Chapter 9:

The Temple of Death | Part 2

The pearl of God

Chapter 9

POV of Kriti

We have been walking under the ground for three minutes now.

“Hey kriti! Stop here!” - Father said

“Huh? But why?” - I asked

“Just make us go up!” - He said.


I removed the floor and made a staircase of soil and we went up.

I was surprised how he knew that the arrows ended in that part.

What’s next? Erm…. What the actual f….

Why are there 4 doors?

POV of Bhupen

Wait, there should be 7 doors. Why are there 4?

That shouldn’t be true. What’s going on inside this?

POV of Kriti

Since we’ve reached the temple, my father's face has been worn out. What’s wrong with him?

“Hey dad! What’s wrong?” - I asked

“Oh, it’s that. I’ve been here before. And it gives me nightmares. I still can’t forget that day. When I lost everyone.” - He said

“What do ya mean!” - Chatur asked

“Well, then listen…”

Flashbak of Bhupen

“Are we really gonna go into all these? That was just a folktale! We should ignore it. People just created a religion outta the story!” - I said

“Nah, it’s true. I saw a man with a real Sakhukh” - Leader said

We entered the temple with a full team of seven.

But, I and Koli were afraid something might go wrong. Going inside the temple and the doors closing amplified my fear. We Crossed the arrow trap just by running as fast as we could. But there were 7 doors. So, We all went inside each door.

I walked and walked. Over an hour I went on walking. And then, I suddenly came out.

Only me and koli came out of the temple. Rest never came out. All of them were my good friends.


“After I lost my friends, I swore I’d never come back here. And then you made me come here again…”

POV of Kriti

“Damn that’s sad. So, let’s go into the same door again. Hope we’ll just be safe.” - I said.

I went into the 3rd door and the Door closed as soon as we all entered it! We started walking. But it was too dark!

“Hey chatur, do you have a branch? If yes, burn it. We need light” - I asked him

“Yeah, I have. I use them at night time since I roam around the forest at night time. I need them.” - He said

He started at the branch for a second and It burst into fire.

But as the fire burnt we were stormed upon by a lot of bugs. Small white and creepy! I hate them! As I looked around, I saw human skeletons. It's one of the traps. I get it! But, I can’t dig like before. The bugs can just dig in. Because the ground is soil instead of rock!

Smashing them flat isn’t even the condition. And if we put out the flames, the bugs will end us anyway!

What the hell should we do!

POV of Chatur

Damn it! I guess imma use the gun!

“Hey you all! Get behind me. Imma shoot!” - I said

“Allright!” - Everyone said and got behind me

Now, imma show them my real power!

I pointed my gun towards the bugs and SHOOT!!

As the bullet hit the bugs, Explosion!

The bullet exploded and destroyed all the bugs around it.

Huh? The bugs are reforming. Damn it! We’ve to run!

“Y'all! Come on! We have to run! Just keep running behind me!” - I said.

I led them while killing bugs until we reached the end of it!

“Guys! I could see a door! Let’s go.” - I said

We ran and as I looked back, the corpse of bugs regenerated and became a huge one which was almost 10 metres tall. We just ran faster and somehow reached the door and blocked the room!

I blocked the door but that thing came out. It’s so flexible. What should we do!

“Leave the rest to me!” - Kriti said

She faced her hands towards the huge bug, her eyes glowed

“I’ll freeze you here for eternity now!” - She said

And then she freezed the bug. It was crazy! She only freezes its lower part but that was enough to buy us time for the rest.

“Hey, how did you do it? I thought you can’t use your ability on living things. ?” - I asked

“Ofcourse, I can’t! I just froze all the air inside its body which led to its death!” - Kriti said

“Wait, aren't those statues of the holy trinity?” - Kriti said

“Yeah, but who are those people?” - Kriti’s father said

“Wait, dad. Isn’t he Ronoj?” - Kriti asked to her father

“Huh? Wait! He is…”

To Be Continued….

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