Chapter 8:

The Temple of Death | Part 1

The pearl of God

Chapter 8

POV of Kriti

We finally arrived! The east temple. Also called the Temple of Death. It’s so huge! This building is 50 metres tall! There are statues of gods like Shiv, Bishnu etc. The architecture is marvelous! I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

As we were about to go inside I saw my father looking somewhere else.

“Hey dad! We’re going inside! Come quick!”


We went inside and the door closed suddenly! What the hell happened!

It’s too dark inside. As I thought, it's not gonna be easy to get the first key!

“So, more travellers came here to perish!”

What! Who’s speaking?

“Who are you!” - Daarsh asked

“I’m the guardian spirit of this temple. If you want to live you may leave this temple now, Otherwise, perish!” - The voice said

“We aren’t going to die and We’ll take the key from this temple!” - I said.

“Alright then! As you wish, but you can not leave this place no matter what! You have to reach the end of the temple where the idol of the deities are! The key is situated there. Find it if you can!”


The easternmost place of the temple...That’s the end of it. We’re gonna be finding it today.

“Hey! Why do you want the key?” - Chatur asked

“I wanna conquer the world! And bring peace!” - I said

“What! You want to --”

“Yes! Because if there are no nations, there’d be no clashes which is the reason for the wars!”

“Are you forgetting about civil wars?”

“I’ll just kill those guys before anything like that happens!”

“You are a damned psychopath!”



Huh! That was an arrow! What’s happening!

“It’s a trap!” - Father said

“What! What are we supposed to do!” - Daarsh asked

“We’ve to see where the arrows are released! And then somehow stop it!” - I said

“Chatur! Can you do something?” - Father asked

“Well, I’m a sharpshooter, I can just destroy the arrows even before they reach us!”

“I’ll create a shield! Come close to me!” - I said

I created a shield of ice and planned what to do! Damn it! I’ve got no ideas!

“Hey Kriti, can’t you vapourize the arrows as they come close to us?” - Daarsh asked

“No, I can just control one object at once! And I’ve just mastered the use of air right now!”

“What are we gonna do then?”

I can’t even use my special family secret technique here! How are we supposed to cross this!

“I said you! You’re gonna perish in this temple! That was your choice!” - That voice said it again.

I’ve to do something. Or otherwise…

Shit! The ice’s breaking! I can’t keep up the shield for any longer! Wait! I’ve got an idea!

“Everyone! Hold me tight! I’ve got an idea!” - I said

I’ll liquify the floor and fall down!

POV of Bhupen

What is this girl doing!

What! She melted the floor!

“What are you going Kriti!” - I asked

“Just wait dad! And now! I’ll make the floor again! We’re under the ground and safe! The floor of the temple is strong enough to withstand the arrows. Now, we’ll go underground!” - She Said

She’s hella smart! And now she’s just vaporizing the soil in front of us to make a road.

“Hey come quick! I’ll be making the soil liquid again otherwise the floor will fall on us!” - She said

I think we should get going. But there are even greater dangers ahead. This really brings nostalgia!

Narrator: The Temple of Death arc will be continued...

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