Chapter 16:


Blue in the sky

 When the soldier who was caring in my custody realized the sloppiness that occurred and ran back to the truck that we were, but when he realized his superior was approaching it was about wooing him to try to avoid some punishment, was what I could see inside that glass chamber before I saw his superior who was simply General Hostviner who was also wearing his Pilot’s uniform, but the only difference to the others was his wine-colored uniform over the black uniform, highlighting, even more, turning a garnet color of his suit, carrying her foil around her waist and with his classic disdain he began to talk to me for a radio frequency specific to both of us.Bookmark here

—I see you finally woke up, five days must be a record for you, I wish I had your sense of sleepiness, but you must be wondering where we are? As well as I am merciful I will give you the necessary information, you must have already seen that black structure, this is our treasure, as I had told you there in our "conversation" at the hospital, you that this is part of a complex work of your sister and Berna, is seeing her there near the entrance, yes she's fine, but if I were you, I wouldn't talk to her.—When he pointed to her, I could see her managing a group of six Holdfighters who carried their Field Tools each pair carried from each class, so she walked to the entrance of the black structure and this opening had blank writing on it, writing that seemed familiar to me.—These scriptures were on your arm, you can see it, this in a language that we couldn't translate into our language, but thanks to the research of those two who spent months just to be able to translate that phrase and now you can help us with that arm of yours, only I hope your "second personality" doesn't get in our way during this operation.— The general was questioning my doubts while carrying a helmet in his hand, before he opened the glass chamber I soon questioned the meaning of the phrase that was written on my arm.Bookmark here

—The key to this door is on the tip of a blue finger of the hand that will rewrite, the last part was not quite clear, as it is quite ambiguous, but the rest was clear that you are necessary for us because with this blue arm you can open that gate for us and wait...— The general received a request on his radio and moved away from the vehicle where I was, when he attended a trio of HF Armor crossed the sky until landing near us, it seemed that we were in a war operation by the number of people armed, were eight HF Armors being those three types of Shooting Star style, several Holdfighters with their Field Tools in hand, a tense atmosphere in the air, it seemed that many of them knew they would not return to their homes, although some of them laughed during their side conversations while patrolling the nearby area of the structure.—Are you seeing them? they are here to see that your mission is not interrupted, I hope you are not the one to interrupt their return home.Bookmark here

—So I just have to open that door with my arm, right?Bookmark here

—Apparently, Blue disease didn't eat your brain, look, you should step away from the glass and cover your ears and eyes until the moment where I'll put your helmet on, since this chamber is hermetically closed and the atmosphere inside is totally different from here outside, Berna must have already taught you that that day, so be careful not to hurt yourself.— Those were the most agonizing moments I could remember, almost rivaling those scenes on Bloodnight, the air that filled the chamber was quickly captured by the outside environment, in the few seconds I felt on my skin the extremely dry atmosphere and rich with solar radiation, it seemed that I had put a wound amid flames of a working industrial convection stove, that feeling was ceased when the general put on the helmet and I could take my hands off for the automatic seal to work.—Okay, you didn't die, you even got a tan.Bookmark here

—Sir, what does this mission have to do with Operation Blue Rose?—The general showed that we should not communicate via radio by placing his hand on the side of the helmet and make a move as if he were turning into an old TV, as was often shown to younger students when a school went to the museum of the old home, then he did not hear my first line when changing the channels of dialogue I realized that there was a relaxed atmosphere among the soldiers, with talks as "one more exploratory mission" or " with General Hostviner and Lieutenant Colonel Berna in command, this mission will be easy", but I ended up finding the secret communication channel between me and the general who heard what I said.—In fact, the two are connected, because thanks to the cooperation of those soldiers we were able to formulate a glossary with those ancient scriptures, whenever we showed those images they would let loose lines, regardless of the degree of the disease they always responded, so your sister and Berna had a task arduous to decode this language for us, in fact, it was thanks to those Birds of Prey that I showed you, they carried in their pens those written in a disorderly way, but thanks to the girls that we are here.Bookmark here

We were approaching Berna as the General spoke and when she saw me she quickly turned her gaze to Hostviner, she just said that the operation would soon begin, just waiting for the general’s order to begin, He quickly heeded her recommendation and then everyone was on the previously ordered bet, the HF Armors began patrolling a 100-meter area surrounding the black structure, the troops were watching if anything Ghost would attack, the group I was with was composed by Berna and two other Holdfighters of the Shield class who were in our rear, the general was in front of the gate, but was not near us, he was watching our entrance, the black gate had a flat pink stone sealing the entrance, this stone shone when I approached my right arm in until the point I touched it, I felt a heat touching it and then the stone opened in two revealing the interior of the structure.Bookmark here

When we entered the General ordered us to return to the entrance within two hours, otherwise, we would be reported missing in combat, the interior was basically wide, so wide this fact created confusion for all because the height of the inner ceiling of the entrance hall was higher than the highest point of the entrance arch of the structure seen on the outside, but the color of the entire entrance was the same of the entire internal structure, the only difference was the internal lighting that turned the environment into amber, we followed the only corridor that the entrance hall was connected to and its height was smaller than the hall, but we still could not touch the ceiling with our fingers, the corridor was long and winding, it seemed that this corridor connected to several other alleys, but when we approached these capillary corridors was nothing less than an optical illusion caused by the internal lighting because they were walls darkened by the lack of light, we followed for about an hour until we found a room that seemed to be a winding staircase both to the ceiling, which was open and showed the extreme sky, while we looked down we did not find the end of that staircase, in front of us we see a pillar with the same height of the staircase, but with a blue color that resembled the sky, but there were the same scriptures of the entrance surrounding the structure.Bookmark here

— Like this? "He who wants to face the gods, should enter this gate"? at least it is possible to translate quickly.Bookmark here

—Lady cannot identify these scribbles, Lt. Col. Berna, should we return the entrance?—One of Hostfighters seemed this uncomfortable with the location, but he could not leave the site with a mission, Berna curious about that structure ordered us to approach the structure that was connected with the corridor by a bridge of the same color, but ordered that uncomfortable Hostfighter who was distressed at the entrance of the corridor, then we crossed that bridge and during the crossing we see that that pillar possessed a door with the same color of that door of the entrance of that structure, only that the abstraction of the colors celestial blue and pink was smaller from the first door, seemed semiotic, something that did not hurt our eyes, Berna first touched this door and got a slight shock, then the only Hostfighter who accompanied us also had the same response, but when I was going to play.—Wait, we don't know how you would react to that door, other than that we don't know if you'll be needed for something else.Bookmark here

—So what do we do with him then? He is here precisely because he is the specific part of the operation that Captain Lauriceia developed.Bookmark here

—Besides, I don't want to go back through that hallway empty-handed.—Both Hostfighters pressured Berna to make a quick decision, she could not even consult the general, as the structure would not allow any radio communication to the outside, leaving us "isolated" within that structure, there was only one hour left until we returned to the outside, apart from the fact that the time given by the general was running out, making her allow me to touch the door.—Okay, you can play, but we'll hold you so that nothing happens to you.Bookmark here

The two held my trunk with all their strength, that’s when I first put my left arm, I felt nothing but the same force applied to the door being repelled, Berna gave me a physical scolding for using my normal arm, then the procedure was repeated, now with my right arm, when I put it next to the door, the same scriptures of before appeared on my arm and the solid door of before seemed to have gained a mass without equal, spaghettiizing my blue arm and finally pulling my whole body into that pillar, on the same bookcase that fell inside the room inside the pillar I could see in a single second before the opening with the outside pull Berna and the Hostfighter being throwing violently into the feeling otherwise, I could not see the thing that made it on them, when the passage was closed the room darkened for a second and then a lighting appeared from the floor of the room, a pink tone mixed with the blue that darkened the place, it seemed an infinite room and I was in the middle of it, so I decided a way to follow, the time I walked felt strange because in some moments seemed that I had walked a few meters, while in others seemed that I had walked days, but there was a constant: my right arm glowed tirelessly, I thought that it would explode by the heat radiated by it, but that glow ceased when I found a throne with someone sitting on itBookmark here

—Finally, you have arrived, I hope you are prepared for your decisions, for even within my domains, I will not give you time for your apologies.—The person sitting on the throne seemed to be an elder, but as soon as he spoke my thought about his age changed to someone contemporary to me, but when I approached him, his figure seemed to distort, as he had an extra dimension to me and that my perception was confirmed when he raised and extended his hand to me looked like a giant going to catch an ant, when he caught me and put in the palm of his hand, the environment in my surroundings changed, still kept the same colors because his palm was pink, but my flat perception of the room was changed to a globe, with me inside that sphere.—I thought Nike had already said what I am, but then I'll paraphrase her, "Your concept of deity is totally different from the one present on this planet, her people believed what your people call the universal forces of nature, I am the result of them and probably Nike too, but as I'm older than her and my principle is more stoic than hers, but apparently you and your partner wanted to challenge me in my domain.Bookmark here

—My lady wishes you a request: that you send me to the past to change the fate of this planet.—Ayako’s voice broke the silence of the sphere, my first reaction was just to see her and I noticed her change that may have occurred before and I didn’t notice, she was changed, her skin shared Nike’s tone, the wound that was on her face was gone, Maybe it’s camouflaged by her hair that changed from cherry blossom to a dark lavender shade, almost sharing the color of her dress, she appeared on my side, surprising even the one who was sitting on the throne.—You, little one, must know that for me to grant a wish, I require one thing, are you willing to sacrifice something important to get it?Bookmark here

—I came prepared for this, I will pay your tribute with this diamond.— She took this diamond from her breast and showed it to him, this diamond shone a white light as it floated in her hand, so he took it with his other hand and was amazed at the brightness emitted by this diamond.—So finally she managed to create a soul catcher. Amazingly, you're still alive as new gods usually have a hard time fusing souls with such mastery with this stone. Okay, I hope you said goodbye to your friend, because when I do. With it, your existence will be just a blur.Bookmark here

—The fact that he's here is already a joy, after all, he managed to identify me before my final mission, seeing his crying face before he left seems to be gratifying for me, even though I couldn't hold back my tears it's fantastic, because ...—Before she cried I hugged her, I felt I could not let her go without I felt her temperature, nor feel her body shape, from I could not hear her voice again, my body acted instantly and unconsciously, I knew that her speech was true, even not knowing how I discovered it, her first instinct when I embraced her was to walk away from me, but when she felt my warmth quickly she burst into tears, we wept enough that the giant would intercede, pushing us away and then he spoke.—While you, boy? What will be your wish?Bookmark here

—I just want everything that happened to be eras...—When I would finish saying my wish, came into my mind flashbacks of everything I’ve lived since I woke up in that hospital with Ayako, going through horrible memories, but also good memories as was my reunited with Junjoumaru, meet fabulous people like Victoria and Berna and others not so much "admirable" with Hostviner, it was two years since that night, but I lived only six months and were unforgettable moments, so I correct myself and the giant quickly understood—Good thing you didn't have any tribute for that, because you would be erased within my domains, however, you would be erased anyway just for stepping inside my throne, yet I'm being merciful because of the girl's willpower, however, it would be a problem to send it along with her, so you will see the result of her work when leaving here in what would be your current time.Bookmark here

Soon a smaller sphere appeared in her hand that we were, but it was the same height as Ayako, before diving into the white sphere she just told me a phrase:”—Take care of my family”.—Soon after she entered, the mood in mine was dissipating and the last image I saw of the giant was his smiling face before everything around me became a pink sea, when I woke up I was in front of the same pillar, I was lying on the ground and the first thing after my raising was to observe the place that seemed different from the last time, the staircase still existed, but where I was had become the floor of the place, the sky was still blue, but the only way out of the room was the staircase itself, as the corridor is fenced off by the land that was now plentiful in the room.Bookmark here

—Anybody here?—This was my last attitude right after trying to communicate with everyone by radio and not being answered, I held all my breath before taking off the helmet and while taking it I felt that the hostile environment of before had become friendly and familiar, So the helmet in my hand I climbed up the stairs and every floor up I felt a little more of the fresh air coming from the outside, this lasted an hour and a half until the end of the staircase and the first thing I saw was a forest, not so dense because I could see a light between them, but rather filled with tall trees, again I decided to go for a random path, away from that hole, but when I looked back there was a yellow sign on an alien tongue indicating the location, in case something happened I would return, just when I climbed I realized that my arm had regained human form, so much that it was inside the Pilot uniform, when I was distracted by this first discovery I ended stumbling and falling on the asphalt, as I found that I was in front of a very busy city, but without apparent walls.—Ah! excuse me, but what happened to you?Bookmark here

I would answer the boy who was standing next to me in a natural way, but when I saw the blue color of his skin, the same color that Ayako was when he entered that sphere, activated in me escape instinct that infected my body, I ran into the woods while some relative of the boy ran to fetch him and seeing me he let out a cry of despair, I ran like a frightened animal running away from the hunter when I noticed and stopped to think about everything that was happening, I ended up stumbling again and falling into the hole where I was in the pillar and ended up falling, the last thing before I fainted was that blue sky so clear and crystalline.Bookmark here

“—Osmar knew that we would still see each other under the light of that blue moon, no longer in this life, but who knows in the next one, where we met again, but now living in it.—This was the last letter Annabella sent me before my departure, the trip to Plutão had no return ticket and when I woke up again, it would probably be she would not be alive, however, I made her memory in the stars.Bookmark here

End”Bookmark here

—What a crap ending, I thought there would be a happy ending between the two of them, but in the end, it was more of a sentimental ending.—With my own voice unconsciously I woke up, when I looked at the ceiling I already knew that I was not familiar, I was still bewildered with everything, I just heard the sound of phones ringing, it was morning, however, I could not feel anything, I just saw deformed figures talking to each other, I didn’t understand them, when I reached out my arm to touch them, they quickly walked away, talked but a little, a female figure came out a door while a male approached me and injected me with something, something I didn’t quite know, but she trapped me in the kingdom of Hypnos, I think I’ll never wake up, becoming an Aenean prisoner to Morpheus.Bookmark here

To be continued?Bookmark here

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