Chapter 28:

Talk with your spirit

Spirit Guardians

*back at school

Romaji- Mr. Aado you busy?

Aado- ah!! Romaji, you wanted to talk to me?

Romaji- Uh..yes one of the animal ancestors told me something unsettling.

Aado- ...what did they tell you?

Romaji- do you know anyone named Kuro Yami?

Aado- so they know about it also Hm…

Romaji- yea he said something about the spirit war from back then.....that it's gonna start again.

Aado- I see...anything else?

Romaji- He also said to watch out for Kuro Yami….he's

Aado- Thats enough!! Thank you Romaji, go back to the campus and continue your training.

Romaji- yes sir

*Romaji leaves the office

Aado- Huh...Brother we may have to fight yet again I see. I will not let this war start again. S.E.I.D!

S.e.i.d- yes sir?

Aado- have you found it yet?

S.e.i.d- No sir

Aado- please keep looking

S.e.i.d- I'll continue to search for it sir.

Aado- Thank you….Where could it be?

*Back at the Training Facility

Yo Romaji are you ok?

Romaji- yea I'm ok Player 2 just a little concerned

Concerned about what??

*Romaji explains to the group about what the ancestor told him

Wow, that's heavy. I think I remember Aalto telling me something about that.

Yokudan- Wait hold talk to your spirit?

Yea can't all of you???


Please don't tell you all haven't at least tried to communicate with them?

Mashù- No, I usually just listen to them and go with whatever they say.

Wow….maybe you all should try to talk to them.

Romaji- How can we talk to them then?

I don't know it's almost second nature to me now

Shinkei- well that's no help

Here, try closing your eyes and just focusing.

Everyone- ok then

*Everyone closes their eyes and focus

*Everyone but Shinkei woke up immediately.

Yokudan- Mine was pissed at me and asked me why I haven't talked to her till now.

Everyone else- Same


Shinkei- Woah mines pretty cool has a bit of a temper though

Wow, well you just got yours so he probably wasn't as pissed.

Kamira- Hello guys what's everyone doing?

We're talking to our spirits

Kamira- Oh nice. I do that sometimes also.

Romaji- Wow why are we just learning bout this Kam if you knew?

Kamira- you never asked

Romaji, Yoku, and Mashù- (sigh)

Kamira- you all didn't notice 2 weeks ago when Anjero was eating all those cakes?

Yokudan- yea what about it? Just thought he had a really bad sweet tooth.

Shinkei- Nah Anjero doesn't really care for sweets.

Yea.. Me and Aalto had a deal to beat Tenki.

Mashù- And what was that?

She'd take over my body for a few hours, and I guess she loves sweets. I couldn't look at cake without throwing up for a whole week.

Shinkei- hey at least you're alive to eat sweets.

That is true me brotha. Anyways, Kamira to catch you up Romaji told us this.

*Anjero tells Kamira about the Spirit war.

Kamira- Oh no I heard those days were truly horrible. Can't imagine it coming back.

Aado- Oh everyone's here.

Kamira- Mr.Aado is this true

Aado- I see Romaji told you. Honestly I'm not sure myself just continue training until the festival is in a week.

Rafaeru- Why didn't you tell them the truth?

Aado- it's best if they don't know at this time.

*the night before the festival

I'm kinda nervous about this festival.

*knocks on Anjero's door

Come in!! Oh it's everyone...why?

Mashù- We just wanted to talk about strategy.

But in my room?

Mashù- don't worry about that!

"I'm glad I got a say in this"...

Mashù- I know we're all still thinking about the possibility of another spirit war; but we need to focus on this festival and become the top school.

Kamira- that would mean more publicity and recruits.

Yokudan- and more girls...sorry

Kamira- anyways you ready Anjero?

I'm a little nervous but yea I am

Shinkei, are you sure you're good with fighting in this tournament at the end?

Shinkei- I should fine plus there's money involved.

Ok well I'll y'all tomorrow ready to win for this school.

Kamira- Alright everyone put your fist together. On 6 we'll all say Seishin South ok?

Everyone- Ok

Kamira- 6

Mashù- 5

Romaji- 4

Yoku- 3

Shinkei- 2


Everyone- Seishin South