Chapter 36:

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Spirit Guardians

*The next dayBookmark here

That was a lot yesterday….man my neck hurt.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Hey Anjero how are you feeling today?Bookmark here

I'm ok, you?Bookmark here

Shinkei- I'm nervous, but I'm ready for this ultimate tag.Bookmark here

Same broBookmark here

Shinkei- Where's everyone else?Bookmark here

You didn't get the text? They all left early to tell Mr.Aado what happened.Bookmark here

Shinkei- we might as well head over to the Arena now to warm up.Bookmark here

Good idea...Shinkei watch out!!Bookmark here

Ahh!!!!Bookmark here

*Anjero gets hit with some kind of projectile.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Anjero are you ok?Bookmark here

I don't know my arm hurts a lot.Bookmark here

Shinkei- we gotta get you to the nurses office asap your arm is corroding.Bookmark here

*Shinkei brung Anjero to the nurseBookmark here

Nurse- Hm it's not the worst just seems like you've been shot by some type of numbing agent with your powers it should subside in no time.Bookmark here

How?Bookmark here

Nurse- just take out the poison with your water.Bookmark here

Oh yea forgot about that….ouch this stuff hurts like hell.Bookmark here

Nurse- ok good you should feel numb for no more than an hour.Bookmark here

Shinkei- thanks DocBookmark here

Nurse- Not a doctor but no problems nonetheless just leave him here and I'll study this substance to find out its origin and where it came from.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Ok, I'll leave you to it!Bookmark here

*Shinkei rushes out of the room and heads to the Arena.Bookmark here

Nurse- you have a great younger brother.Bookmark here

He doesn't like showing it but I know he cares.Bookmark here

Nurse- I see… well I'll get to breaking this down so you just rest till you get your strength back.Bookmark here

Ok….Bookmark here

*Back at the ArenaBookmark here

Yoku- I wonder what's taking Anjero and Shinkei so long?Bookmark here

Romaji- probably punked out on the eventBookmark here

Kamira- You know you're really a a-hole sometimesBookmark here

Romaji- But he started it…Bookmark here

Kamira- how??Bookmark here

Shinkei- Hey guys sorry I'm late.Bookmark here

Mashù- Where's Anjero??Bookmark here

Shinkei- oh….. He's in the Nurse's officeBookmark here

Mashù- For what!?!?Bookmark here

Kamira- What happened?Bookmark here

Shinkei- Someone or something shot at me and Anjero blocked it. But don't worry he's ok he'll just be out of commission for some time.Bookmark here

Kamira- well as long as he wasn't dying from it.Bookmark here

*Aado shows upBookmark here

Aado- Hello Young Guardians where's Anjero?Bookmark here

*Shinkei explains to AadoBookmark here

Aado- wow, why is this happening?Bookmark here

Kamira- No idea, sirBookmark here

Aado- Hm…Bookmark here

Mashù- Did you need something Mr. Aado?Bookmark here

Aado- Oh yea, we're cancelling the Ultimate Tag event and headed straight into the tournament today.Bookmark here

Kamira- What why?Bookmark here

Aado- The other schools voted on it. Plus we weren't getting enough views so they wanted to skip to the exciting part.Bookmark here

Romaji- Why do you look so excited for this?Bookmark here

Aado- Anyways...good luck. I have to unfortunately stay neutral through this since I'm the announcer.....i got a better idea.Bookmark here

*Aado leavesBookmark here

Yoku- ok thenBookmark here

Kamira- Welp, apparently the tournament is randomized with a rule that people from the same school don't fight against each other till the finals.Bookmark here

Mashù- Oh my goodness I'm so ready for this!!Bookmark here

Romaji- Finally I get to show my real skills to everyone.Bookmark here

Kamira- Well let's sound it off and get in there! Shinkei you can have the honor.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Me?? Ok I guess….South Guardians on 3 1...2...3!!!Bookmark here

Everyone- South Guardians!!!Bookmark here

Migan- Welcome back everyone we will be skipping to the tournament today since you all asked for it lets get this started…Bookmark here

Crowd- Wooh!!!! Yea!!!! Let's go!!!!! She is so hot!!!Bookmark here

Migan- And the first match will be…..Bookmark here

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