Chapter 26:

Unusual Training

Spirit Guardians

*the 3 docks at the campus.

Romaji- Hello everyone, we're home…

Where is everyone?

*they head into the campus


*They find everyone meditating on the ground in the training facility.

Romaji- Hello!! Where were you all?

Aado- Ah..welcome back, you 3 we were just learning spirit control come join us.

Kamira- ok I guess what do we do?

Aado- Just sit still and focus on your spirit. Talk to them, learn from them; They'll guide your way.

Ok like this?

Yes, Anjero, that's perfect.

Romaji- but I wanted to show everyone my new talisman.


Romaji- Alright **** y'all

Aado- Romaji!!! Calm yourself, you can show us later..

Romaji- Huh…. Ok oh yeah Mr. Aado I have to tell you something privately when you get a chance.

Aado- Ok we'll talk later. Now please sit

Romaji- only because you asked so nicely.

Aado- ok everyone focus on the spirit itself and not the power. Understand it, see how it's feeling.

*Everyone starts glowing their respective colors

Aado- Good, now focus harder and make sure your aura doesn't fade once I do this…. Holy Flare!

It's so bright. What is this?

Mashù- its Aados technique to stun enemies; but it's the first time actually experiencing it first hand.

Aado- No talking!!! Yokudan, Shinkei, your aura is fading. Mashù your revenge aura is fading and also focus up!!

Everyone- yes, sir!!

Rafearu- Hajime I understand you mean well….but why are you doing this?

Migan- yea, I don't understand this either.

Aado- says the 2 standing behind me and wearing sunglasses.

Rafearu- what would we need to learn from you?

Aado- Have you 2 heard of spirit transcendence?

Magin- i've only heard about it in the history books long ago. It's pretty much a myth at this point.

Aado- well it's not a myth it's truly real and possible to achieve.

Rafaeru- ok I'll believe it when I see it. For now I'm ok how I am now; I'm plenty powerful already.

Magin- you say that till I whoop yo butt in that match in a few weeks.

Rafaeru- Dream on woman I won't let you cheat and distract me with body…

Aado- Raf stop slobbering….watch

Rafearu- huh… what do you mean.....oh wow those 2 auras are huge.

*Aado stops using holy flare

Aado- ok that's enough!

*Everyone sighs

That was tougher than I thought it would be.