Chapter 27:

Kamira and Kalira

Spirit Guardians

*Everyone sighs

That was tougher than I thought it would be.

Mashù- yeah you are not lying though I would die concentrating.

*Kamira falls out

Mashù- woah Kamira are you all right?

Kamira (panting) yea I'm ok I just need a break. Yo Aado what day is it?

Aado- Today is xx/xx/20xx.

Kamira- Oh s*** I need to go. May I leave for the day?

Aado- go ahead but don't be late for tomorrow's lesson.

Kamira- ok thank you

Kam seemed to be in a hurry.

Migan- Oh yea I forgot she had to visit her sister today.

Oh yea I forgot about her story and the rose tattoo.

Romaji- yea she goes every other week and brings her fruit bars and roses.

Why do you know that?

Romaji- Yoku and I followed her once to see where she goes every other week. I'm curious what hospital it was. I want to pay respects to the past Rage Guardian.

*Romaji takes out his phone

Romaji- suit yourself, it's here in kawell. Hard to miss

*2 hours later

Ok… this should be Kawell spirit hospital.

*Anjero goes in and talks to them. Nurse receptionist.

Hi, I'm looking for Kalira Yusei. I'm just visiting.

Nurse- Are you a part of the family?

No but I'm a friend.

Nurse- really?? You look kinda young to be friends with her.

Oh...uh she used to babysit me is all.

*Anjero's Guardian seal falls out his pocket.

Oh this is…

Nurse-'re a guardian, I see thank you for keeping this country safe. She's in room 211. Just go down that hall, make a left, and take the elevator. It should be right there.

Thank you Ma'am

Nurse- No problem

Thank you Seal...ok it's this way.

*Anjero gets to the room and hears talking.

Kamira- why do you always say this?

Kalira- why don't you ever listen Kam I'm trying to protect you.

Kamira- protect me from what!?

Kalira- from ending up like this. I was just like you when I was your age. Cocky, and aggressive. But that demeanor put me in this hospital bed for who knows how long.

Kamira- But Sis…(starts crying)

Kalira- Kam all I'm saying is quit the guardians and live a normal life with your girlfriend.

Kamira- (Sniffle) wait how did you know?

Kalira- did you really think your girlfriend of 2 years would never come visit me?

Kamira- I guess you're right she is incredible at figuring stuff out she's my Sherlock.

Kalira- I approve of her.

Kamira- thank you, but Sis if I quit who'll pay for your hospital bills?

Kalira- I'll be fine Kam don't worry about me; live your life the way you want to.

Kamira- ….Sorry but I can't quit.

Kalira- And why is that?

Kamira- because I really enjoy this Kamira and I don't want to stop.

Kalira- Kam Please Quit!!!!

Kamira- No I won't

*knocks on the door.

Excuse me ma'am

Kamira- Anjero why are you here?

I followed... you, and the Nurse lady told me the room number.

Kamira- Of course that woman is a Guardian Fanatic.

Yeah… Anyways miss Kamira. It's an honor to meet you.

Kalira- Is he a Guardian also?

Kamira- Yea he's from my school, Anjero Sutanrì water guardian.

Kalira- Oh so you're apart of the new Original 7 huh… Sutanrì sounds familiar. Oh are you one of Sharin's kid?

Yes I am to both of those questions.

Kalira- a man that brings back memories she was my teacher and instructor back then. She used to kick my but with her electric spirit but one damn good teacher. Kid if I was you I would quit also this isn't worth the glory.

I see where you are coming from kalira but I made a choice to rid this world of turmoil and despair so that's what I'm gonna do.

Kalira- Hm..interesting

And Kamira here has kept us alive through this journey. We wouldn't be here without her being the leader we can all depend on so please believe when I say this….we need her.

Kamira- Thank you Anjero

Kalira- Huh.. Ok well I still don't think she should be in this but….please be careful Kamira and don't do anything I would do.

Kamira- Yes!! Finally you understand.

Kalira- Never said I did but I'm willing to let you stay.

*the sisters hug it out can leave now Anjero

Oh yea my bad. I'll leave you two to it.