Chapter 7:

Another one!

The pearl of God

Chapter 7

POV of Kriti:

Just a walk of a few more hours and we’ll be at our destination. I can’t wait to get the first key. It’s not gonna be easy though.


What the hell was that!


Another one!

What’s going on? Who’s shooting us! And the bullets are strong enough to make a whole through a tree which is like 50cm thick!

“Kriti what’s going on?!” - Daarsh asked.

“I dunno. But it might be the work of an enemy stand user! I wonder what his ability is...”

Narrator: The author has to stop reading JoJo for a while.

“So, you mean he also has an eye like you?” - Father asked.

“I think so. Let’s hide somewhere and observe.. That’s the best plan I can come up with”

I’m behind bushes, father is behind a tree and Daarsh Just above him.


That’s coming straight towards me! I know where he is. I’ll make a wall of ice to stop the bullet!


That bullet!! That bullet got back it’s momentum somehow! How’s that even possible.

That man is out of range so I can’t even attack him. What should I do?

He came out of the bushes! He’s a tall man with red eyes and brown skin. And had a gun in his hands.

Narrator: Apperanty the author just watched FMAB episode 5 and he’s used Scar’s look description.

It’s the first time I’m seeing a real gun!

How the hell do I stop it! Damn it!

My ability doesn’t have a long range. I can only manipulate matter in a 2 metre radius around me and if an object goes out of it it’ll go back to its original form .

“Haaa! Get the hell outta here!” - Father screamed!

“Dad, no! He has a gun!”

I’ve to go near him. There’s no way I can save him like this!

POV of Daarsh

Damn the old man! He went out by himself. Wait, is that Kriti?

She’s outside to save the old man! What’s going on?

Huh! She freezes everything around her and makes a wall of ice. It’s like 50 cm thick. But, a bullet could make a hole from a tree and there's no way the wall could do anything.

He fired! While she copes with that I’ll go and get him from behind.

POV of Kriti

It came! It hits the ice. And now!


Damn, the bullet vapourized. It was a close call!. That thing gazed at my palm.

“Hey! I got that guy! He also has a gun! Let’s kill him!”

Damn, this Daarsh!

“Don’t kill him, I’ve to interrogate him”





“Then! What’s your name, where are you from and do you have a Sakhukh?” - Asked

“I ain’t gonna tell ya’! Kill me if you want!”

“Oh? Seems like I’m not gonna kill you. It’s gonna be worse!”

I froze his hands.

“Aaaah! No please! Leave me! I just wanted money! Please, I’ll tell you everything I know!!!!!”

“Okay, then tell me now!”

“I’m Chatur! I’m from the west kingdom. Apparently, I also got one! My ability is to start combustion while fuel and air are available. My ability provides the head. But, it directly makes the fuel reach the burning temperature in a second. And that’s how my ability works!”

“Okay then, I have an offer for you. Either you join us or die!”

“I’ll join!”

It was easier than I thought! But anyway, we got a teammate! Our expedition is gonna be a bit easier! Moreover, the temple is near. Just another 5 hours.

Narrator: They are almost there to their first goal. And with this the East temple arc will begin with the next issue!

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