis mulled over what I said.

“What?” I leaned in smiling.

He collected his opinions, “A big responsibility.”

“I'm thinking, butler, what are your thoughts?” I asked.

He smiled deviously, “How humiliating I love it.”

“I need someone to do my laundry…. and get me anything I want!” I said. I was so ready to punish this sick man for his sick acts. Though I wished it were Lucius his father had likely done way worse for way longer so I would settle.

“Sounds like your heart is already set on something,” Caelestis said.

“Maybe but I'm open to what you think. I think he would be a good shield.”

“I mean I think it’s a good idea too.”

“I’m full of good ideas aren’t I?”


I gave Caelestis a peck on the cheek and he smiled at me, “Surely he knew the consequences though. Do you think he’ll listen?”

“That’s the thing,” I explained, “He has no choice, he is in silver chains.”

“Even better, go for it.”

“You’re coming with me… He’s pathetic, it will entertain you,” I grabbed his wrist and led him to the stairs that took us down to the dungeon. I opened the door to the basement level and cold air hit us.

Caelestis looked at me, “Where is Mik?”

“Locked up in a cell, we're going down to the dungeon,” I reassured him.

“Sucks for his family now that he’s like this,” Caelestis chuckled.

I started to walk down the stairs feeling for the light switch, “Maybe but I don’t care, he is awful.”

“He clearly doesn’t think of anyone else,” Caelestis said and I switched the light on. The stairs flooded with light, down here was a hallway, one doorway led to a cellar filled with wine, the other to the dungeons. It wasn’t often we had prisoners but they were important.

“Not even his family,” I remarked as we walked down the stairs and I led him to the doorway. Keys of course were needed to open this door and I pulled them out of my pocket.

The door gave off a huge creak as we opened it. And the dank smell hit me. It was so nasty down here. Creepy rows of cells illuminated by torchlight for extra effect. Each of the cells would cater to different kinds of abilities. There was a guard posted at the doorway, he bowed to me as he saw me walk in. I bowed back.

“Oh Mik,” I called out and my voice echoed a little.

“This is…” Caelestis looked around, “great.”

There was a groan from down the corridor. We walked towards the groan and saw a very beaten up Mik. He had a silver collar and cuffs on. He was also chained to the wall with silver chains. His blonde hair looked as disgusting as he smelt.

“How are things Mik?” Caelestis mocked.

“Get me out of here!” Mik struggled and strained against his silver restraints which glinted wickedly in the low light. He winced in pain from the movement.

I laughed at him, “Oh you think you can just assault the future Luna of the Blue Star pack with your little children and just get away with it? Is Caelestis going to set you free? Is that right?”

“I wonder how your family will think now that you’ve been reduced to this,” Caelestis’ top lip twitched.

Mik glared at him, “spoilt brat.”

“I may be, but I’m in the better position,” Caelestis said calmly.

“My sons will get you,” Mik growled. He was foaming from the mouth a little, like a completely rabid dog.

“You’re disgusting, this is why we have a bad name,” I couldn’t keep the hatred out of my voice.

“What makes you think your sons care?” Caelestis asked.

Mik spat at him, “they will come for you.”

I rolled my eyes and Caelestis chuckled. I hoped they did come for us. Then we could lock them away too.

The guard approached me and gave me another collar and a key, the key to his cell. I thanked the guard and unlocked the cell, “I don’t know if you listened but you’re mine now.”

“Fuck you,” was Mik’s only response.

I took the collar and clipped it around his neck, he struggled as much as he could but I made sure it was on as tight as possible.

“Should’ve just died,” Caelestis remarked when the collar was secure.

“I’ll kill you,” Mik hissed at him.

“Sure you will, this collar on your neck will inject silver into your bloodstream if you show any kind of aggression. So maybe you will die,” I unlocked the chains.

Mik panicked and tried to pull the collar off but grimaced in pain.

“Seriously? Why would that work?” I screwed up my face at him.

“Keep trying though,” Caelestis was trying not to laugh.

Mik stopped and huffed, giving into his new situation.

“You are now my butler and you will do exactly as I say. Ok?” I told him, he was completely silent and I smiled, to Caelestis I said, “Not only will silver kill a werewolf, it's also the most painful thing we can experience.”

“This is so amusing,” he replied.

“What do you want him to do first?” I mused.

“I can’t decide.”

“Anything you need?” I thought for a second, “Oh! What about babysitting your sister?”

Caelestis smiled deviously, “Yes, perfect let’s do that.”

“You heard,” I eyed Mik.

He glared at both of us and trudged off up the stairs.

I giggled, “I like this.”

It really made me feel better about the awful thing that had happened to me.

“How humiliating for him. Guess he won’t be seeing anyone back at the house for a while,” he shook his head.

I stepped out of the cell and walked toward the exit.

Caelestis looked around a little, “Cool place you’ve got here.”

“Yeah you can stay down there if you want,” I giggled walking past the guard.

He followed me out and we walked back up the stairs. I got an email from the Luna about the protection forms. I still needed to finish those. It was hard to prioritise that when this would be one of my last days with Caelestis.

Yet I walked up to my room and got onto my computer, Caelestis followed me and stood in the doorframe.

“You just can’t bear to be apart huh?” I smiled at him.

“What are you typing?” He asked.

“Still trying to get you protection,” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“And that requires an email or something?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Lots of paperwork actually but I’ll get it,” I told me.

“I appreciate the effort,” he smiled at me.

“You’re welcome,” I hit send on everything then turned off the computer and looked up at him, “Oooo looking hot standing in the doorway.”


“Yeah you’re just so cool and chill,” I giggled.

“Great to know,” he paused for a second, “What is it that the werewolves actually want for this protection thing?”

“Well I’m trying to get the protection for you for free because I like you. That’s kind of why it’s difficult,” I explained.

“What about it is difficult?” he asked.

“I have to explain why it would be a benefit to the pack and justify it, fit it into our budget and timetable. The Luna wants to teach me about everything so she’s making me do everything correctly,” I explained further.

“Werewolves need a budget?” he asked as if it were a ridiculous notion.

“Well yeah, it’s like a whole community we are running.”

He smiled, “That’s kind of amusing.”

“Why? We make money, we spend it.”

“It's something I’ve never thought of.”

“Yeah, we run a kingdom pretty much,” I pulled out my phone to show him a map of the pack’s land, “All that is our territory, everyone inside of it, werewolf or not has to pay tax to us and we provide things like protection, healing and education if they need it.”

“That you don’t get much say in apparently,” he said softly.

“Well I’m not an Alpha yet…. I’m just the only female born to the pack in a long time,” I muttered.

“Anyway, I appreciate what you’re doing but there is no need for you to go to extremes for us,” he said gratefully.

I shrugged, “It’s no big deal.”

He smiled, “You’re a good ally.”

“Thank you, dogs are meant to be loyal I suppose.”