Chapter 37:

(Rematch for earlier) Yoku vs. Osore

Spirit Guardians

S.E.I.D- Yokudan Baka Vs. Osore Akumu!!

Yokudan- My revenge off the bat...interesting

Migan- will both guardians enter the ring…

Yoku- Dang Ms. Sutarion you lookin good in that costume.

Migan- don't make me beat you into submission.

Yoku- shoot, yes please!

Migan- Huh….anyways the rules apply to the first match that happened yesterday. No killing, and ring outs count.

Migan- Guardians Ready?!?

Yoku- as I'll ever be!

Osore- Let's make this quick…

S.E.I.D- Ready, set, fight!


Announcer #1- And the battle starts to heat up!!

Osore- do you really think you can hit me with those lousy guns?

Yoku- Of course I can't embarrass myself in front of everyone.

Osore- I'm glad you think so Trick Room!!!

Announcer #2- Woah what's going on the ring is covered in some kind of force field!!

Kamira- I hope Yoku is ok in there.

Romaji- He'll be ok he's got this (whispers under breath) I hope.

*back in the ring

Yoku- What is this?

Osore- this is my room where I control 12 of me. Haha Haha


*Yoku starts shooting at all the clones

Osore- it's cute that you think you can stop me with this you can't even find the real me!!! The more clones you kill the more I make!

Yoku- ….come out coward take this thing down!!

Osore- Haha Haha.....No

Yoku- Woah, woah there's too many of them.

*The clones start jumping yoku.

Yoku- Ahhh!!!! VANTAGE POINT!!

*Yoku gets out of the pile beaten up pretty badly.

Yoku- Damn feels like my arm is broken and a few broken ribs also.

Osore- Did you really think I'd let you get away to breathe?

*Osore kicks Yoku in the back kicking him to the ground

Yoku- (Cough, cough) blood huh….

Osore- Why do you get back up? I don't want to kill you….that'll mean I'd be disqualified.

Yoku- I don't like you(weezing), like at all. I really wanna stop fighting now but my friends are depending on me to win this.

Osore- Why would I care if you do or not this is a tournament!!!

Yoku- Huh...this is gonna suck... RICOCHET BULLET!!

Osore- I told you this before you can't hit me or my clones!

Yoku- Wasn't supposed to, it's a distraction for this!

*Explosions go off in the trick room

Osore- What are you doing?

Yoku- Improvising Cluster Grenade!!!

Osore- When did you have time to make those?

Yoku- While you and your clones were beating on me I was busy making them.

Osore- Impossible!! My clones won't come back!!

Yoku- I also put a bit of gunpowder on you before the fight started so I could find you! CLUSTER GRENADE!!

Osore- You still can't hit me in my room!!

Yoku- Don't have to…

*Yoku grabs Osore from the back

Osore- How'd you get behind me? Let me Go!!

Yoku-a second Vantage point of course!! I'm not losing this!

Osore- No, no, no!


Osore- No!!!

Announcer #1- Woah, the Field fell. Who won??

Migan- they're both still standing…

*Yoku stumbles and Osore falls over

Announcers- and the winner is Yokudan Baka!!!

Crowd- Wooooo!!!!!

Yoku- Ms. Migan please get me to the nurse…(Yoku falls out)

Announcers- Spirit South strikes first with a win under their belt.

Kamira- Is he alright?

Migan- Yea, he just used a lot of spirit energy is all.