Chapter 38:

Nurses office

Spirit Guardians

Announcers- Now for the next match…

S.E.I.D- the next match will be… Aoi Raitoningu from Spirit East.

Mashù- Don't remember seeing her.

S.E.I.D- Vs. Sans Kemuri from Spirit North.

Romaji- Didn't see him either.

Migan- Are both Guardians Ready?

Aoi- Yup

Sans- begin this already

Migan- Ready, Set, Fight!!!

*Mashù and Romaji take Yoku to the nurse.

(Knock, knock)

Nurse- come in!!

Mashù- Hey Doc can you help him? He's pretty beat up and depleted all his energy.

Nurse- Yea, sit him over there.

Romaji- Alright, there you go buddy.

Yoku- I'm ok I swear...

*Yoku falls asleep

Nurse- S.E.I.D analyze the damage please.

S.E.I.D- at once Mrs. Mari. Results in 30 seconds

*S.E.I.D scans Yoku

I never knew her name but now I know

Mashù- Anjero whats up buddy? How're you feeling?

I'm ok, what happened to Yoku? I know the Ultimate Tag didn't do this.

Romaji- Oh yea, no one told you huh?

Tell me what?

Romaji- Aado chose to skip that this year. Wasn't bringing in enough revenue I guess. Yoku just happen to be up first.

Did he win?

Mashù-Yea, I guess you can say that.


Mashù- we couldn't really see it at all. He fought the illusionist from the race.

Wow, thee odds.

Mashù- speaking of where is he? He was beaten up pretty badly also.

Mari- The other schools have their own nurses with different rooms here.

Mashù- Oh ok that makes sense.

S.E.I.D- Results are in Mrs. Mari

Mari- Ok lets see….Geez he got you bad…

Romaji- is it bad?

Mari- Well, Sed

Romaji- of course

Mari- Fractured bicep

Mashù- Oh…

Mari- and 3 broken ribs

Oh my goodness….geez dude what did you go through?

Mari- No worries he'll be ok after taking this shot.

Mashù- what's in that?

Mari- Oh just Medical wisp essence it should help him heal he'll be out for the day though.....can one of you turn him over?

Romaji- wait....what are you talking about?

Mari- I have to enter it in his "back side" since he's so damaged.

Mashù- Ok (Laughs)

(Smirks) let's get this done.

*Everyone flips him over

Yoku- Huh...why am I layed out like this?

Mari- Just stay still baby this won't hurt one bit.

Yoku- What won't hurt? Is that a needle? Why am I layed out….nope I refuse!!

Romaji- Yoku you gotta sit still to get better man (laughing under breath).

Yoku- Why are you laughing!?!? I refuse!

*Yoku tries to run away

Mari- Somebody catch him!

*Romaji and Mashù catch him.

Yoku- let me go!!!

Mari- Hold him down!

*Mrs. Mari inserts the needle into his left cheek