Chapter 44:

Chapter 44 [Who are you!]


I was shocked to see that Lorenzo dead body begins to float upward a couple feet in the air while underneath him a red tentacle-like mist protruding from the floor and begins coiling his arm and leg; moving closer to his chest.Bookmark here

The shaking stops a short while ago after Lorenzo dead body suddenly floats up a couple feet in the air. The woman in the tattered cloak, look at the floating dead body; a frown can be seen under her hood.Bookmark here

"What is going on?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know," I said.Bookmark here

"Why the hell is the dead body floating in the air?" She asks again.Bookmark here

The red tentacle-like mist begins to twirl like a vortex as it reaches the pendant; the mist is being sucked into the pendant.Bookmark here

The red glass ball in the middle of the pendant begins to glow red.Bookmark here

The vortex stop and suddenly a strong blast of air push away everything near the dead body; all the candle stand and I was send flying to the wall.Bookmark here

My body flew and hit the wall behind me; I fall back to the floor when I look at the woman wearing the tattered cloak, the blast doesn't even affect her in the slightest; she still standing glaring at the floating dead body.Bookmark here

I grunt as I try to get up.Bookmark here

"YOU FAIL YET AGAIN, GATEKEEPER!" A roared in low demonic voice echoed the room.Bookmark here

I look up at the source of the roar; I saw Lorenzo dead body rotating forward to face the woman; I was surprised to see that the bullet hole is still in his head and his eyes glow bright red.Bookmark here


I tossed the kunai at Lorenzo but he raises his arm an red energy forcefield appeared deflecting my kunai; I click my tongue in annoyance as I glare at the Lorenzo.Bookmark here

Lorenzo looks up and flew upward through the broken skylight and disappeared in the night sky; I run toward my Kunai grabbing it and looking upward wanting to know where he headed but it was too late before I got a good look where he was going, he was already gone.Bookmark here

"What just happen?!! and who are you?!!" I say as I glare at the woman; her scythe is nowhere to be seen and she still looking upward at the skylight.Bookmark here

"Shit, the guard is here!" Cindy said; Suddenly the door is kicked wide open and come out a dozen armed guard with an AR-15 rifle.Bookmark here

I try to reach for my CZ-75b in my belt holster but I felt nothing in the holster; I look at the floor and saw my CZ-75b laying where I was send flying earlier.Bookmark here

I quickly dash toward my handgun causing the guards to start firing the AR-15 at me; the bullet was flying hitting everything surrounding me, a few of them hit my arm, my leg and my helmet causing me to wince in pain.Bookmark here

I drop and slide toward the CZ-75b; grabbing the handgun, I raise it to aim and squeeze the trigger.Bookmark here

My eyes widen when the handgun make a clicking sound telling me that it is out of ammo. I quickly raised my arm to protect myself from the bullet when suddenly somebody chokehold me from behind with her arm.Bookmark here

I blink my eyes.Bookmark here

....Bookmark here

Suddenly, everything went quiet only the sound of the wind blowing can be heard.Bookmark here

....Bookmark here

And I saw the vast night sky and the beautiful skyscraper of the city, she releases me and I fall to the floor; a massive pain stuck my lung as I try to breathe, the pain causes me to cough, it as if the air in my lung itself was removed in a blink of my eyes. I try to pry my collar to help my breathing but it was so severe that I had to take off my helmet.Bookmark here

After I take off my helmet, I fall to my hand and knee; coughing heavily and trying to breathe in at the same time.Bookmark here

"I should have told you to hold your mistake" a soft woman voice can be heard behind me.Bookmark here

I can feel her freezing ice cold hand rubbing my back as I try to breathe in fresh air. When I finally regain my breath again; I smack her hand away and step backward raising my guard.Bookmark here

"Don't touch me!" I yelled.Bookmark here

"It's okay.." The woman said.Bookmark here

"BACK AWAY!" I shouted.Bookmark here

"calm down," she said.Bookmark here

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" I yelled again; I can feel my blood boiling inside of me.Bookmark here

The woman remains quiet, unflinching and her mouth flattened.Bookmark here

"It's your damn fault!" I blamed.Bookmark here

"I don't know how you do it but it your fault!" I blamed again.Bookmark here

I scream in anger and start to feel the other me closing in my mind.Bookmark here

Her silence start to crawl under my skin; I can feel the nerve in my forehead popping out.Bookmark here

"SAY SOMETHING!!" I yelled; the woman remains silent.Bookmark here

I stormed toward the woman grabbing the cloak by her neck, trying to raise her off the ground but fail since she is heavier than she looks.Bookmark here

She brings her hand closer to my forehead; I look at it confused.Bookmark here

"What that supposed to be?" I ask; anger still in my voice.Bookmark here

She flicks her finger on my forehead with so much force that it breaks the sound barrier and cause me to black out immediately.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I suddenly lose my vision and control over my body; I can hear the strong wind blowing over me and my body being dragged? also, the sudden coldness all over my body with my arms being raised upward for no reason.Bookmark here

It not just that my own anger also has subsided, it as if the other me was pushed back to the deep reach of my mind.Bookmark here

I felt a small tap on my forehead.Bookmark here

I slowly open my eyes; the vast night sky greet my sight and I look around me; I found that I am laying on the floor with no hoodie, kevlar vest or shirt on, the woman standing in front of me; a smile formed on her mouth.Bookmark here

"You know that the line sperate ou with him is getting thinner," She said.Bookmark here

I found myself unable to move my arm; looking upward at my hands, I see that my hand is tied to a metal chimney.Bookmark here

"If you really into this kind of thing, you should have bought me dinner first" I jest; the woman cover mouth as she giggles.Bookmark here

"I prefer talking to snarky you rather than the vengeful, angry you," The woman said.Bookmark here

"can I ask, why did you take my cloth off and tied me to a chimney?" I asked.Bookmark here

The woman sit on top of my stomach and run her fingers gently on the scars in the middle of my neck; I could see a tear run down her face and fall to my chest. she proceeds to wipe it with her other hands.Bookmark here

"I wanted to see closely how much they hurt you...I'm sorry" The woman mumbled.Bookmark here

"You seem familiar, who are you again?" I ask; my eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"I have many names, Gatekeeper, a bastard child, grim reaper, soul catcher, guardian of the night but you may know me as-" the woman said.Bookmark here

The woman pulled back her hood revealing; bangs so long that it blocked her eyes, silky white smooth skin, and thin small lips; the winds flutter revealing a purples iris behind the bangs.Bookmark here

"Jeanie? but? how? what?" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"Well it long story involving a lot of things that mortal like you simply cannot understand," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"It's your fault actually if you want to blame someone because you the demon Akroz is loose on this plain" Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"how is it my fault?" I puzzled.Bookmark here

"you kill him while wearing that cursed pendant thus fulfilling the contract," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"How am I supposed to know that" I retort.Bookmark here

"you right, your not supposed to know that" Jeanie giggled while still seating on my stomach.Bookmark here

Jeanie stops and places her hand on her chins; her expression said that she is thinking of something, I don't mind thinking of something but my back is freezing and my stomach is cramping.Bookmark here

I clear my throat.Bookmark here

"I don't mind a beautiful woman such as yourself sitting on me, I mean who in the right world wouldn't want a beautiful woman to sit on himself but my stomach is beginning to cramp and it freezing laying on the roof with no shirt on,"I said.Bookmark here

"So do you mind?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Oh, I don't mind" Jeanie answers.Bookmark here

"I mean do you mind moving and untie my hand?" I askBookmark here

"Ohh, that how you used that phrase, hmm... human language is so silly," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

Jeanie proceeds to get off my stomach after cutting the restraint with my Kunai. I rub my wrist as the rope leave a temporary mark on around my wrist.Bookmark here

"Haru!" Jeanie exclaim.Bookmark here

"What?!" I said surprised; looking at her.Bookmark here

"I need your help," Jeanie said; a grin on her face.Bookmark here

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